Thursday, October 29

Film 7, 8, 9 & 10

I am so over watching my horror movies. Against regulation and code, I am going to do a post that includes all of the remaining movies, even though I didn't watch them. Last night we sat down to watch Anthropophagus and I feel asleep really fast. I can't tell you much about this movie, un like the others which I have watched in full before, I have only ever started but never finished this one. I can tell you it is in Italian and the dubbing is horribly done. And because of some very risky type of cannibalism this movie was banned for a long time and really hard to find. Anthony was super bummed at how it ended and he felt like he wasted his time. So, I feel really great about the fact that I didn't stay awake for it.

Next would have been the Shining. Which, is one of my favorite Horror movies. As in, one time Lucy and I decided to watch it for fun one Wednesday night. I feel like my post would have included something witty about a redrum and how I wish that I could spend six months in isolation, even if it meant going crazy.

Which brings me to LeatherFace and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. My post would have been about how I sort of have a soft spot for this killer. He is just so misunderstood and people really can be so mean. Just think about this picture, the next time you decide to say something condescending about another person. Think about them seeking revenge by butchering unsuspecting teens for the rest of their life. It is a bad deal for everyone.

And finally Martyrs.

I have only ever made it trough the first 5 minutes of this movie. Apparently, it is really good and smart for a Horror movie. I wouldn't know, but I do know that the mere minutes I have seen of this movie, the gore has been exquisite. And really what else do you need? L


  1. Hey! Look what i found. I thought you might like it. I mean, if these movies scare him...

  2. You have broken my heart. So much so that I think I will write about all four of these films. #1 Anthropophagus: is a piece of smelly crap, just because a movie is banned for twenty years for it's one cartoonishly grusome scene isn't enough reason to watch it. I should have just kept playing champion of norrath. #2 The Shining: this is one of the best movies ever made period. A work of art from start to finish. Jacks slow decent into maddness, Wendys broken and submisive attempt to protect her son Danny from Jack and the hold that the hotel is taking on him. Stephen king hated it when it was released but now even he can't deny how important this film is. #3 The Texas chainsaw massacre: This is the first is it real? is it not? film. The only company that would release it was a porn company. Also Leatherface is an equal opprotunity killer, he just doesn't care if your in a wheel chair or not, badass. The creepy lack of music (accept for the beautiful singing of the chainsaw) and leatherfaces tantrum/dance as his final victim gets away are reasons enough to see this film. #4 Martyrs: without any doubt the only great horror films coming out these days come from France or Asia, they are not constrained by our social taboos or by the MPAA as a result there canvas is wide open. At the beginning of this film the director literaly appologizes for the movie he has made, because it is so brutal and intence. But it's also very thought provoking. He says sometimes he hates himself for making it but he also loves that he was allowed to explore the questions that are asked by this movie. What happens after death? How much can one withstand before death? And what makes a martyr a true martyr? What do they see when they truly accept their death and all the pain that accompanies it? Horror movies
    are like heavy music. If they are the only thing you love that means you are
    crazy......flat out. But to truly love them and embrace them as another texture
    on the blanket of life offers a more complete picture of the human condition. Tisk tisk Liz. Tisk tisk indeed.


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