Wednesday, June 30

Marriage is what brings us here today

Essentially I love tea and I love summer dresses, so the fact that this dress has teacups on it, is so perfect for me, I might as well start my sordid affair with it now and leave the "I'm sorry's'" for a dress made of 311 fans.

Monday, June 28

Gingers have souls

Over the weekend I went to Lagoon. Which is amazing fun all in of itself, however the people watching it affords,  is priceless. One thing I noticed was that Red Hair is very popular right now, this was also something I discoverd on Sunday when I went to Arts Festival downtown. 
I use to be (unless my dear sweet cousin Meliss was with me) one in a crowd of many, with redhair. Now it is everywhere not only that but my dipshit girlfriend Kstew has gone red as well.... damn it. 
Worst of all, I think I kind of like it on her. It may be because the cut is so much better than her awful grown out mullet. So therefore its hard to judge it really, because I am just soooo thankful she cut that mess on top of her head. But in these pictures especially, the strawberry blonde seems to compliment her skin really nicely. Which just makes me want to cry purple tears of diamond roses, which, I will have to check with someone, on whether that is actually possible and get back to you.
Also is she wearing a bumpit? or did someone asshat backcomb her hair? Who back combs a bob? Honestly.

Friday, June 25

Pale Force

For no other reason than I love his tall red guts to pieces!


Wednesday, June 23

What if I can't get down?

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and one of my co workers came down to use the bathroom. 
He stopped at my desk and said "You know what Liz? The weather is really good for a tandem, and you see that bag in the back of my truck? its got a tandem seat in it, so what do you say?"
"Um, no thanks!" I say, with a smile of course. 
Justin (my co-worker) is a Paraglider. He has been doing it for years, even his wife is into it and if I am not mistaken, he purposed to her while they were flying, hell, they may have conceived their child while flying, they are that into it.
Last year, the two of them went to Italy and did some flying, that is literally what they went over there for, Paragliding.
So ever since he started working with us, he has been trying hard to get us all out there. And up until yesterday had taken out two of the five men I work with. 
and now he can count me on the list as well!
My only hesitation ever was that I am afraid of heights. But rest assured the sensation is different from any thing like a roller coaster, cliff or airplane. Plus Justin is such a pro, its like no big deal, whatever. And I asked him how many times he has crashed, by himself or otherwise, and he has never crashed, so the odds were in my favor, for sure!
(Tandem: Two People)
Not really a bad way to spend a Tuesday afternoon, eh?

Tuesday, June 22

You two look up here

The joke: this is how Tom must feel ever time he stands next to giantess Katie Holmes, was made on the website I stole this photo from. 
But….it doesn’t change how much this shot has made my day…. I am chortling with guttural laughter. He just looks so tiny and confused….and he looks like he needs and adult. Or just someone who can grab things off of really tall shelves for him….wait, Katie can!!

Beard of the Day

Magic Potion in your pot, Attack and Release your Thickfreakness, O Brothers!

Dirty socks make for dirty souls

Why do I even care what goes on with A-LEX-A Ray Joel? I don't know, but I do care something fierce. 

Even though she looks so much like her Dad (Billy Joel) it is sort of off putting and creepy. I do still  find her most undeniably beautiful. Also I know she is a sad little thing, which is always sort of endearing to me. Right? Sadness effects everyone, even the super rich and beautiful, whom some would argue, are actually the saddest people of all. So like I said endearing.
That and I was happy to hear she has got her self a new man, this is Cass Dillon (which for the record, good name!) And I had to immediately Wikipedia his ass, because with the name Dillon and those eyebrows, I was like Hark! did he fall from the same tree as one Jakob Dylan? I mean not the same spelling but like same eyebrows...

Maybe he is pulling  a Nick Cage.... who is actually a Coppola.

But, nawh, matching eyebrows aside, Cass is just some musician who is sleeping his way to the top. Who would have ever guessed.

there you are in the corner, there you are in the spotlight, loosing your religion

Every morning when I wake, I am surprised that I still have hair on my head. People with curly hair and redheads (which I am a redhead, but not for realz, but in my heart, so it kinda counts) loose more hair than those with straight or any other color (its 100% true, I learned it in hair school and they don't lie, if you must know, redheads/curlyheads, have more hair on there heads than anyone else, therefore we have more to loose). My hair is by no means as curly as some, but it holds its own, its pleasantly wavy. And I loose it in droves. Its insane and I honestly can't believe that there is any left on my head at the end of the day. It is also sort of disgusting, because I leave hair balls in my wake.  You can tell where I have been, if there is a mass of reddish brown tendrils on the seat in your car. Because if I have been there, my hair will be left behind, kinda like a memento of  Liz. I also leave it in my food, I had to get over the bile that rises in my throat when I see hair in food. Because I, myself, will shed into my food. I will look down and there will be my very own hair, in my very own food. Eww.... not only that but it happens the other way around also, I get food in my hair ALL THE TIME. After I eat, I can look down and there will be crumbs, scattered about my curls. It would be poetic, if it weren't so nauseating.

Monday, June 21

SYTYCD is back and bless me, its amazing!!

red fish: blue fish

Lets first get it out of the way, KStew looks fine here. Would never be able to go as far as saying she looks great (even though I must admit in my heart, in this particular picture, she does look great, because she looks like maybe she showered) Yay! One small victory for her. However... I do still feel like I wanna smack that face of hers, so one step forward, two steps back.
Lets then get out of the way, how much I just adore Dakota Fanning (I wanna take that face and acting ability, bottle it and sale it at Target for $4.99).
This dress isn't just amazing, its downright spectacular, as in, I could see myself watching this dress sit on a stage by itself and do nothing, or simply read from its diary, all the Haiku's its written about the tough breakup it went through with its boyfriend, Javier.. he is so handsome and gentle, but she doesn't love him anymore.
Then I will rock it back an forth until it stops crying and then slide it onto my body and never again take it off. Then maybe I can stand on a red carpet with my arm around KStew and when we go back stage, punch her in her face!!

Thursday, June 17

Keep it clean kids

Kenneth Cole is designing shirts with 100% of profits going to The Gulf Coast Clean Up.
If you feel like you want to contribute and look really good doing it, I highly recommend buying a shirt. Really its a win, win, for us all!

Today is one of those days

Sometimes I need to talk myself into having a good day. Today is one of those days. Yet I am able to do so, I can't image what it would be like if I couldn't, I think I would be much sadder?
One thing that always helps, David Bowie of course!!

After all the sun is out,Bowie is playing on repeat and its June for Pete's sake and if you can't seem to muster a good mood for today, you may never be in one, I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, June 16

In the big finale we sacrifice the goats

So now that Anthony has watched the finale of Lost, we can finally discuss its series ending and subsequently how I feel like I want the last six years of  watching Lost, back. 
I honestly believe that as far as shows go, Lost was one of the good ones. They had great writers, great directors, stellar actors and above all they knew where they were going with the story from day one. Not only that but they were able to carry out the whole story to the end. It is so sad when really great shows don't get to finish what they started, from just being canceled after two seasons (Carniv├íle ) or having  little notice and having to sloppily wrap a series (Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls). Leaving us as  the audience; robbed, beaten and left for dead.
So its great that we got to see the big picture with Lost. Having said that; if I would have known when I started watching the first episode of Lost six years ago... that the whole series was leading up to protecting a light on an island by any means necessary, while also subsequently learning there is an after life.........I think I would have changed the channel.

I am just so over it

I can't even muster enough energy to be excited about the next movie or the two that will follow. It is so far beyond, anything I ever loved about those books, that it is sort of dead to me. I know I will see the movies, because who am I kidding ( I mean I saw The Last Song, for cornpops sake) but I just feel really over the whole thing, thanks for playing and goodnight.

I don't know....check back later

I heard a rumor that none other than my most beloved JGL is being considered to play the Riddler in the 3rd Batman film. 
 And I feel really torn about this. I mean it could be good, I really love him and I think he could do it  (I wasn't on board for Heath being Joker, but that turned out to be pure genius, but...who would have guessed it in the beginning?) My big hang up is........ I want Michael C. Hall to play the Riddler so bad, I am seeing tiny riddlers in my sleep. I don't know that anyone else (even my most darling JGL) will suffice. 

Also being considered Johnny Depp, so all  in all, it won't suck, at least there is that.

Tuesday, June 15

Hustle and Flow

Never have I been a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez. I did love me some "Wedding Planner" which makes no sense for the simple facts 1. I don't like J. Lo or 2. Nor do I like Matthew Mconaughey, so go figure.... but ....
I do think she looks really good in this picture, it may have something to do with the fact that it doesn't really even look like her. Plus her hair looks magnificent!!

These shoes are made for kicking your ass

Tuesday's are good for shoe shopping online. I think I like how much these look like bowling shoes. Which incidentally I have been doing a lot of. Bowling, of which I have gone from "Seriously no one is that bad," to "Surprising you have nice form!!"
aww.. sucka, sucka!

Monday, June 14

to whom it may concern

Matt and Kate Hudson???

This one is made of iron, that other one is not

Iron Man 2 was pretty good. I admit that I was a bit nervous at first, but all in all when you combine both the amazingness that is Robert Downey Jr. and Sam Rockwell, how could it be anything but...good. 
Also, Mickey Rourke was fine, Scarlett was pretty (the more movies I see of hers, the more I think: Pretty but just sort of blah as an actress, not bad, not really good) and Gwyneth was... there (I love Gwyneth, but she isn't really that great an actress either). Don Cheadle was just as good of a war machine as Terrence Howard. I personally like Don Cheadle more, just overall, so... I like him more in that role, but that is, once again, just my personal flavor. If they hadn't recast Terrence, it would have been just sixes to have him in that role still.

Kindly Kindle or Every Nook and Crany

There is something so impersonal, about the Kindle or the Nook. I just can't bring my head into the possibility of ever buying one, for the following reasons. 
The comfort of having a book in hand, all papery and magnificent, is something I cherish very much. The weight of it, the smell of it, the artwork, the everything about a book is pure art, in and of its self. Curling up with a metal machine, just doesn't do it for me, it is not the same thing.  Not to mention, these devices and the iPad, are just way too Ender's Game, for me, and while I liked that book, because I was in love with Ender, never mind he was like nine..... at the oldest (creep much?), I don't know that technology and I, really get along all that well. Therefore its best to keep my books and my technology, separate.
I mean how awkward does homegirl look in this photo?Not at all like she is really enjoying herself (maybe that's just bad acting? maybe it's just bad Kindle). And while I understand the purpose of these devices and I get the whole save a tree aspect, of downloading your books. And the very real possibility that I may not have a choice in the future (kinda like what happened with music Tapes...... I would be all good with going back to tape players/tapes; I love me some mixed tapes, a mixed CD is just not as good, ever). But the planet's future not withstanding, I hate this concept very much.

I want this Kate Spade Nook therefore I must buy a Nook... so that I can cover it with this......Right?

Wednesday, June 9

Catch and Release

 I myself am planning on at least thinking about acquiring
all of them, whether that happens or not, is yet to be seen....
of the movies to rent, I will recommend these two only...
John Hilcoat (director) masterfully crafted a world that felt just like the one I read about in the book by the same name; written by none other than the amazing Cormac McCarthy. Both Cormac and John have an ability to create beauty out of bleakness, it is truly overwhelming. This movie is sad, yes, but how can a movie about...... ...practically the last two people on earth..... be anything but?
I don't know that this was as well received by the masses. But I love me some Leo and some Sorcsese. Now...was it the best they have done together...NO! for my money that would be "The Departed", but, there is something so comforting in them continuing to work together.... isn't there?
Movies in the theater
 I went and saw Prince of Persia, I say skip it, there is maybe, maybe one scene with Jake shirtless....what a disappointment.Boo.

kittens die part deux

My dear friend Audrey showed this to me the other night.  We watched with horror in our hearts and didn't even make it to the end of the video. The mere fact that this band not only makes music, but gets paid to make music... really honestly brings hate into my world and sadness into my soul.  On that same note, this video is so bad, it is almost good.... not ever in the way that I would say ICP is good, or that Juggalo's should not be shot, then slowly dismembered and maybe boiled, but never eaten, because you don't know where that shit has been.......I am just saying.......Matches how do they work?<---which will only make sense, if you got the balls to watch at least two minutes of this craptastic video.

this is the reason kittens die

and then there was.....

I was expecting to have this amazing self revelation, over the past week. This revelation was going to tell me what to do in terms of this here blog. Because I just don't know anymore.
I like this blog, but I hate it......sometimes.....too.
But there was no revealing of any kind that happened for me. I still love this blog and I still hate this blog
BUT ....
(and its a big one, like the kind you can't help yourself from stopping to look at, I mean like baby got back...)
I know that I can't live without this, I like to write and ramble too much to let this die.
I have....literally...too many thoughts bouncing around inside my pineapple.
The one thing I do know is....... I will be posting lots of different kinds of things to this blog, other than the things I have been posting. Other kinds of things<---what you may be asking, is this vague description referring? Well.... that friends, is exactly what you will be finding out.
Just know that my only hesitation in posting in the past has never been that I don't think you deserve to hear what  I have to say, more that you don't care what I have to say. But since I have you here, therefore you care......can we discuss how much Black Keys and New Pornographers, I have been listening to lately. Yes! Ok, well...while I waited for my revelation, that never came and probably.... at this rate....never come. I listened to the Black Keys Attack and Release 
and The New Pornographers Challengers on repeat.
I am sad that I have yet in my life to see either of these bands perform. Especially the Black Keys, they just came and I just missed them. Out of pure and simple bad planning and lack of motivation that plagues everything I do in life. But the fact that this kind of music exists in the world and I am able to listen to it, really helps me not give up on the state of things.

Love Forever and Always

Tuesday, June 1

Times they are a changing

I am in the process, inwardly, of working out a revamp of this blog. So things maybe less active for a time. I just need to figure out what I need from this blog as well as what I want to give it, if that makes any sense. I apologize to those that read this regularly and have come to appreciate it, I promise the short break (check back 06/08/2010) will not be in vein.