Monday, October 26

Top 10

10 -Marianne and I finally met the guy who lives above us. He is German and older than either of us thought.
9 - Had a pretty successful dinner party.
8 - Watched Youtube for 3 hours with my brother Josh.
7 - Dressed up like Harry Potter.
6 -Told random guys who came to eat at our table that I was convinced they were going to kill me, because I had been reading about serial killers a lot lately.
5 - Held onto some beefy dudes muscle as I cried cause I was laughing so hard.
4 - Walked for miles up the biggest/coldest hill to give our cans away, even though the party was busted.
3 - Had an in depth conversation with a beardless guy about Endless Performance Fleece at Old Navy.
2- Shared Fry's and ate pancakes with Clayton while we watched, with half massed eyes, the amazing amounts of random people that go to Village In at 2 AM.
1- Got a free TV!
0 - Cupcake party with Liz and Peggy and Mom.


  1. I am sad that none of your top ten include me. It is sad, cause it would have at one point. I miss you!

  2. But I am glad you are being social and stuff, but still sad!

  3. I wish you to know dear Lizzy, we thought of you the whole time. :) WE LOVE YOU TOO! Grizz


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