Tuesday, October 12

I can't help it, I am litteraly almost in tears over it

I think the hardest part of all, is that I could help her. I could dress her everyday and brush her hair and put it in pretty bows and wipe the mascara out from under her eyes. I could be the person no one else in her life will be.

Dead Snow

This was just a delightful little film. Not only was the gore appropriately gory, but it was about kids killing Zombie Nazis, I mean, talk about double the pleasure, double the fun. 
Also this film was good, considering the very real possibility that it could have been really bad. It was a very solid Zombie movie, in that, the writing wasn't cringe worthy, the deaths were good and there wasn't too many times I shouted at the screen "Oh Come, that could never happen!" in fact I only recall that happening once.
As per usual, there is always one person that makes it out of the woods (as it were) and will continue to live their life. However, I offer this assessment of that Horror movie norm. Would you want to continue living after being attacked by Zombie Nazis? After you chainsawed off your own arm, accidentally killed your girlfriend cuz you thought she was a Zombie (cuz she decided to grab your arm, while you were in the middle of hacking Zombies to pieces, seriously, homegirl deserved to die), you watched all your other friends get torn to pieces (literally), I mean how do you be normal after that? What kind of life would that be?
(the girl who lives in  Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to mind every time)
(there is just no coming back from that)
 And I don't know that I would want to
accuse me all you want of giving up too soon, but I don't know that after a certain point, I would continue to fight for my life. 
So I guess its good that there is also the very refreshing ending of; you thought they made it to safety, but there is a Zombie in their back seat and fade to black..... gives me chills, EVERY TIME!

Monday, October 11

The 'burbs

Its October and you must know what that means? Its Horror movie time, yay!!!
While The 'burbs isn't so much a horror movie, it still delightfully falls into the Halloween movie watching genre, for sure. 
For the record I love Tom Hanks, especially some amazing THanks circa 1988 and 89, respectively.
This movie is great, because we have all been there. We have all had neighbors that we wished were killing people and burning them in a large furnace in their basements. Because last time I checked, you can't have someone arrested for being white trash, which bums me out big time. However, if you could, my street would be a lot more awesome and a lot less full of white trash people. And when I say white trash, I mean couches on the front lawn, babies in tree swings (that sit dangerously high off the ground, for small humans), missing teeth and the general stench of a life wasted watching WWE, white trash. 

Just when I think I can let it go...

she goes out looking like this
p.s. Brit, I have that sweater in gray and I can't decide how it makes me feel.

Tuesday, October 5

Just open this door already

Did the movie "Let the Right One In" need to be remade, hell no!
Was the remake that was just recently released, " Let Me In", worth a watch? Yes!
 The difference's weren't necessary, as the original was well crafted. They were merely the vision of the new Director Matt Reeves. He choose to flesh out some scenes that the original didn't, therefore it was more of re imagining than a shot for shot remake. I appreciated the gore of the new movie. Though I don't know that it added anything more by having it, it was just a personal preference of mine.
The boy Owen, in "Let Me In" seemed weaker and more vulnerable, than Oskar, in "Let the Right One In". Oskar was more of a morbid child (as he was in the book) and every thing that happened to him with the bullying and finding out about Eli being a vampire, was easier for him to accept, than for Owen. 
Owen was more damaged and fearful of his surroundings. Justifiably, as his bullies were much more brutal and violent, than that of Oskar's.  Even Oskar's parents were more present in his life, than Owen's. Who truly had no one, until he found Abby.
All and all, I like them for different things and realizing them as two different versions of the same story, both done well and we are all the better for it.