Thursday, April 29

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My Obsession

Kicked some serious ass

Went and saw Kick Ass last night and it was amazing. Way funnier and way more awesome than I had even hoped for it to be. I must say that although I still don't think Aaron and his cougar baby momma will last, I do totally, totally get why she would bed down with that young cub.

You talking to me?

This is Tiffany Tehan. She went missing a few weeks ago, there was a search for her, she was on the news and then beginning of this week she turned up. Turns out she had run away from her Husband and her one year old daughter to be with a man she claims is her boyfriend.
And surprisingly her husband has forgiven her and wants her back. 
But she went on Inside Edition and wanted to ask for the public's forgiveness.
Seriously................. I literally don't care what you do with your life, unless you murder people... then we have a problem, but other than that, I don't care what you do.
I know there are people who care and have an opinion on the subject, but lady, if your husband is ready to forgive, then I say don't bring anymore stress into the situation by talking to the media. Just go back to him or be with your boyfriend, but don't talk to me about it, OK.

Tuesday, April 27

Tea Party

Last year Lucy and I threw a Tea Party for our Book Club. The book we read was called The Tea Rose.
Super great book, about Jack the Ripper and Tea and some lovin. Its a fun read albeit, kind of frustrating as well.
This year we read or were suppose to read Alice in Wonderland.  
And this is what we did
We went around in neighborhoods and office complex's stealing flowers. I know it seems wrong, but really free fresh flowers can never ever be wrong. Then we arranged them in mason jars and set them around our Tea room

We also decided on a color theme this year. It should be Turquoise, but appears blue.

Then we made tiny mad hatter top hats, out of cups and plates and ribbon and awesomeness.
(Lucy and I)
they turned out pretty well, considering we did them in a day.

This is not the best picture, but it says, "you are late for a very important date".
We made, cake balls, petit fours, and macarons, chicken sand which puffs, then had everyone bring there favorite candy. So delish.
We also put blue water and floating tea lights on our table, with little drink me labels. Very Alice!!
I think overall it turned out very well, especially considering we did it all in less than 24hrs. We started Friday night at 9 pm. Whoops.
Any way next year we were thinking, Steam Punk, we will see how it goes.

Monday, April 26

but...darn cute

Turns out when I have no one else to pick up after, I myself am a total slob. 
Generally, I can handle a little dirty, I, by no means,  keep a spectacularly clean house. But it is organized and tidy for the most part: swept, vacuumed etc., etc. I know people who can't sleep while dirty dishes are in the sink, which has never been a problem for me. Personally I think they like to sit out and enjoy some time in the world, instead of being hidden away in a cupboard, sort of like a plate-cation, if you will. 
But I never realized how much of slob I can be. 1 week alone and my house is a complete disaster and surprisingly, it turns out, your carpet won't vacuum it self, if you hold out long enough.  Which is total crap considering how much positive reinforcement I give it on a daily basis. Or the fact that I was there for it when it was going through its awful break up with the computer chair.
I also feel like there could be a million and one better ways to spend a Monday night, than cleaning your house.......... however, if I don't do it, who will?

Flight of the Kiki kins

I am so happy to see my favorite little Kiki kins out and about looking happy, fresh faced, dressed in the most adorable spring dress I have spotted yet (so adorable that I feel like knocking her out and stealing it off her lifeless body) and showered!! I truly love her so much! I believe and have for some time, that if we were to meet we could best friends. I would also single handed-ly get her and Jake back together, because I really do think that in some other universe, these two are enjoying a nice life together. In which, Kirsten is a Nurse, Jake is a Carpenter and they have seven kids (three toeheads, two brunettes and two readheads). Its far from all the Hollywood hysteria and therefore their tulips bloom all year.
In reality I am just happy that she will be in a movie this year and not only that but she will  be in a movie with king cuteness himself....

Ryan Gosling!!
Here is looking at you for 2010 Kiki!

Ass kicking

You may or may not have heard about the movie Kick Ass
Haven't seen it yet but I plan on doing so. The other thing you may or may not know is the lead Aaron Johnson is going to be a dad at the tend age of 19, even more exciting for him and his preggers girlfriend, is she is 43, and has two kids already from a previous marriage, ages 13 and 3.

He claims he is ready for fatherhood and he loves his lady, which is super great for him. But seriously?
How can she not feel like she is babysitting her father to be, all the time?  I get how the sex part would happen. He is a very attractive young thing and I am sure after ending a marriage of 11 years, it would do a girl good to get some from anyone, let alone a boy with such a great head of hair.
But this large of an age gap makes no sense to me, especially when the women is the older one. There is no way a boy at 19  can make a suitable partner. It is just impossible, no matter how mature he appears to be. He is still a 19 year old boy. 
I give it a year at the most.

Friday, April 23

Pie Maker

One thing that is nice about being home alone on a Thursday night, is not having to fight anyone over what movie to watch. I can pick a movie and watch it, end of story. 
And ever since I saw the trailer for Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day, I have wanted to see it.
Not only was this movie one of the most romantic movies I have seen in a very long while, it was also one of the most beautiful ones. 
The clothing, the music and the sets in this movie were absolutely spectacular.
Yes, that is a very attractive man (Lee Pace aka The Pie Maker from Pushing Daisies, one of my all time favorite TV shows, so of course it was canceled.) walking in a room with feathers hanging from the ceiling.
Yes, a very attractive Amy Adams and so tall and so dark, so very sexy, Lee Pace; looking in love and very attractive.
What is that you say? You want a closer look at his pretty face?
Oh, here you go.
Now go my little ones and partake in this movie in person, you will not be disappointed.

Thursday, April 22

Find a reason to stay home

So I was driving home the other day and the mini van in front of me had this bummer sticker on it.
All I could think was, what in the hell does that even mean? 
Is she (the large women driving) referring to herself as the Dragon. Because if she is, why would you willing make that comparison. Or, was she referring to her mini van? Because mini vans are many things, but Dragons, is not one of them. Does she even know that this phrase is taken from a band's name?
I bet not, she probably just thought it was funny. I mean she looked like the kind of person that would find this funny. The kind of person who is probably not referring to herself or her van as the Dragon, but referring to actual Dragons. Ones she herself has fought wearing something that looks kind of like.......
Girlfriend was just warning the good people of Earth that meddling in the affairs of Dragons leads to loosing limbs and a fetish of studded leather. 

Maybe...if you weren't such a loser

(image, my aunt Joan, Myself and the guitarist Mike from Here We Go Magic; taken by my aunt Alyson)
Tuesday night I went to the White Rabbits, Here We Go Magic and Mini Mansions, show with my dear sweet aunts, Joan and Alyson. It was so awesome, those ladies are just too fun. Not only that, but Alyson took all the pictures and blogged about the whole thing already. Saving me and my poor typing fingers from having to do it. 
I agree 100% with all she says. Although I do really love, Here We Go Magic, even when Luke's voice sounds a bit whinny, because honestly, all the vocals sounded whinny, I think it had something to do with the acoustics in Urban Lounge. Plus, I was all kinds of beside myself with how absolutely tiny (in girth and height) all the boys in White Rabbits were. I could not let it go....... they were just, pocket sized or fun sized, so tiny, but very talented, which might be why they all decided to make music together, cuz how else could they get women or girls..... and apparently I still can't let it go.

Tuesday, April 20

Yes.....wait.....No.... I don't know what you are talking about

for those that love or hate Jersey Shore
Lucy just sent these to me! Please enjoy the Snooki Wookiee, I know I did.

Hello Dearest Love

Richelle Mead is a great writer and although these covers are shameful and I don't feel like I can ever, ever read them in public, because the judging looks would be so justified. It does not change however, that I want to scream from the rooftops how excited I am to read Succubus Shadows and to when it comes out May 18th, Spirit Bound.
I know I have talked about Richelle before and I know I have talked about these books before, so yes... I understand that the horse is dead from all my beating. But I swear I saw it twitch from here, so I gave it one more whack with  my bat.

She's just being Miley

Where to begin, where to begin. I believe that most people who have a severe distaste for a particular actor, would refrain fervently from seeing any of their movies, if only on principal. My sisters and I however, find great joy in watching them make complete and total asshats, of themselves.
So it is and last night we enjoyed "The Last Song" with none other than smiley Miley Cyrus herself. I applaud her for shamelessly doing a press tour that promoted her and Liam's relationship movie.
They never talked about the fact the fell for each other in the movie, because a girl like her who gets a lot of dog crap (for all the crappy things she does to dogs...kidding, but I wish.... fingers crossed) in the media, should keep things like that, personal, and not whore it death. Good for you Miley. Don't feed that fire. 
As for her acting in the movie. She did such a great job, she was so believable and funny.... so funny, I mean  my sisters and I laughed our asses right off. So much so we thought the people behind us were going to get phyiscally violent because we were so loud, but that's just how funny she was. 
What's that you say? It was a sad movie, about her dad dying of cancer? Huh.....I must have missed something..... in my defense, it was really hard telling what was happening around Miley's snaggle tooth.

right where I left you

There are good things and there are worse things, about having your significant other leave for six weeks. Here is a list of mine; it was something I mentally compiled yesterday after sending my hubby off on a six week tour of the U.S. with his band.

List of Good:
  1. Not going to work and being able to stay home.
  2. My mom coming over to take me to lunch and help me plant flowers, my sisters coming over after that and going to dinner, shopping and the movies. It is a great way to know I am loved and a way better day than the one I original planned. A gallon of ice cream washed down with my salty tears. 
  3. Sole possession of the remote.
  4. Peeing with the bathroom door open.
  5. The cool points I subsequently get for having a rock star husband.
  6. Only having to do dishes and laundry for one. and.....
  7. A whole hell of a lot of me time.

List of worse
  1. A whole hell of a lot of me time.
  2. No weight or warmth on the other side of the bed.
  3. Aching loneliness
  4. quiteness
  5. Sad dogs that don't understand why dad's not home, they just sit and stare at the door....waiting.
  6. Only having to do dishes and laundry for one.
  7. People who constantly ask, "How are you? Because that would be really hard, your a saint" (I'm fine, yes it sucks, your not making it better, I not a f&%$#*@ saint.)

Friday, April 16

star tracks

1. Shia Lebeouf is totally cute, I even like his curly hair and beard.
2. Carey Mulligan is totally cute.
3. They are totally cute together and it makes me want to see Wall Street 2. Even though I could not care  less about men on Wall Street: once or twice.......unless it was a football movie, then it wouldn't matter how cute they were, I wouldn't see it.
Baby Olive is giving the paparazzi the thumbs up...oh, that is too cute! Papa Sacha Baron Cohen, has got to be so proud.
I love Parker Posey's face in this pic. Obviously she is showing off her shirt for another photographer, but she looks as though she doesn't have a neck and she is about three yrs. old...ha, ah... oh, good times. I just wish I was the fifth wheel in this picture. Because if I made a list of my favorite actresses, these ladies would all be in the top twenty, at least. Maggie might even be top ten.
I love that Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are giving their seed to this earth..... for a second time. Its just so nice having people of their caliber, breeding.
I don't watch Dancing with the Stars......for this reason, the "talent" walks around wearing cardigans as shirts. yes... he can pull it off because he has a nice chest but..... that doesn't mean he should.

of course, of course

Did you know or did you care that they are doing a remake of the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde movie that originally starred, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty.
Its no wonder, considering they are re making everything, now days. I do feel good about this re make, however, it just seems like we could use a new version. Well....I should say I did feel good about it until I found out who they cast as Bonnie....they cast...are you ready for it... I don't think you are

Horse teeth herself, Hilary Duff. . Which don't get me wrong...aside from the huge teeth she got for her 18th birthday, I think she is super cute. But she is Disney cute and has the acting chops of a Disney star. Faye agrees, she told the Chicago Sun Times "Couldn't they cast a real actress."
 to which Hilary came back with... "My fans wont even know who she is." 
Ha, scratch fever. But seriously Hills, even though your look works very well....... can you act?

Thursday, April 15

Betty's not ugly anymore

It wasn't tears..... but I did get a bit misty eyed, during the final episode of Ugly Betty. But ....I have that capacity, I cry-sort of- during shows all the time. I care enough about the characters and the story that I can honestly feel their pain, sadness, loss, etc., etc. and I think it makes me a better audience member than most others (you know who you are; you soul less creatures). 
Ugly Betty was a really smart, funny, and vibrant show. Unfortunately, they tried too hard to hold on to what made Betty so different and fresh, in the beginning of the series: the glasses, the braces, living with her family, and underdog in fashion, etc. etc. that she didn't grow as a character. It felt old and repetitive after just three seasons, and they lost the interest of the viewers.  Which then lead them into crisis mode (ha, that's funny, Mode like the fashion magazine, ha, he, ho anyway......) and started to get super kitschy to make people watch.
Which is too bad, because they were capable of so much more and so was Betty. Luckily they got a chance to prove it, the final few episodes were like...... putting on a comfortable poncho and going home.

This is the skin of a killer

Never did the "sexual content" argument in Twilight make sense to me. For me it is PG-13 at the most. And it only gets that way in book four and by that time they are married. Which call me crazy, but married people have sex (people have sex, think about sex, talk about sex, even teens--especially shouldn't be a dirty word)....and if you aren't comfortable reading or having your teen read about a happily married couple having sex, then ban it from your house. Don't petition for it to banned from all Library's. Also, it's strange to me that they would even want to ban it. When there are plenty of books that display sex...loosely, this book is actually what they preach to their children, its a good example for young people in love. You have a boy that refuses to have sex with a girl until they are married!! Shouldn't you want to encourage that kind of behavior?
Also; Seriously....banning To Kill a Mockingbird?

Wednesday, April 14

To the batcave....

Finally it all comes together, I mentioned how Justin Bieber looks like a 12 yr old girl, well I wasn't kidding...separated at birth, one Justin Bieber and one Tatum O'Neal...

I mean..... RIGHT!

You give me heavy metal dreams

I have super powers (and regardless of what Professor X totally sucks) I don't know exactly why I have been give this gift, but I promise to use it only for the good of man and maybe..... to get me free shoes.
 I am talking of course, about my ability to hate someone on a particular show, then my requesting/blogging that they be dismissed is heard around the world and subsequently they are!! Case in point: Katherine Heigl,'s exist from Grey's Anatomy.... that was all me. Never mind she had/adopted a baby and was just a total bitch, no, no, no, it was me putting it out there. 
Then there is my scathing hate for Taylor Momsen(pictured above), I know, we all know, how I detest her. I have blogged about it more than once and due to my blogging she will not be on Gossip Girl next season........Excellent (said while rubbing my mitts together and pronouncing it just like Mr. Burns).
And all I have to say about it is......
At some point today Joseph Gordon Levitt will show up, at my work, with a foot long sub for us to share, in nothing but cowboy boots.
At some point today Joseph Gordon Levitt will show up, at my work, with a foot long sub for us to share, in nothing but cowboy boots.

Friday, April 9

Dear Sam Rockwell

 You are going to be in the new Iron Man, that excites me. Also, I wonder is Jon Favreau fun? I'm not sure why, but, he seems like he would be a really fun dude to hang out with. Good jokes and what have you. 
Oh, um... strangely, I like you with this mustache. I can't put my finger on why, but, it just looks really great. It goes with your very attractive face. Um... I hate to bring this up, but on your IMD page its says you are 5'9'' and somehow I have a hard time believing that. Don't get me wrong, I still love you and it doesn't really matter, because lets face it your track record is perfectly paced. Moon-amazing, Gentlemen Broncos-inspired, Choke- I feel asleep, but you as Victor= total perfection. 
But, you always look super short in pictures. So, 5'9'' seems a little padded to me, if you know what I mean.
Also, I was thinking maybe you could come to my house for a dinner party, how do you feel about bald eagle?

Happy Birthday to My Favorite gal on the Block!

Call me so we can snuggle!

Screw the 3D, lets take it to 6D

The new 3D movement sort of makes me feel like Luke Skywalker when he finds out that Darth Vader is his father. I mean on one hand (the one he doesn't loose preferably) its like yeah awesome now I have a father (or, yeah awesome 3D is way better than 2D) but wait.....he is still Darth Vader... NNNNOOOOOO!!!!! (or, I'm sorry how much it my ticket?)

Thursday, April 8

Tuesday, April 6

I'm medicated, how are you?

Lets play a game, lets predict how Lost will end. My money is on the black smoke, disguised as John Locke, will get off the island and everyone will die, everyone. At least that's what would happen if  I was granted my wish of Martin Scorsese directing this show. How amazing would that be?
But really...
 I am fairly certain that Jack Shepard saves the world (by keeping smokin aces on the island or kills him, is that possible? with the help of Jacob, is that possible?) 
Claire and Kate end up killing each other, because they are no longer on the list, hence, no longer safe and Claire is pretty pissed about Aaron, and they can't all live, they just can't, so in my theory only a few people get to live. 
Sayid is crazy and he will die either fighting Whitmore or someone else, maybe himself? Hurley will live no matter what, because lets face it, they won't kill the lovable tub. Sun and Jin will get to leave the island because their life is off the island, with their daughter. Finally Jack and Sawyer will fight each other and I am fairly certain that Jack will finally rip Sawyers beating heart from his chest and fry it  up with some nice fava beans.

I wanna wrap you up in my love


If there was ever a time in my life that I wanted to be an object it would be this time. I would love to be an iPad, if only to have darling Jake, hold me in his nicely manicured man hands. And maybe if I am really lucky he would play with all of my buttons! Poke and Slide!