Monday, November 30

If, if is good.

If I was smarter I would have the song I want you to listen to applied to this post.
Only, I am not smarter, I am just my level of smart, which is good for things like the ever eternal debate of should I or shouldn't I shave my legs; but horrible for computer-y things.
That said, do your self a solid and look up Kettering by The Antlers.
Love love love.

Magnificent shoes Monday

Dear Liz,
Remember how I burrowed your Blow Fish boots to take to Washington with me?
Well, I wore them hiking up to Second Beach, and they served me very well. However at the end of the hike, they looked like this. Utterly caked in La Push mud.
The good news is I threw them in mom and dads washer and they are better than new, the not so good news is that all of that lovely La Push mud is now dissolved.
Love, your now not so little sister Lucy.
Dear readers,
The thing that makes a pair of shoes magnificent, so to speak, is their reliability. If you can trust your shoes to take you to the red carpet, you can trust them anywhere.
Love, your not anymore 20 year old blogger.

We think about everything, because nothing matters.

Have you ever realized that you have a five page paper due in Philosophy tomorrow, that you haven't even thought about?
I have.
I hate you Philosophy.

My parents died when I was 10, wanna talk about that too

I love this movie also known as the Wedding Singer. It is super funny, I think it has really tender moments, almost surprisingly, I totally believe Adam and Drew as being an item, I think they have great chemistry in this movie, I really do. Adam Sandler isn't to over the top, which I think he tends to be (although I never saw that one movie where he lost his family in 911 and Don Cheadle helps him get his life back? The title has something about Fire? Rain or Ring? Oh, I don't know, anyway, but I do love him in Punch Drunk Love. He is super fantastic in that movie which just happens to be a super fantastic movie. And he plays a very sedated version of himself and PT Anderson is just a great director and Philip Seymour Hoffman is genius and where was I going with this) Oh right the Wedding Singer. My three favorite parts in this movie are. 1 when Steve Buscemi makes his best man speech. It is so perfect, and I want to bottle his facial expressions and be able to spy them on my bad days.

2. When Robbie and Juila meet for the first time and have that amazing conversation about helping people and the Incredible Hulk. It is actually a really great first conversation for anyone to have. And I think it is very tender and sweet, cuz I am a sap. One big sappy sap sap.

3. I think this movie has a great soundtrack. Like when they are out for Ice Cream after Robbie has his singing break down and the Police "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" is palying. Its good, I love it all. L

Magnificent Shoes Monday

Dear Booties with Large Buttons - I have this blog and on Mondays we blog about shoes. I am choosing you as my Magnificent Shoes, even though truth be told I have blogged about your magnificence before, but I was thinking about asking for you for Christmas. As it turns out I was going to ask for some really cute flats, but I just realized that the amount of time left to enjoy flats this winter is very spars. So I think you will be perfect! Also I have decided to sing you a song, just so you are excited to come to my house this year!
Children behave that's what they say when we're together and watch how you play they don't understand and so we're Running just as fast as we can holdin' on to one another's hand tryin' to get away into the night and then you put your arms around me and we tumble to the ground and then you say I think we're alone now there doesn't seem to be anyone around I think we're alone now the beating of our hearts is the only sound. Look at the way we gotta hide what we're doin' cause what would they say if they ever knew and so we're Running just as fast as we can holdin' on to one another's hand tryin' to get get away into the night and then you put your arms around me and we tumble to the and ground and then you say I think we're alone now there doesn't seem to be anyone around I think we're alone now the beating of our hearts is the only sound!
So you know, I can't wait to be alone with you!
Love Liz Lucero

it's a small crime and i got no excuse

I watched a lot of television this weekend.
It seemed that most everything that came on I was greeting with that fantastic feeling of hatred and love that occurs with people you secretly find attractive.
So here is a list of my top ten guilty attractions. Some are a little embarrassing, and as you reach the bottom they are down right mortifying.
10) Bill Pullman
I watched While You Were Sleeping last night with my dad and mom and Marianne. That movie is fun fun fun for every one.
Whenever I watched this film when I was younger I always thought Bill Pullman was super attractive, but always felt ashamed about it.
I still do.
I don't know what it is about him. I think its partly that voice, its all mischief and taunting.
The other part is that his pants are so tight, like he is a real bad boy.
Anyhooey, he is my number 10 because he makes me uneasy.

9) Ryan Dunn
I say anybody who thinks Bam Margera is funny, is literally a jackass.
Ryan Dunn is attractive to me in that I like his beard, he has a cool shnozz. I would never want my parents to meet him because being stuck in a perpetual state of man-boyhood is never a good thing.

8) Johnny Knoxville.
When I was in 9th grade my best friend and I were obsessed with a group of skaters who lived near us. The whole thing was really pathetic, because these dudes were super scuzzy and super stupid.
You live and you learn right?
So they love love loved Johnny Knoxville, who will be forever ingrained in my head as a 15 teen year old boys version of a super hero.

7) Burt McCracken
One time I was watching an interview of My Chemical Romance and they were saying that they wanted to hang out with the kind of people who didn't brush their teeth everyday.
I'm not 16 anymore and I don't have the same affinity for greasy men like I used to.
But, there was the briefest moment in time when Myspace was used for music networking and bands like The Used just merely went against the Abercrombie grain. Then it all became this empire of Emo and Hot Topic. I will forever have a special place in my heart for those things that were just a little different, not something you needed to plaster all over just to say how misunderstood you really were.

6)Colin Farrell
I just looked at this picture for years trying to remember his name.
Something innately inside of me just hates him.
He is pretty gross, that face is just so smug, and he just oozes hoytee-toytee-ness.
But he has that Irish accent, and that redeems him.
I am such a sucker for an accent.
In fact my friend was asking what my dream guy would be like and the first thing I said was a Scottish or Irish accent.

5) Keanu Reeves
Tall, dark, and handsome.

He manages to make his leather pants and motorcycles combo a little less disturbing.

4) Josh Duhmal
Now we are getting in to the nitty gritty of it all.
Josh Duhmal literally looks like a ken doll in this picture.
He is so the opposite of my type, but I could see him being the Jockey football player who has a hidden desire to be an artist.
Who secretly doesn't love his methhead girlfriend, but is such a stand up guy that he stays with her, because he knows he is the only person who can help her.
Who cares what his friends think up until the Prom when you show up (because they didnt berak you) with your best friend, and he realizes that his beast friend hated you, because you think he is scum.
And deep down you all know you are right.

3) Tommy Lee

All I can say in my defense is that he really has an attractive face.

And is the token bad guy. Something is always alluring about the bad boy, especially when he dates hot mess women.

2) Brody Jenner
I can literally smell Aqua Di Gio when I look at this picture. I am ashamed to admit that I think he is attractive. I also watched his show on MTV called Bromance in January. And by that I mean I DVRed it whilst I was at my Astronomy class and would come straight home and watch it. I never missed an episode.

I am a disgrace to society...

1) Lil' Wayne
I know right?!
I don't know what it is about him, except I guess I do.
He makes crazy faces that I sometimes find attractive.
Its a simple as that.

So You Think You Can Dance!

The thing that makes this show so much better, in my own opinion, than Dancing with the Stars is these people can really dance. It is a group of some of the best dancers, who have training and know what they are doing, and move like nothing you have ever seen before. I sometimes cry during a performance because the dancers are that good, the choreography is that good. I also sort of hate myself every time I watch this show. I think to myself, Liz you should have done something like this with your life. I was never that good, but I could have been. I have already chosen the person I would love to see win this season and it is


I don't know if there could be a worse picture, than this one, but its his casting photo. Also I sure hope Jakob, is his stage spelling and not the real way his name is spelled. I secretly hate it when parents get fancy with name spellings. I will name them something super boring but spell it super interesting, just to guarantee that no one will ever pronounce their name correctly their entire lives. I also found this pic and it may help my case, on second thought this pic is no better. Turns out you may just have to watch the show to understand what I am about to lay on you.

Firstly, Jakob here is a fantastic dancer. He literally might be the best one on the show, he moves in one fluid motion of complete perfection. Secondly, he looks exactly like Hugh Dancy! For those of you who are unaware of who that is, I provided a picture.

Or two

The two pictures I gave of Jakob it is really hard to see the comparison, except maybe in the nose. But I swear to you they are identical in face and smile, the hair is the only difference. Hugh's is a very pleasing dark and kinda curly, kinda my Achilles heel, I love a man with dark kinda curly hair. Oh swoon! Anyhoodle, if you don't watch So You Think You Can Dance, I highly recommend you do, if only to watch Jakob leap across the stage in utter Hugh Dancy Perfection! L

I missed the hell out of you my darlings!

Here is hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving! Did any of you you go up to Park City on Thanksgiving night for the midnight sale!!! I did and it was awesome! My sister in law Ginger and I decided it was far better to stay awake for a sale then have to get up early for one. Also, no shopping on black Friday for me, to crazy, but Lucy, Marianne, Mom and Me all went on Saturday and it was good times. Anytime with them is good, especially when it involves shopping, especially Holiday Shopping.
I thought of one more Thanksgiving related story to tell all of you. When I was younger but not super tiny, just younger, I saw my neighbor from up the street puke pumpkin pie. It was so gross it has literally been seared into my memory. That memory has stayed with me through the years and to this day I can't even stand the smell of pumpkin pie, let alone bring myself to eat it. Sometimes just looking at it reminds me of that horrible event, it was projectile people. EEEWWWWW!
I once puked pudding and since then I can't stomach it either. I am sure you have a few things that you have either seen being tossed or you tossed yourself that you can't even fathom eating again. I would for sure love to know what. L

Wednesday, November 25

Another Happy Birthday!!!

Lucy, You are my sun, moon and stars! I love you! Happy Birthday!

This pic is classic Lucy, she has the best double chin pictures!

Tea Parties are fun, we love them!

Hey look, its Peg, and Lucy, I wonder what we are saying to each other. I realize Lucy has a billion different hair colors in these pics. Now she is brunette.

This is from the same day and it has Peggy in it.

I found these from Lagoon. Look Peg is in this one also. I freakin love you two.

Decorating Cupcakes, Happy Freakin Birthday you sorry Sack! I love you! L

Robot Men

Anthony said if I wanted more dudes to read this blog, I need to blog about Robots. So here I am doing a post about robots. The problem is I don't know a whole lot about them. I do know that Transformers are Robots in disguise. I also have a love for them esthetically. L

Big Fat Turkey

Have you ever seen a wild turkey? I have only once and it was a very strange circumstance. I was maybe 12 or 13, and I was hanging out in my bedroom. When something larger than a bird moved past my window. At first I thought it was just me imaging things. Yet, I could hear flapping and something struggle in the bushes outside. So, I went to investigate. Turns out it was a wild turkey in our evergreen bushes. Not a really big one like this fella here, but still large chicken size. Totally random, I still have no idea how a turkey ended up in Kearns. Anyway, after struggling to catch him for what seemed like forever. Due to us being terrified of it and it being terrified of us. We took him to a field behind the elementary school and let him go. It was slightly injured and the probability it lived is low, but I like to think I did a good thing that day, in letting it go. So please, give me this moment. On a completely unrelated subject. My tiny dog Pippin, has been ill and I had to take him to the vet last week. He has been doing much better, except he had a rough morning this morning. So I brought him to work with me. I love having him here. I want to bring him everyday! Oh, and Tomorrow is the Holy Day of Thanks, may your plate runnth over. L

Tuesday, November 24

Are you outta your Vulcan mind?

I watched a lot of Star Trek: Next Generation, when I was younger. It was when my parents chose the TV channels. I kinda had a love hate relationship with that show. I wanted to hate it, but I actually really liked it. I don't ever have that feeling when I watch this movie. I always love it. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do! L

Just for You!

Have you met my sister Peggy? If no, I suggest you do.
And do it quickly, she is hands down the funnest person you will
Possibly ever meet in your life.
Probably, because she is one of the funniest people I know!
You heard me funniest! I may
Be biased,
I did share a room with her until like High School.
Really, I have some of the best memories of growing up, Peg,
There were the times we would stay up laughing or
How about those fights we had over sharing clothes?
Do you remember kicking each other in the calf's after Ballet, because it hurt so good?
All of this is because,
You are the best sister and I love you with all my black little heart!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Today is the day my beautiful sister Peggy was born! As you can see from this picture, she enjoys eating and sitting down.
I realized after searching for some photos of dearest Peg, that I have a very limited amount of pictures on my work computer, So sorry.

This picture you can barely even see, but it has me and all my sisters in it, and was taken
just recently!
This is an oldie but a goodie! That is Jonas (Peg's Son), Peggy, and Lucy! Almost 4 years ago, on Halloween in Chicago! Good Times! Anyway, I love you Peggy.
Thanks for being my older, smarter, funnier, more beautiful, sister!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terrific Tights Tuesday

People I have got to be honest with you, I have completely checked out. I am currently ready for Thanksgiving, and I still have to wait two more days. Argh! But while I have you here lets discuss or rather gander at these tights!

Nice, right? They sort of sedate my current hunger, and make my Tuesday, just that much better. L

Monday, November 23

Pills enough to make me ill, cash enough to make me well

If you, like mysisters and myself, feel like you may have wasted 7 years of your life on Gilmore Girls because of how crappy that series ended. Then I would follow this link: It may not be a for sure thing, but the possibilty is good enough for me. L

Tim and Eric

Think about your Dad. I wanna meet that Dad. L

Too bad your momma couldn't give you a good face

This is Kate Walsh. For those of you who don't watch Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice. I will give a brief history. She was married to Derek aka Dr. McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey. Who I also thought was sexy, even in Can't buy me Love, if it was me, he would never have had to buy that love. Anyway, Addison (Kate Walsh) was married to Derek then cheated on him with his best friend, Dr. McSteamy aka Sloan aka Eric Dane. Causing Derek to move to Seattle and start dating Meredith Grey. At the end of season one Addison shows up to try and fix her marriage and get Derek back. You know that old chestnut. Apparently people loved Addison so much, that when her character fails to woo Derek from Meredith, they couldn't just get rid of her. So they moved her California and she got a whole new show, Private Practice.

Now, Kate Walsh is super hot, the lady is 42 and look at her. And Private Practice is crap, but in a really good way, as in I can't stop watching it, even though its unbelievable 95% of the time. my biggest problem with this whole show is Kate Walsh's facial expressions. Or one expression, that she uses whether she is, frustrated, frightened, concerned, quizzical, turned on, surprised or otherwise filled with any sort of emotion. I tried to find a picture and these two are the best I could find.
Two parts this face

and six parts this face, mixed with a 1/4 cup pursed lips. Stir and serve at 180 degrees of infuriatingly bad faces. L

I'm a jerk

My feet are almost always cold. I very rarely hang out barefoot. Actually, I can't remember the last time I did. I either have on socks or slippers or booties of some kind. I literally have to, or my feet are icicles. Even to bed, my feet are covered in socks or slippers, also I just, this summer, started wearing sandals. Because my feet get that cold, I need a full covering shoe, even in summer. Also, I tend to hate bare feet, they gross me out. I have nightmares that I am running through a forest, from a monster, without shoes on, the nightmare is the no shoes. I'm only saying this because it sort of has to do with this next part, it is the reason I feel this way strongly, I have feet issues. I don't understand flip flops. I use to completely abhor them altogether, I didn't think people should wear them ever, and I had a list of things I found particularly foul about them. Now, I realize that people are allowed to wear them, and I am a little more over myself. I still have a tendency to hate men in flip flops, but I am working on it. I do have one thing that I never excuse, no matter the person. When there is snow on the ground, Flip Flops are not appropriate. They aren't even shoes to begin with, how are your feet not freezing! I bet they are and I bet you were just to lazy to put on pair of shoes that covered your whole foot. Also, I bet those are your favorite pair and you spent like nickles on them and you have had them since Jr. high and............Like I said, I am working on it. L

I am totally going there

Of course, we here at Bloody Paws, Inc. have seen New Moon twice. Lucy and I were super disappointed in Twilight the movie. All we wanted from this movie was for it to be just a little better than the first. Which to our complete satisfaction, it was. Now, that is not to say it will win awards with its excellence. But it was a better movie, than the first one. I read a review, given by a man, stating, "This movie will only be received well by the die hard Twilight fans." and it was said in a very scathing way, almost like Twilight fan, is a dirty word. Which maybe that is true. But here is the thing about this whole situation that really irks my noodle. Why, is it okay for men to have movies that they get fanatical about, i.e. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, but its not okay for Women? I'm done apologizing for the this whole phenomenon. Women have every right to get excited and nerdy about books and movies, as you men do. I LOVE TWILIGHT, I AM TEAM EDWARD, get use to it! L

Marvelous and Magnificent Shoes Monday

I like the color of these flats. I like the strap. I like them, very much! I like everything about them very much! I think them Marvelous!
There is almost nothing more magnificent then a pair of black ballet flats. Therefore these shoes are almost the perfect shoe! L

Breathe Me

Even though my day started really bad. Even though all night long I slept super crappy and my dreams were that of the world ending, over and over again. I simply can't feel anything but super happy and excited today. I haven't mentioned Thanksgiving yet, only because I feel as though I may have over sold Halloween? Anyway, Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite Holiday. Because what other day is it perfectly acceptable to stuff your face with the most amazing comfort foods, and take a nap? Those are two my favorite things to do on any day. But there is something to be said for a day when all those I love, share in the joy of eating and sleeping, with me. So I hope this Holiday finds you joy! Happy Thanksgiving! L

Friday, November 20

Evil, in its purest form

My friend Mugsy and I like to have picture wars at work.
Nothing is ever too good, or too bad.
Sometimes I would find people she liked on Facebook and send her pictures randomly of him throughout the course of the work day.
Creepy? a little.
Funny? Total!
The best is thinking of things to put into the search engine and seeing what gifts you receive!

Fabulous Find Friday

I sort of have this thing for owls. I know I am not the only one, it is the cool thing right now. But whatever, I love their feathery little faces. I try to keep it under control, my love, and not buy everything I see that has a owl on it. Mostly I am successful. Yet, I can't deny how much I want to purchase these and put them on my, at present, fictional Christmas tree.

These actually look like bats to me. But in a bat good way.

These ones are my favorite! L

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