Tuesday, October 27

Beard of the Day

Remember how I said I was going to ask random people if I could use their beards on la Facebook?
("It was this morning moron, of course I remember.")
This is Clint Kyle. I sent him an email yesterday and afterward I tried to put myself in his situation. What if some random guy emailed me and said he had a blog about long dark haired woman and wanted to use a picture of mine?
I decided it would probably be kind of odd.
So you can guess my utter bliss when I got an email from him saying it was fine with him. That's one rad dude, right?
I decided to snake two pictures from him.
In the first, how great is the fact that his beard is so full? I was lurking at pictures of Justin Vernon yesterday, and I think he doesn't have hair on the front part of his chin because he cant grow it there.
So way to be a man Clint and have such a full and voluminous beard, in every facet of your face.

I chose this one for several reasons. I like his striped shirt, stripes are good. Always.

Albeit shorter, his beard is still lush and beardy.

His hair, enough said.

In closing let me share this quote with you, "There are two kinds of people who don't have beards. Women and boys."


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  1. Lucer this is so epic and awesome, Thanks to Clint, i hope he shows everyone that he is awesome!


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