Thursday, October 29

Hey Jim!

I went to the gym last night after a very lengthy leave of absence. As I was working on improving my body image, I came up with a list of things that I don't understand about working out or going to the gym.
1. People who wear jeans while doing it? It evokes the same feeling as trying to put on a pair while they are soaking wet. They just don't work together.
2. People who wear full make-up or glasses while doing it? I personally sweat my face clean off my face while I am at the gym. So I don't understand how you could wear glasses without losing them.
3. People who don't actually work out while there? I see a lot of women mostly who go in groups and move flippantly from machine to machine and don't actually do anything on them.
4. People who go to the gym and flirt or go to pick up each other? Maybe I don't get this because I am not single. However, if I was, I would hate to be approached mid run or squat by some guy trying to put the moves on me. It is just not the right time for being sexy and flirty. At least it is not if you are actually working out.
5. People who have really hard bodies and it is obvious they live at the gym? Seriously the gym is not that fun. Your head looks to small for your body and no one is impressed, OK. L

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