Tuesday, July 27

I command you in the name of Bacteria...be gone!

I may be the only person not on the Bactine party bus, but rest assured I am now. 
I put a little of this on a blemish of any kind and miracles happen. Only second in its magic is 
Burt's Bees acne spot treatment. These two things have personally transformed my skin. And.....I use to be on the natural deodorant train, because can all that aluminum really be good for you? if you ask a hippie, NO WAY, although they would also recommend never showering and standing really close to you in a crowded space where you can't escape their stink....so maybe aluminum isn't all bad. Especially if you sweat excessively for a girl or even a chimpanzee, like I do. I sweat so much I use clinical strength deodorant and the best one for my money...
DOVE clinical protection, it seriously kicks secrets clinical protections ass into next year. And I feel like I am only just barely feeling the effects of all those chemicals coursing through my veins........jhn,mhlhoiyhoubjnlkjj.........................sorry my hand feel asleep, that's wierdklljlj;l;//////////////////////////////////

dropping like flies

It has been so long since I blogged, that I actually had to log in this morning, WTF! 
It makes sense, really though, because I have been absent for a spell. It has just been a rough couple of weeks for this little lady and I wasn't in the mind set to blog or really even be part of the living. If you remember and if you don't its cool, just check out my second to, last blog entry, it is conveniently located just under this one............ I almost died a few weeks ago and shocking as it may seem, but, that really does something to a girl, emotionally. On top of that, my husband is touring Europe right now and I am not. I am sitting here at my desk and my heart is dying a little every time I think about it. I mean, I put on a brave face and smile, but mostly I cry when I am alone.
So then WHY? you might be asking yourself am I not on tour with him. Well first of all, its not like I didn't think about it people, or try, even. Because rest assured I most certainly did, do both. One reason I didn't is beacause touring with a band looks like this

This is Anthony and his band, plus two other bands and their people (people= sound and merchandise), home for the next six weeks. They play a show every night, so the inside of this bus is mostly what he is seeing, that is to say, really, this is not the most optimal way to see Europe for the first time. Or is it? I don't know that had it worked out, that I would have minded too much, I mean at least I would have been there.
Anyway, we knew I wasn't going to be able to go with them in the bus, not enough room, right from the beginning, so I was resigned to that fact. 
Then came the next step: going over there and meeting up with him at various locations. And I tired to make this work both financially and otherwise (having someone who could afford the money and the time, go over there with me, turns out there is a very limited amount of people, I would want to travel  with, I had some offers and I just couldn't image traveling with them, which sounds crazy, because its like shit or get of the pot Liz, I mean right?) But by the time I had someone who could go with me, tickets were far too expensive and the reality was and is, ROCK and ROLL, doesn't really pay the bills(taking this chance has been the hardest thing we have ever done and I just keep hoping that at some point we see the benefit, I mean we are, aren't we?)..... so here I sit and here I will sit..... at least until he becomes James Hetfield.

Monday, July 12

Why wouldn't I Twitter

( Brighton Pier in London, taken by hubby, just for me!)
It only seems obvious that I would also Twitter, I mean right, plus this is a good way to have people follow me, I feel ready for that, kind of. I love to hear myself talk so much, I write a blog. And some of the things I have floating about in my balloon face, are too silly to put on facebook (Which I love to hate, but mostly just hate! People get too personal and preachy on that damn site. Can't we just talk about how many burritos it takes until you have hot snakes for breakfast? (that will only make sense if you have ever had hot snakes for breakfast!)

Friday, July 9

They are just like us

This picture makes me really happy. I am happy because not even people like Lady Gaga are impervious to looking less than stellar, while performing in the rain. I don't do much performing in the rain, but I can't keep my mascara from running, my hair from looking like Maggie Simpson's, or my double chins in check, when I am in the rain either! So I feel sort of closer to her, you know like besties or something.

Thursday, July 8

Bet you thought I died...

After attending a very rocking WHW Engineering, company  BBQ, last night. I was heading home on 2-15  at about 9:30, the freeway was a steady stream, not overly busy, but active. I was on my phone with Anthony who was at LAX trying to figure out a very perplexing luggage situation; when you need to check a guitar, but there is a weight and size limit and anything that exceeds it costs mucho money, what do you do? Because of this conversation, I was not paying as much attention to the road as I should have been. I noticed the large (as tall as a person) wooden looking box in my lane just in enough time. The next series of events are not so clear. I thought I turned the wheel enough to swerve around the box, into the next lane. But I must have over corrected, I screeched and swerved into and across all the other lanes of traffic sideways. I panicked and tried to correct that over correction and swerved back across again. I continued to panic and tried to fix that and ended up doing a 360 in the middle of 2-15; cars where everywhere and I have no idea how I missed any of them. When I finally came to a halt I was facing the wrong way on the freeway, with a large SUV coming right at me. I managed to get the car, which wasn't really running, over to the shoulder of the freeway before the SUV got to me and before the car finally stalled died. I was freaking out and amazed I was fine and I hadn't hit anyone and no one hit me. Because I should have, others have done less idiotic driving and died.
I managed to find my phone, Anhtony was still on the line....he heard the whole thing and thought I had died.  He heard me scream and undoubtedly cus,  and the screeching of the tires and then nothing. So he was screaming my name, into his phone, in LAX. 
I cried forever, into the phone saying I almost died, I almost died...and after a good while, I managed to eventually drive home. Although I cried the whole way because I was so freaked out. Then I couldn't sleep because I was so freaked out. And I was a little teary on my way to work because I was so freaked out. Then all the guys at work (after hearing about it) decided to tell all their stories of having the same thing happen to them, but with actually crashing involved and I just almost lost it, because I am so freaked out.
The only things I know for certain are
1. Don't talk or text while driving, ever!
2. It was obviously not my time.
3. Not one person stopped to see if I was ok, where is the humanity?

Thursday, July 1

so far and more to go

Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

Beach House- 'Master of None'

Beach House - Heart of Chambers; to you from me

Come back around

The obvious question on your lips, did I see Eclipse, Yes! and now I will discuss how it made me feel.
It was exactly what I expected it to be. It didn't exceed my expectations nor did it fail to live up to what I thought it would be. Obviously, as with any franchise film, they continue to get better, every single time. The actors are more comfortable with the characters and tend to be more comfortable on screen and with each other (Kristen only managed to lick her lips only a handful of times). Likewise, the writer is more familiar with the characters and therefore the script tends to be void of phrases like " hold on tight spider monkey". The budget is more expansive and that shows in the sets, costumes and make-up (Rosalie is no longer sporting red lipstick, Hallelujah) The most exciting thing for me this time was the director, David Slade, made it feel like an actual movie and not just a Twilight movie. Which I don't know how to describe that really, but from the very first shot it just felt different. Stylistically, it could have been any movie out there, even someone who wasn't a fan of Twilight could sit through this movie, well... I mean, almost. I still have a hard time not laughing out loud at some of the moments that are suppose to be tender and precious. But that is because I am less attached to this story than I ever use to be, so I can only imagine someone who was even less attached, relating at all to this absolutely silly story. Marianne and Lucy shared with us last night, what one of their friends thought about Twilight, he told them: " I don't know much about Twilight, other than its about a boy and girl that love each other, and there is a werewolf that puts his paw print on a baby."  
Which is so funny and tragic that this statement, while not entirely accurate, pretty much does sum up four books, a world wide phenomenon and the silliest Vampire story ever.