Monday, October 26

"Take me to the after party"

The best thing about Halloween is the odd things that happen.
Exponential amounts of drinking and the occasional illegal drug usually accompanies this holiday, therefore making it an inebriated good time.
Today when I walked in to my Public Speaking class one of my fellow class mates said he had the greatest story for me.
He did too, turns out he went to a shin dig called "Hallowfunkaween." He was dancing around on a stage and somebody told him he had to move, which he did promptly. But as he was getting down some girl wrapped her leg around his waist and started ferociously making out with him! To make things better she whispered, "Take me to the after party," into his ear.
The greatest thing is this kid is super straight laced, and told me he didn't get it at first, and was all ,"What after party?"
There are two exceptionally marvelous elements about this story:
1st - That the kid knew I would appreciate a story like that.
2ND - Arbitrary passionate make out sessions rarely ever happen out side of a Health Leger shrew loving teen movie.


  1. Oh my word this is amazing, I seriously was crying with laughter!

  2. I never not want this kind of experience. Halloween is the best!-- Grizz


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