Monday, February 28

hair spiration

They are coming to get you Barbara!

*quick note* if you click the pics on the right hand side they take you to a link! I am so future.

Broken Social Scene - Texico Bitches

Adele - Someone Like You (Live in Her Home)

I was never born at all

Shoot me in the head but......I don't think, musically speaking, that "Born This Way" is very good.
Lyrically... its inspiring for us all.
Visually.. awesome but she never fails the visual part.
 But..come on Gaga, aren't you the queen of pop or something? Yeah? ....well

Liz's - Oscar Winners

Best Besties

Busy and Michelle have been BFF's since Dawson's Creek & Busy is even godmother to Matilda; BFF's are awesome!

 Best Mistake turned Life Commitment

Smile like you love it Benji, this is your life now

 Best Newbie

Jennifer Lawrence of Winters Bone owning it

 Best New Couple

Whether the are or not, they should be

Best Zombie
That pile of flesh looks surprisingly spry!

 Best Lesbian Couple

Its 2011 & I for one am glad they aren't afraid to share their love with everyone.
 I'm sorry what was that? That's a boy? um, no,I call bullshit.

Tell me you didn't?...I don't want to look at your face right now

NO! I didn't watch the Oscars, ok Anne Hathaway, you can put the attitude away right now, or I swear I will slap that smirk into next years shit show!

the following reasons for not watching the Oscars
A. Um,  Blue Valentine was only nominated for one Oscar and it was my favorite movie.
B. I knew True Grit wasn't going to win anything, because it was funny and funny almost never wins shit<---my life in a nut shell. 
C. Never saw The Fighter, The Kings Speech, 127 Hours or The Kids are Alright and therefore had no real opinion on how it should have gone and as crazy as it sounds, they never ask my opinion anyway, because Hollywood is full of flesh eating Zombies, duh!
Reasons I am glad I didn't watch the Oscars
A. Franco and Hathaway? C'mon, have Gervais host everything!
B. John Hawkes and Winters Bone should have won big.

and then there was

Obviously I am delusional in thinking that anyone has continued to check my blog to see if I have ever/will ever post again. But if anyone out there in the dusty confines of the blog-a-sphere is hoping that at some point in my sad life, I would once again tap upon the dirty gray-ish keys, the verbal shit is about to hit the fan.
My break was due to spreading my legs...err...myself too thin. Having three jobs is far too many for someone like me, who enjoys sleep more than any functional adult should. So with one of my three coming to a close this very evening I am feel footloose, fancy free and ready to Blog bitch!