Monday, October 26

Beard of the Day

I know I am not the only person who has a celebrity crush who is very much so not in their age bracket (thats you, you Zach Effron loving mom.) Mine is Daniel Day Lewis, he is such a buck, and is of the amongst the vast few males that will look good until he is six feet under.
I chose these two pictures to illustrate my point here. The point is a beard is always a good idea. No matter if you are young and have a nice full black beard, or if you are old and have a pepper beard.
It still is a great idea.
Also you can wear a pink shirt with your daughters Easter dress sash, as a tie, and Camilla Belle will still look pleased as punch to be in your presence.
Are we all deciding to grow beards at exuberant paces yet, or are we still needing a little bit bigger nudge?
I am capable of producing that nudge.

PS. I have officially entered a desperate stage; I feel like I need more material than constant celebrities. There is a reason beards are kind of in style right now, and that is to help facilitate this blog. Therefore I think I am going to ask random people on Facebook if I can spotlight there beard here. It will either end up really great, or I will end up in prison...

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  1. I am so glad that you have a crush on Bill the Butcher too! He is so handsome!


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