Tuesday, October 27

No day like a snow day.

Liz and I really are sisters, I was so excited to tell you all about my snowy morning, and she beat me to it. However, I still will.
I was getting ready this morning, listening to Elliot Smith on my record player.
Just as I was putting a green hair piece in my hair, my tea pot started to whistle. I went and poured myself some Lemon Zinger into a huge yellow mug Liz got me for Christmas as Needle In the Hay played and the snow softly danced to the ground, melting instantly upon contact.
As I sipped my tea I felt like I was in a movie, my great apartment, my warm outfit, the great music, the perfect snow.
When I got to work our phones and computers were down, so I got to read for an hour.
I think snow is trying to make up with Liz and I.

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