Wednesday, December 30

Bloddy Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009

Celeb Mess:

{Steven Adler, drummer of Guns n' Roses}
I used to DVR Sober House and make Liz watch it with me. She was happy to oblige, mostly because of Dr. Drew.

If any of you saw it, or Celebrity Rehab, know what I am talking about. He is literally a mess, and thanks to speedball, you can’t really understand him... like at all.
Ps. Can I get a Hell Yeah for the new season of Celebrity Rehab? Be still my beating Baboon heart.

Bloddy Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009

Worst Hair:

Bloddy Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009

Movie Kiss:

This is because Jacob stole a topper.

He kissed Beller's upper lip, and that is not acceptable.
Never, ever.
They only kiss in Eclipse, and its three books worth of ardor built up.
If you give Jacob a topper, you take away from that passion.
Think of the passion!

Bloddy Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009

Worst Best Movie:

The one and only reason this has best in it, is because they all took it seriously.

They all were thinking it was the best best; while my date and I honestly almost walked out of the movie when there was a mere 30 minutes left.

Bloddy Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009

This is a triumphant day for me!  If there was ever a rant I was born to write, This is it!!!!
Taylor Mommsen

So here is the deal. I don't know where your mother is, but she needs to be taken out back and shot. She is the worst adult figure for someone to have, if you are allowed; at your tender age of 15, to dress like this. Or to be allowed to think you are Courtney Love. Or to be allowed to say the things you say in interviews. Or to be allowed to think that you are super mature and adult because you deal with a lot of adults and you date older men. 
You have years to mess your life up, why rush into it so early on? You need to slow down,  wash the raccoon eyes off, put some pants on and attend a slumber party or two. That is what you do when you are 15, that, and go to the mall and stalk boys you think are cute.

because when you do rush your childhood - into crazy/wacky adulthood (because not all adults do the things you do Taylor, being an adult does not equal wearing lingerie on stage, mostly) this is what happens to you.

Right? RIGHT!

Oh yeah and K stew, you disgust me. IT has nothing to do with who you are dating or not dating, but it has everything to do with this
In your own words
Wha, (lick lips), NO (lick lips) I don't, Wha, don't, I, I, Wha, No, I, Wha (lick lips), Wha!

Bloddy Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009

Break UP:

I shed  a tear of saddness when this gruesome twosome called it quits.

They just always looked so happy together. I think they made so much sense together and it just worked for me, even if it didn't work for them. And really who is this relationship about, I will answer: it's about me, my happiness. And I don't deserve this kind of pain, I just don't.

Bloody Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009

Anything Nickelback (or as I like to call them Nippleback, ha, funny right? right) has put out or will ever put out. I don't even know if they have done anything this year. But it doesn't matter, they suck enough, it transcends space, time and actual release year. I dare say that they recieve the worst of the decade award. I may hate them more than 311 and baseball palyers, which is saying a lot.
It pains me to do this but, I feel I have to include a picture. So Sorry.

(my precious eyes, they are burning, burning, don't look directly at them. aaahhhhhhhhhh)

Tuesday, December 29

Bloody Paws, Inc.: WORST OF 2009

Winter Rose

Dear Jennifer Donnelly - I really appreciate what you are doing with your books. You are giving us some lovin, as well as a great story; I really like that. However, your books could be about 200 pages shorter than the 800 pages they tend to be. This would eliminate, preferably, all the super mean things you do to your characters. I mean do you not care about them at all? It is almost painful, no scratch that, it is painful to read your books, I was in torment the whole latter half of Winter Rose. Not only is it painful but you need to work on making that ending more satisfying. If you are going to make India and Charlie wait (how ever many years it ended up being; I think 10) to be together, the least you could do is give us more then them driving off into the sunset together. I mean hell, you were already at like 757 pages, what is with a few more? You cold hearted bitch.

Times gone by

We had a family Christmas party on my Dad's side on Sunday.

It was filled with much cheer, happiness, love, and blog-love.
Our dear family was so kind and loving towards our blog, that I felt so pleased about this whole ordeal.
I hope you all had a better than fine Christmas.
New Years Eve has always been a little depressing to me. I love holidays so dearly, but its the exit of such a cheery Holiday season, and the entrance of a dim and cold January.
Last year Mug and I got a 12 pack of Diet Coke and watched the 100 best song of Rock and Roll on Vh1.

We sure do know how to party.
We hope you and yours have a good one.
Bloody Paws Inc.

Bloody Paws, Inc.: WORST OF 2009


I just feel like he wasn’t his best self this year.

Bloody Paws, Inc.: WORST OF 2009


Thigh high boots.
Good in theory.
Never good in practice.

Bloody Paws, Inc.: WORST OF 2009


I dont know about you, but I watch Chick Flicks for mindless fun and predictable romance. It’s a nice consistency.

They meet, fight, break-up, make-up.
I mean, would I enjoy some plot line with my Jude Law, absolutely.
Women are smarter than you might think.
But, that doesn’t mean that I enjoy a woman combating a disaster 3/4 of the movie, and finally in the end things start going her way.
The name says it all her life is in ruins, and so is mine. I have enough stuff to sort through, let alone watch somebody else's disastrous life.

Also, the main guy looks like my childhood neighbor Brianna Berrett.

Did you know that Bianca was a missionary?

Two movies you should watch tonight, instead of whatever else you were planning on doing.
Don't do that, watch these movies instead.
Lars and The Real Girl

So for one of my book club, books, we read "The Lovely Bones". Which, is a sad story, but a really beautiful one as well. When we get together to talk about these books, sometimes, not always, we talk about people we picture for the characters. My brain conjures up images of make believe people, described exactly like they are in the story. While my sister likes to picture famous people, which makes for an easier visual, so the group usually does the same. We discussed, albeit briefly, that Ryan Gosling, was going to be the dad in "The Lovely Bones" the movie. But, Ryan left over creative differences. We then proceeded to agree that we didn't see him as the dad, but, Mr. Harvey. Who, I won't give it away, but take my word for it is super creepy, and is played in actuality by Stanley Tucci, which is fine, whatever.
We all agreed that 1. Ryan was younger, like Mr. Harvey. and
2. He can do awkward and strange and enduring, very well, because have you seen Lars and the Real Girl. See, I was bringing it full circle.

I love Ryan Gosling; I think he should be in more movies, maybe even, every movie. I love Lars and the Real Girl. Any movie that can make you care about an anatomically correct sex doll, care about and love, because you actually care about and love, the character that, cares about and loves the doll, is alright in my book.
Next movie "Once".

Even if you never saw the movie when it came out forever ago. You probably heard the song "Falling Slowly" on the radio. Because they played it a million times. Also it won an Oscar, where were you?
These two, the stars of once, have an actual band now called "The Swell Season" and they have a album that was just released called "Strict Joy" and from the few songs I have heard, I say check it out! Either do that before or directly after you watch "Once".

Also: go here to see their website, and watch the video for "Low Rising" directed by Sam Beam (Iron and Wine). It is particulary sad, when you know this fact: They were together, now they are not. But they are adult engough to still be in a band. Even though all the songs they are singing are about the person next to them. *tear*

No; I'll shoot the cook, I'm parked out back anyway

{Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins}
I am trying to make sense of this, ummm... break-up? Not that I feel in anyway sad about it. I feel like at 63 you can do whatever the hell you want, even more so, when you look like Susan does. I mean right? Right.
 I just can't get my head around being able to walk away after 23 years and two kids. They never married, so, they just... broke-up. I mean the mess to clean up will take less time than any marriage that ended after 23 years. They just divide the record collection and she takes her tooth brush.  Which makes a lot of sound sense in my head. I get the whole not wanting to marry bit. I really do.
 But, it almost seems too easy. After having all that history and time together, shouldn't they suffer more? If only  to cause them pause in the end, rethinking, if there really is anything worth ending a 23 year relationship?
I think that might be why divorce is so brutal. To give you pause and consider how much you really dislike that person. Which, really? It took you 23 years to decide you didn't love him? That seems crazy.
Or, maybe it got progressively worse over the years. If so, how long was it bad for? You gotta think they worked on that sucker for a while. How long do you do that, when you have been together 23 years? OR, is that the reason you don't marry? The availability to just walk away, no trying, just doing. Just like Yoda taught us: there is no try, only do or do not.
I get that to some, that sounds nuts, but you gotta see some of the logic in that as well.
Like I said, I am still trying to work through it. And seeing as how I am one of two people in my office today, I think I have the right to sit here and ponder the wonders of love and relationships. Especially, because I don't feel well and I shouldn't have to be here at all. But that I will handle on my own time.

Monday, December 28

Bloody Paws, Inc.: WORST OF 2009

Worst Show, EVER!


ugh! I hate this band sooooo much. My heart died when I read that they were on the lineup for the Almost Acoustic Concert, I attended.  They make my blood boil and my eyes pop from their sockets, while my brain oozes out. Which is infuriating because this is my favorite shirt! 
It was bad, and I will NEVER get that hour of my life back.

Bloody Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009


Bret Mckenzie
 I watched a lot of Flight of the Conchords, over my Christmas weekend. I love them so much. If I was to choose one conchord to live while the other had to die,  I would choose: Bret. He isn't as funny as Jermaine, but I love him the most.

That being said, in all of season two, which is what I watched, his beard is gross. It wouldn't even be bad, if he shaved his throatee, once in a while. All that mess on his throat needs some attention asap! However, no matter the state of his beard, I love him dearly.

Bloody Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009


R. Kelly: Pregnant

I am not really even sure what to say about this song. So, just listen to it for yourself.

Bloody Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009


I don't even have to say anything about these two. I think this is something everyone can agree on.  I restrain from even blogging about them. I have, many times, started a post about them and then decided I couldn't do it. I despise them both, that much.

Kate Hudson and A Rod
This one is more of a personal misunderstanding. It never ever made sense to me. In fact this pairing made me a bit furious. I don't know if there is much in this world that I hate more than Baseball players?  I knew it wouldn't last and I am comforted in the knowledge of being right.

Wednesday, December 23


Best song:

I was really dreading this post. The best song or songs of the year? That’s crazy.

Not to mention the fact that I still have no idea how to post a single song onto a post, so you are just going to have to click on this link and appreciate this one song. Its best because its has to do with beards, duh. But not necessarily because it’s the greatest song of 2009. That’s just silly.


Best in Show:

In retrospect; we attended some amazing shows this year. And by we, I mean just that, I only attended one show sans Liz. I could list them all for you, and give supporting evidence for each one, and they all could fall into the best category. But that would take away from this one, which trumped all the rest. Its not that Bon Iver wasn’t incredible and Band of Annuals wasn’t fantastic; it’s just that Devotchka held the most agreeable variables.

{Devotchka dancer}
Aside from the couple on ecstasy in front of us, everything was perfect. (And even that gave us something more to love about the show, in all reality.)

The audience was mature and grateful.
They sounded better than on CD.
The drummer was a stone cold fox.
We were a few people away from being right in front.
I had waited 4 years to see them live.
There was so much goodness happening on stage that you were never bored.
It was inside.
Mostly, everybody was there to see them.
I wish I had that night back.



{John Krasinski and Emily Blunt}
I love them.
I love that he is tall, and so is she.
I love that he is pretty in a weird way, and so is she.
I love his TV show, and so is she.
I loved her in the Devil Wears Prada and Sunshine Cleaning, and so is she.
To me they are prefect.... and so is she.



{Zach Galifianakis}
This is a gorgeous beard.


So we don't read a ton of  really thoughtful books (or any, maybe). We tend to read pure brain candy. Literally, they rot the small amount of knowledge we have, right outta our heads. But I'm okay with that. I realize that these are not the BEST of all the books that came out in 2009. But they were for us, because we were waiting for them!

This is how I like my vampires!

And a little bit like this!

I just can't even defend this book, because the cover is so shameful, as are the titles. It is my guiltiest pleasure. Which is saying a lot condsidering my love for bad moives,books and TV.  I will say: I love you Richelle Mead! and Thank you for Seth and Dimitri and just:  Thanks!

This book series is way more than the love triangle of Katniss, Peeta and Gale. If you don't think so, you are dumb! Not really, but I love it for far more than that. 




We love us some pretty men. Here are my picks for the men of 2009. Not so much in any order.

Sharlto Copley

Played, Wikus-the main character, in District 9.
Just think last year he was just some guy. Now he is filming the A-Team! That is one hell of a year, if you ask me. Even though you didn't and you won't so that is why I have a blog!

Wes Anderson

Wes is someone I would love to have tea with. We could talk about a lot of things for hours, because we have so much in common (at least we have great conversations in my daydreams, I am always super funny, he is always super charming). So you know, WES, Call me!

Spike Jonze

 I really love Spike. I think him not only attractive but super funny (he was in Jackass one, the old man in the wheelchair).  Also he has dated some super rad women; ie Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Which just knocks him up about a million notches on the awesome belt. So I love him Not just for making Where the Wild things Are. But I do feel like he should be really proud of that movie. He also dated Michelle Williams for most of 2009.

 Which I think makes it a good year for both of them.

Joesph Gordon Levitt

This picture is a bit older, but I loved his hair when it looked like this!! Sometimes it amazes me how much he looks like my own man, Anthony, maybe not so much amazes me, but excites me. Anyway, of course he would be on my list of men for 2009, lets not kid ourselves here. He was in two movies this year: 500 Days of Summer, GI JOE: Rise of the Cobra, and he filmed one for next year, with Natalie Portman. That to me qualifies as a good year.

I pine, I parish.


BEST WORST MOVIE: GI Joe; Rise of the Cobra

I got to be completely honest people. My desire to see this movie would have been severely small, if my JGL wasn't in it. Although you couldn't see his cute, cute face 95% of the time. I still think it was worth it. Turns out this movie was just a fun time. Sure the writing wasn't amazing (they can't all be The Dark Knight), but it beat the pants off of Transformers. I thought Transformers was just bad, bad. I don't hate Megan Fox, I really like her, even if she can't really do more than be super hot; but man she does it well, right? right.  But I got soooo sick of her pouting at the camera with overly glossed lips, like, half way through Tranformers. And I could go on and on about how bad that movie was. Where as GI Joe,  had good action, very unbelievable CGI, fun/stupid dialogue and was essentially the best kind of popcorn movie you can hope for. I liken it to the first X men movie or first Spiderman. Okay that may be a bit generous, but you are picking up what I am putting down; Just a dumb good time.

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