Tuesday, October 27

A case of the Tuesday's

Ugh, Snow. I don't hate it so much as I hate driving in it. I love actual snow. The way it looks when it falls and the blanket of silence it leaves. I was planning on this just being a crappy day. I was thinking last night: It will be a bad commute, I will be late to work, I have only one tea bag left for tomorrow, Its only Tuesday, IT IS GOING TO SNOW, ugh! Somehow, I got up as soon as my alarm went off. I had no dressing or hair issues. My car had only a bit of snow on it. Mostly the snow was sticking to the grass and not the road. Considering the amount of accidents I heard about on my way to work, my commute was uneventful. I got to work on time and the block of songs on KRCL, as I drove in, were epic good. The best thing was I was singing and dancing to one such song. When I came to a stop light, I looked over and the guy next to me was doing the exact same thing. Infact he looked to be enjoying himself more than me. Then he looked over and it was almost as if we had a moment. Where we understood each other, and our love for singing and dancig in our cars. I thought, maybe, today will be a good day after all. L

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