Wednesday, October 28

Will you hold me?

I am a huge fan of being held.
I used to make my best friend Tyson just hold me, and usually it was at JMR where we worked. I don't know what it is about me, but hugging somebody can make the worst day better.
So last night I had a weird dream about high school; some of the kids from Fame were there along with some girls that I actually did go to school with. And then there was Marianne, Mugsy, Myself, and Jeffery Dean Morgan.
We were all fighting, about who was going to sit in this hole in the wall.
When it was finally over I went over to JDM, and he held me in his big lusciously muscly arms for literally five minutes of my dream.
I'm not sure why it was him. I think he is attractive, but I don't ever think about him.
Also I have really long dreams, I know people say they are like a split second, but mine are long and in color. And I can always feel things, like the warmth of his embrace, or how soft somebody mouth is when I kiss them.

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  1. did you see our Mr. T quotes, i thought them funny. Also i love your crazy ass dreams, like I love cake and ice cream and well every other type of dessert


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