Friday, April 22

Je ne savais pas où la maison a été jusqu'à Paris! vous avez mon coeur ..

after lunch we took in the Louvre...overwhelming is an understatement, not only is there millions of precious pieces of art  but the building its self is humbling....we spent hours inside and I was never sure I would be able to close my eyes again...then you exit and are greeted with just another sunset in big deal...
how can you not want to look at this everyday? 
The next day in Paris is one I will never taught me some amazing things about myself and just how good a friend Misty is and how much I love her! We survived Paris on 12 euros...we didn't just survive we took Paris by storm with only 12 euros to our name...its a long boring story and the only real story is you don't need money to have an amazing time in Paris...
Then it was time for Versaille
 know this....See Versaille before you will be a moment in life that can never be compared to other moments.... walking through the gardens of Versaille eating a panini
and then lounge by the lake watching people row boats and couples make a moment I will love forever.....even spending and entire day there was not enough, though I am certain that no matter the time you spent there, you will still feel a void when leaving...
I was very lucky to see Anthony on our last day in Paris...we got to meet all the dudes in the other bands, see him do his thing on stage, which looks like it does in the states but more French and best of all a bunch of us went to the Pere Lachaise cemetery before the show..its famous because famous people are buried there, but its also beautiful...but what about Paris isn't, I found myself constantly wondering.....

 Eidth Piaf

this is Jim Morrison grave, have you ever heard of him?

There were a million other moments before after and in between and the only thing I can do with myself is prepare for the return there, because I have left my heart and I will need to go get it as soon as possible.

Je ne savais pas où la maison a été jusqu'à Paris! vous avez mon coeur ..


Going to Paris confirmed one truth in my is home. I always thought it was a magical city even if I had only ever been there in my dreams or seeing it on movie screens but once the overwhelming insanity of the first few hours of hauling our ridiculously large luggage through the metro and then finally emerging onto the sunny street of PARIS...I realized I was changed forever....
 After a brief nap and some food we took the metro to Montmartre which is a neighborhood on a hill in the North of Paris. Home to the Moulin Rouge and the Sac le Coeur and artists galore. When you hear the term "the streets are alive" I am sure they must mean Montmartre because they were literally breathing...
I have never seen so much beauty than while in Paris, every street corner, every moment was breath taking but the moment I stood on the crowded steps of the Sac le Couer and watched the sunset over Paris is my most precious and favorite of them all....

We got so lucky with our Hostel, it was clean, safe and everyone staying there turned into instant friends....none more than our roommate Ashley. Whom we actually only spent one day with before she left for Barcelona but it was a perfect day (start to finish a dream come true) and now we have her in our life forever!

the day started with some espresso's at a little cafe and Ashley's amazing panoramic picture skills
Then we had a moment with the seine...Ashley had been in Paris a few days and had been walking everywhere...she said it was the best way to see the city and get your was......our feet may never be the same, but we saw all of Paris!

all this and its not even lunch yet, which we had in a garden. This bottom picture is me having my moment with the Eiffel Tower (I was fortunate enough to have many moments while there) the weather was beautiful everyday, we had picnics in the sun in the presence of history and in the city of love and if you never see Paris before you die, what a shame that will be.