Wednesday, October 28

You spin me right round baby, right round

For these few reasons, all is right with the world this morning. 1. Snow has gone into timeout, until I tell it otherwise. 2. I got more tea last night and I am currently enjoying a nice cup of. 3. My coat still smells of scones from dinner last night. 4. My space heater is doing a marvelous job heating my space. While I have you here, can we talk about a few albums?

I heard a song from the Flaming Lips new album "Embryonic" just the other day, and I said to myself, "self, lets pick that album up!" So today at lunch I plan on doing just that.

Also, can we talk for a hairy sec about Wayne Coyne, the front man to the Flaming Lips? Not so much talk, as I just need to say that I think him very handsome. I love, love his hair and beard combo, like heaps, I am a sucker for a guy with curly hair, a la Wayne. I like the way he wears his suits, and his suits with VESTS!!!

but mostly, I like his big hands.

Next Album I am picking up, while I am stuffing my face at lunch is, Tegan and Sara's new Album Sainthood.

If I could, I would kidnap them, keep them in my basement and make them sing songs for me. I think, even if at first they don't like me, eventually we would become besties. I like them and I like their style. L

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