Wednesday, October 28

Beard of the Day

My Beard of the Day endeavours are going so swimmingly this week.
All I have to say is that I have never gotten the kind of response from actually going up to somebody and talking about their beard, as I have Facebooking them.
Bloody Paws readers, this is Grant Judkins...
Grant Judkins, Bloody Paws readers...
Peggy, Liz, and myself met him after book club one Saturday. The good thing about Grant is that he came and talked to us, even after I creepily banged on a window and waved at him.
As I was shopping around in Grant's photos, this picture stood out to me for several reasons. The main one was that somebody thought his mustache was kind of creepy.
Man, mustaches are the best, and how did they get a such a bad rap? Possibly from creepsters such as Jeffery Dahmer, but I feel like that is merely coincidental.
A mustache is an essential element of a beard, and has been known to look good on its own.
Plus his lips are kind of tucked under said beard, like they are a surprise for only the most special of people.

Then you have this picture. I would like to personally thank Grant for his lack of neck hair. Neck hair is probably one of the grossest things I think I have ever seen. That is when it is accompanied by a small beard.
If you have a long beard, that is your prerogative to have neck hair, you straight earned it.
Also let me say this, does Grant not look fabulous against the baby faced men behind him. I am pretty sure that if John and Will had facial hair, this poster would be on my wall in my bathroom.

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  1. He is cool cause he didn't make fun of us for liking Twilight and we talked about never nudes and He let you put his beard on our blog!


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