Monday, August 31

Dear Justin Chatwin

I find you extremely cute. I would say handsome but I thought up unitl just two seconds ago when I looked at your IMDB page that you were maybe 5'4" and no one that small can be considered Handsome. However it turns out you are 6'1", so good for you. What I am really writting about is what you seem to be doing with youself career wise. I became aware of you when you did Chumscrubber. Which was a good movie all around and you played a very convincing d-bag, you can actually act. I mean you must be able to, you were in War of the
Worlds which I never saw but its a given if T.Cruise was in it and Dakota Fanning. Then your next biggest movie was the Invisible, which I saw with my sisters only because you were in it. I gotta say we were very disappointed. Not 100% your fault as it was the scripts: awesome concept, poorly executed. However you managed to look extremely cute the enitre movie and you did a pretty good job, so not all was wasted. My biggest problem is your most recent choice. Dragonball Evoulution? I mean seriously, you don't do really anything and then you have the audacitiy to show up in this movie. Granted the 15 or 20 minutes I saw was in the realm of a good bad movie, but come on you are way too cute for Dragonball ( this also goes for you Emmy Rossum). So please try to do something worthy of your skills and cuteness, in the future. That is all. L

smexy MC lush pants

I am so easy to please. Especially when it comes to television, I will watch just about anything, and love it. So I am genuinely not ashamed to admit that I watch 10 Things I Hate About You, the TV show, on ABC Family. I'm not under any impressions that its going to win any awards one day, or even that the acting is amazing. I like it because it entertains me, and fills my romance hole every Tuesday.

My only qualm with television and movies is this... men are men, not boys. I would have been all sorts of all over the place if a dude this attractive
would have gone to my high school. Only he is not 17, more like 24.
Also the super attractive people of this world are in movies anyway, so they are payed huge sums of money to play normal people like us, only they are beautiful.
Funny that I hated high school, but that I will subject myself to live it vicariously through a television show, and see beautiful actors and actresses that do it better than I did.
In the mean time, Ethan Peck aka Patrick Verona. Save me a seat at the lunch table. I will be the other equally too old student at Padua high; maybe we can share a PB&J. I like your dark curly hair, your pink lips, your height, your motorcycle, your pretty skin, your eyebrows, and your attitude.

Between You and I

So I was told that you want to know who is posting what. So now for your viewing pleasure we have a system in place. When a Purple L appears at the end of a post, it was posted by me (Liz). When an Orange L appears it was posted by Lucy. Thank You for your time. L

Beard of the Day... Body of the day.

So just on Saturday of all days, I was with my sisters at Toys R Us. We were looking in all the Wii games and I saw one for Wolverine. I got way excited and showed my sis Peggy the cover and said something like, "He is so sexy," whilst my mouth secreted spit. As I said so I was gearing up to give the greatest speech on Hugh Jackman ever known to man. Only she wasn't paying attention, so now I'm going to do it here.

Normally I am apposed to muscles in general. I was reading an article where Eric Bana was talking about how people who have really intense abs have no friends. This made me so happy and I think it is true for three reasons. 1st, People who work out a lot are not fun to be around, because that's all they think about, talk about, and do. 2nd, they always need reinforcement that they look as good as they think they do. 3rd, they look better than you do.
Anyhoo, for some reason I have the worlds largest chip on my shoulder when it comes to muscles. I associate them with d-bag football players that wear too much cologne. However I am totally in love with Hugh Jackman and its almost all because of his muscles.

His face is SO sexy, and he looks so good with that beard of his, but all of those things come second tier to his rockin' bod. I was talking to my friend David and we decided that he is so hot because he looks like his muscles are generated from hours of hard labor outside, and not from a gym. His muscles maintain the essence of doing work outside our cabin, like chopping wood for our fire. He is my dream schizophrenic mountain man to a T. Additionally, his wifey is thirteen years older than him! I have said it a million times, age differences make me randy. I love everything about them.

Also I really like that hairy chest of his. I don't know what it is about me and body hair, but its an obsession. L

You. Yes! You.


So Lucy and I talked about this extensively on Friday night. As such we will both be contributing to this post about our beloved fictitious character Marcus Flutie. This topic came up in a round about way, just like everything else we discuss. I wish we were IM ing each other so that we could post that particular conversation. However we were just sitting on my front porch enjoying the perfect evening. Our conversation covered lots of interesting things like the weather, books, life, my dogs you know those really important things. During our intense discussion we did a comparison of Bella Swan and Jessica Darling. Then I think Lulu (Lucy) mentioned that she was asked a question on campus the other day by a dreadhead and he was super sexy and it made her think of Marcus Flutie. Then I said, I just realized that everyone once in a while I find myself attracted to a dreadhead and I never realized it was and is because of Marcus Flutie. Before I continue any further I should tell you that Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie are the characters in one of our favorite book series: Sloppy First, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, Fourth Comings and Perfect Fifths.

The series follows Jessica and Marcus' relationship through their sophomore year of high school clear until they are 25. Probably the best things about Marcus is that he honestly and genuinely doesn't care what people think about him, but cares about people and their feelings. There is a fine line between arrogant and confidence, and Marcus has mastered the confident but not really arrogant at age 17!
Then there is the brains, he is totally this druggie that you learn is caused by the fact that he is bored, cause he is border line genius. He is so smart and uses high school as his eternal social experiment. For example when you first meet Marcus in the books he is wearing a Backstreet Boys shirt because he thinks its funny, and it is.

Then you have his romantic side. He plans out this fantastic New Years eve date for Jessica that includes all of the wonders of their tiny town. Then he allows his best friend to date the girl he loves, even though he loves her so much, because he thinks they would make each other happy.

He is dead sexy. Liz and I have discussed how red heads are either ridiculously ethereal and beautiful or totally unfortunate. Marcus falls under the former, and the best part is in the last book, you get a peak inside his head, and find out that woman everywhere fawn over him, he is even so sexy he dates a college professor. Liz and I both were so happy about this because we both pictured him as a total buck, even in high school.

Last but not least.... In the last book it talks about how he is SO enamoured by Jessica and her her more than anything. I can't speak for every girl out there, but for me, I want my significant other to love me in every way possible. Even when Jessica goes through weird phases and cheats on him, he is still Marcus, and is a total bad ass. So on these facts we did a obvious comparison of Edward Cullen and Marcus Flutie. In truth if they got in a fight Edward would totally kick Marcus's ass only if because he has super human strength and the fact that Marcus is a Buddhist, and therefore wouldn't fight back. However if he wasn't, he would put up a very good fight, and I daresay in my mind, he could make Edward bleed, that is how awesome he is. We love Marcus more because he not only tells Jessica he loves her, but he shows her in ways that speak intimately with our souls. He isn't just a beautiful super model. He is a freakin buck of man, that is flawed with warm skin that smells like cedar chips. He loves old people and he makes out with Jessica even when she shoots snot on him. I mean if that's not the most romantic thing ever, then I don't know what is. Marcus Flutie is the perfect fictions character. Hands Down No Contest. L&L

Quote of the Week

"Funny she doesn't look Druish." L

i HATE mondays

Whenever I was asked the question "if you could have any super power, what would it be." My answer was usually, to be able to read minds. I still think that I would love to know what people were thinking, especially in certain situations. I realize that is could also be really crappy to know the things people don't say out loud, but I still think that if I could have one that is what it would be. That is to say until I had the commute I had this morning, and now I wish I could teleaport. Mondays as I am sure you can all agree are the worst days of the week. Only second to Sunday nights when you must prepare yourself for the coming work week. Monday morning commutes are especially irk some. You are half awake, running late and the last thing you want is to have some idiot lay on his horn, every single time the light turns green. Now, did he just know that people are never paying attention to the lights, therefore doing everyone of us a favor? OR was he simply the devil in a black Chevy? I prefer to think the ladder and from the look of every other driver's face, they agree. I would be satisfied with either being able to teleaport myslef out of that situation or even just be able to teleaport him outta there. I'm not picky. L

Sunday, August 30

Beard of The Day

I would have to say that Sam Beams Beard can be respected and should be appreciated, no matter who you are. The richness of its color, the capacious size of the beard, the way his mustache is really perfect, everything about it is what a real beard should look like.

Recently Liz and I were at an Iron and Wine show (that was really hot.) I was telling her that he is married, has four daughters, and lives in Texas.

We subsequently discussed the possibility that he would sit next to his daughter's beds and play songs to them on his guitar, with his beard resting agreeably on his chest, enjoy the ballads as well.

I'm going to spend the rest of my life looking for a man that will croon our children to sleep as his fantastic beard snoozes along on his chest.
(Also, I really like Sam's hair, I think it really pulls everything together for him.) L

Friday, August 28

Oily Mc Nonconformist Pants

I am not fond of KStew and the her repulsive hair, and the fact that she knots her shirts on the bottom, and that she shakes her head and calls it acting, and that she adds utterly zero depth to Bella, and her unusual twitch, and that she can’t play any other character aside from heartrending and dejected and broken, and her two front buck teeth, and her self-importance, and the fact that she doesn’t give the Twilight series any acclaim for being where she is now, and that she is nasty, and that she wore a Minor Threat shirt and tokes it, so I guess she’s an idiot and doesn’t realize Minor Threat pioneered Straight Edge, and gives really dreadful interviews, I abhor it all.
Whew, that felt miraculous. L

Killing the Blues

Dear Robert Plant,

I remember one time I was in a college dorm and people were talking about you and some girl said, "Who's is that?" Me and this guy named Peter both almost lost our dinner right on the floor.

If I could be anybody aside from myself, it would be you. It really really would. L

Nicely done

So Hollywood is a funny place. Where really pretty people go on crazy diets and buy mostly disgusting handbags and have tiny dogs in them. It is sad (for ME) because on the whole I really love watching movies and therefore I care about the lives of those people in them. So when news like Emily Blunt and John Krasinki are engaged, I tend to do mental somersaults. Mostly for the reason that I love it when two people of this caliber find each other. Both really good actors, both very low key and both very attractive. I heard rumors of a relationship forever ago and I even found myself wondering just the other day if is was true and if these two were still together. Turns out they are not even still together but getting married! Couldn't have done it better if I had done it myself.

Another two of my favorite Hollywood couples. I love Mandy Moore and I am not ashamed to admit it. Her movies are good and her skin is so flawless that I want to lick it. She has this super dorky sexiness that makes me girl crush on her. Ryan I have read is a total jerk but he is an excellent musician and I firmly believe that Mandy makes him a better man. Then of course Zooey who is perfect. I secretly think that if we were to meet we could possibly be best friends. Plus her hair always, always looks amazing. The mere thought of a a Zooey/Ben children, runs shivers up my spine. They will be the most talented kids on the block, and you can take that to the bank. L

No more "Spider Monkey"

This doesn't come as a shock I am sure to reveal that I, like most women, love the Twilight Books. When my cousin first told me about them four summers ago I admit at first they sounded terrible. Then my sister in law mentioned them not too long after that and I was like well two recommendations is better than one. So it was that I found myself at Barnes and Noble one day and I was in line to check out and there was a very small pile of Twilight and New Moon Books. This was one month before Eclipse came out and right before pandemonium hit. I saw it there and I thought "What the Hell." But I only bought Twilight because if it "sucked' I didn't want to waste my money on two books. Of course what followed was nothing short of a obsession. These books are really just a fun, enthralling and romantic read. Though some argue that they are not written well, I be to differ, they are perfect for what they are. Naturally I was as excited-though some what hesitant-when the movie was announced. I read a lot of books and many of them end up being movies. I know that allowances must be made for the sake of script and budget and sometimes this makes for a movie that is not true to the book itself. However, I don't think that gives enough of and excuse for what happened with the Twilight movie. I like terrible movies, so for this reason alone I can watch Twilight. But it doesn't not resemble in anyway the book for me. The acting was terrible and the script laughable (I can't believe she is writing the other movies!). I realize that they can't put in everyone of my favorite moments, but to just add dialogue when for the sake of argument was the only good writing in the books, is just infuriating.
And fortunately we get new directors but unfortunately are stuck with the cast for the rest of the movies. I and my sisters may be the only ones routing for the re cast of Jacob and the only ones screaming yes when Victoria was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard, its so great she doesn't talk out of the side of her mouth. I am also pleased with the stellar cast they assembled for the Volturi. This gives me hope that maybe you won't notice that Kristen Stewart can't show emotion and that Robert Pattinson is being totally awkward and not charming.
I can only hope that the next couple of movies are a more bearable. Eclipse will be directed by David Slade who did "30 Days of Night" and I get excited just envisioning a mash up of Eclispse the book and 30 Days of Night the book (which I have read), in which the stranger plays Riley and the fight in the woods looks a lot like when the vampires in 30 Days of Night feed off the humans. So here is hoping. L

At the very least the costumes, make-up and wigs look one million times better in these photos.

Thursday, August 27

Something to snack on

You are Welcome. L

Nelly Bluth

So I may have not been paying attention when I was told this by Anthony who was at the comic-con panel when Jason Bateman confirmed that there will be a Arrested Development Movie. I am soooo excited for this to happen. It is sad when really great shows like this get canceled before they should. Kinda like Pushing Daisies. I also think that now Gilmore Girls needs a movie. We need Amy Sherman Palladino to finish what she started and to give those of us who wasted 7 years of our lives watching that show something other than Rory and Loralie ending up just where they started. Because I am so mad at how that ended, yes still, so mad. L

Gaga not packin

So I am not aware of this story but I was informed of it yesterday by the husband. Apparently at one of Lady Gaga recent shows, her skirt flew up and people saw something a little extra under there. I am a fan of anyone who will leave the house dressed as a Muppet. She is trying to create something more than just a trashy pop star. She is trying to be iconic, in the vain of say Michael Jackson and his glove or his military style jackets. Lady Gaga is crazy. Literally insane. She thrives on being flashy and exuberant. She has said herself she is bisexual and she is not afraid of saying just whatever will fall out of her mouth. That all being said. I would not put it past her to make everyone think she also had dude parts. It just makes her that much more crazy. But it is just not true and the reason I know this is 1.Because here are some pictures of her wearing tiny hot pants and there is no hint of anything but maybe cameltoe. 2. I think someone like Lady Gaga would lead with I have a penis in every interview she gave before this incident. Now I was told you can find pictures now that do show something. All I have to say to that is, once the "ball" is rolling how hard is it to photoshop? I firmly stand behind my statement of "it is just a stunt, and don't believe everything you read." L

Wednesday, August 26

That's just me

It takes a lot for me to get embarrassed. I don't think its because I'm awesome in any way, I am just the youngest; therefore subjected to more awesome situations that could possibly induce blushing.
That said, yesterday night I got off the wrong train stop and had to hall myself up a hill to class, in the heat non the less.
As I was walking I kept feeling like something was wrong, but just chalked it up to my tights, who's crotch seemed to be shimmying down to not so pleasant places.
Not much time had passed when I was trying to pull the back of my skirt down, and found it tucked safely under my back pack... on my back!
The best thing is I couldn't find the slip I wanted to wear that morning, so I was wearing this tiny navy blue slip, that barley covered anything at all. Also the crotch in my tights may have been showing, and for sure the gut sucky in part(that looks like little shorts) was in full bloom.
The saddest thing is I was so exhausted I couldn't even truly appreciate the hilarity of the situation to its fullest full.

Beard of the Day

All I really need to say is Paul Bunyan is the perfect lumberjack. Can't you just see me riding Babe as he stomps near by? You can. L

Taylor Swifty

This might come out rude, but its not like that. In my opinion Taylor Swift is not attractive, BUT I think that works in her favor. She doesn't look to me like she was destined to be famous like Angelina Jolie, (can you even imagine her in a corporate setting?)

Which means her talent is how is became famous. Only as I was listening to her singing on a ring back tone today, It almost brought me to tears, thats how not good it was.
So the whole thing is a conundrum to me.

Also Taylor, are we sweet or are we sexy? With you, never the twain should meet. L

21, Forever

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter because I am angry. I am angry at the inconsistency of your establishment. Yesterday when I visited I was assaulted with a sea of cheap silk chiffon in patterns of plaid. Your shorts and skirts tend to err on the side of genealogically short and your tops tend to show all my breasts. I know this should not come as a shock, considering your given name. I myself have surpassed your suggested age limit. But I feel it wrong to suggest that all people that shop at you store want to look like baby prostitutes, no matter if they do stay 21, forever. I like your store for the fact that you have such agreeable pricing, especially in financial times such as these. I wonder if that is why you have such a wide range of crap. It may keep your costs down, therefore insuring that my cost is down. If I could then beg of you to stop making items such as these:

Because these things are not doing anyone any favors, it only encourages them. Just say no to satin, crushed velvet, zippers, animal print, bedazzled, bejeweled or lacy decorated clothing items. I do not wish to wade my way through any more body suits.

And for every bedazzled skort or satin jumpsuit, you have one or two really great items that makes me not hate myself for stepping through your doors. I know you are capable of having things that fit and are not made of mesh or lace. For example:

Continue filling your shelves with these items and I don't write any more letters. Fail to and you've got a race car in the red. And you don't want to see what happens when you get a race car in the red.

Best Regards,
Liz Lucero

Tuesday, August 25

Rob, Jackson or Kellan

I am not sure if it is just that I am hungry because my lunch of spaghetti o's and a fruit roll-up was grossly unsatisfying. Or if maybe he really is looking sexy. So I need some help deciding. Is Kellan looking way more attractive than Rob or Jackson?

I totally had a crush on Jackson even though his wig is disgusting in the movie. Of course as a character everyone and their mother loves Edward Cullen. And because of this Robert Pattinson will only live until the end of the Twilight Franchise. Because he will either be killed by a crazy fan or disappear and develop a coke habit that sends him to an early grave because he is forever type casted as dreamy vampire.I don't even believe that the blood thirsty throngs of girls that stalk his every waking move love him, they are just hopin that if they smother him with butterfly kisses at some point he might bite them. So my question is this: on looks alone who stirs your oatmeal most.
Here are some pictures to help you decide, you are Welcome!

How about his sexy dimples?

So please vote for your favorite on left side of this page. Thank you! L