Tuesday, October 27

Film #7: Didn't happen

It was going to and it will still happen. However, starting the Shinning at like 10:30 at night is just not a good idea. I would have fallen asleep the moment I sat down. So, instead I watched the first 10 minutes of There Will Be Blood, while I drifted to partake in some really weird dreams that I don't think make any sense. Which involve children being named Blanket and Tissue?

On the plus side, I did manage to think before sleep consumed me: "Hey, Lucy is so right about Daniel Day Lewis, look, he is even sexy with a mustache, huh." Also, he had all but retired from acting, and he was living in Italy learning to cobble shoes. Then Martin Scorsese showed up and was like "Hey remember when you were a really amazing actor, well, have I got a job for you Bill the Butcher!" and I am pretty sure he did a bit of juggling and then knocked Dan out with a club and dragged him back to Hollywood. And we are none to sad about it. L

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  1. I laughed right out loud about your Tissue and Blanket names.
    I love that.
    I love you.
    I love DDL.


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