Friday, January 29

Just think about it

In conjunction with my needing music at work post from yesterday, I present this.
If you need music on a very constant basis, so constant, that you would go broke from purchasing it all. I recommend getting it from the Library. Surprisingly they have a huge selection and if they don't have what you want, you can request them to order it! Supercalafragalisticxpaladocious! (sp?) If you knew this already, then obviously I am not talking to you. If you didn't know this, then you know it now and you are better because of it. 

Thursday, January 28


I miss so much!!! Ever since I was banned from it-because it gave me a nasty computer virus-two weeks ago.
For me Pandora is just sort of fine. Its not bad, its not good, just kinda music purgatory.

But I need something. I would start murdering people at work if I had to sit here quietly for 8 hours. It would be a bloody massacre, with me holding the machete. Because I have these co workers-that I love really- but they are boys. As in they should be men and society considers them to be such, but oh man, they are so far from it.
One guy asks me every single time I go upstairs to make a new cup of tea, "What do you think, Liz?" or "Whats up." or " Whats going on?"
 I am at work, just like him. So usually wants going on or whats up, while I am at my desk for that 8 hours, is work, err... work related things.  I know he is just bored, like me, and he wants/needs a distraction. But it takes every once of my being, not to jump up on his desk and slice his head from its neck stem. I hate those phrases in general and to be asked them repeatedly through out the day, its maddening.
And all I can think is:
Give me the bat, Give me the bat. I'm not gonna hurt you. No I'm just gonna bash your brains in, I'm just gonna bash them right the @&%$ in!

Whistle while you work

The older I get, the more I become like my mother.

Which in my case, is a good thing.
I will spare you all of the mushy details, but I love my momma, more than is probably healthy, but the woman amazes me.
We share a love of Martha Stewart, sleeping, reading, decorating... etc... etc...
Something that has stuck with me, that I never thought would, is gardening.
My parents maintained a particularly hideous sized garden as I was growing up. And when I got old enough to help, nothing irritated me more that being scraped out of my sleeping starfish pose, on a hot summer day at 5:30 in the morning, to weed.
But now I yearn for fresh herbs to cook with; tomatillos to make salsa and salad dressing with. For beautiful produce to have on hand so I can whip something together without having to stop off at Smith's on my way home from work. To have a garden encircled by an orange picket fence, with a tiny gate, and beautiful grape vines.
Which officially makes me even more like my mother, because now I fantasize about cake domes and perfect gardens, instead of Muppet skinned boys. (Now its bearded MEN.)

Have you been... "Knot"y?

{Knots a top}
I have complete and utter confidence in my topknot, or top bun, until I get to work.
I always feel that if J. Crews models wear topknots in their work outfits, so can I.
But then I end up feeling self-conscious about it all day.
I need a tiny J Crew Model (or 3) in my pocket to cheer me on periodically throughout the day.


I mean with encouraging faces like that, you would never feel uncertain... about anything.

R.I.P, J. D. Salinger

The Catcher in the rye is on of my most favorite books.

Conversely, the way I feel about it is the same way my sister-in-law, Natalie, feels about Eat Pray Love. She love love loved the book, and doesn’t want to come to our book club, because she doesn’t want to hear anything negative about it.
Which I understand, I have books like that, and this is one of them.
I wouldn’t even know where to begin explaining this books importance to me, because you would have to be me, feeling my feelings, and reading it in that particular point in my life.
Do you have anything like that in your life?
A book, a movie, a song?
Something almost sacrosanct, that you don’t want anybody to ruin it for you, and you can’t really explain why it spoke to you?

Wednesday, January 27

get your hair did

I realize that Brittany has had a rough couple years. However she seems to be doing so much better. Therefore I feel like I can say this. Why does she never do her hair?

I wonder if she forgot how after she shaved it? Because ever since its been coming back in, it tends to look like this. It is like she doesn't even try, ever!

Jimmy does Neil Young

My friend showed this to us a few weeks ago. I kept telling everyone I came into to contact with, to check it out; everyone but you lovelies.

This song was original sung by a guy who auditioned for American Idol. Jimmy took the song and did the best impression of Neil Young ever! I love Neil Young so much and I have always thought Jimmy was funny and hot. So to marry the two really gets my goat.

Hurts so good

Last night in celebration of the 29th year of Anthony's birth; we had a little dinner with his sister and her husband and then we watched The Hurt Locker.Super good movie, really intense, very bloody.
The thing I like the best about this movie is: the director is a women. I love it when really gritty movies such as this (or American Psycho, that also floors me) are directed by women. It just goes to show that its not a mans world. Or maybe that it is, but you suckers better watch your backs.

Tuesday, January 26

So nice we looked twice

Personally, I think, if there is anyone out there that could wear this outfit and get away with it, it is Amber Rose. She has a killer body. I can't help but think to myself how hot she looks: All the time. Yes, this outfit is ridiculous and trashy and not even as ballsy as this.

But still, you gotta hand it to Amber for trying.

A maze ing

My job is so easy they could have a monkey do it, except that it would cost more to feed it.
One thing, other than answering the phone, I have in my description is deliveries.  I don't hate to do these deliveries always, but mostly. It is nice to be able to get out of the office for awhile and drive around, more so in the summer but; out of the office is, out of the office. I also don't understand why I need to do these deliveries, at all. When everyone is so concerned with their carbon footprint, why are we (my work and those we do business with) adding to it so erroneously?   
I mean do we really need to take a set of drawings to an architect downtown every single day? Why can't we simply email it to them and have them print it? It makes no sense to me, and it seems wrong.
Having said that, I had to do a delivery today. We do a lot of work with the state. Therefore we have a lot of hoops to jump through and lots of documents to be signed. I had to get some of these such documents signed. So this morning I had haul my tail to the Utah Department of Transportation. I was told the office I was searching for was on the second floor, and to keep following the signs that read "Maintenance Planning."
I have done this enough to know that it is always wise to follow directions, no matter how little sense they make. Because I am following the signs and therefore my directions, as closely as possible, I am not paying much attention to my surroundings. It isn't until I weave my way through, turning left, then right ,then right, then left and come to my destination, do I stop and take it in. It is nothing really, except and endless sea of cubicles. All the same height, all the exact same shade of a yellowed cream. That sounds nice, but essentially they look as though they were white at one point, but someone left them in the sun too long. Now they reek of a jaundice melancholy of desperation and despair. Not only that, but even though I am completely surrounded on all sides by these death boxes, there is no one to be found. All the chairs are empty, yet somehow clinging to ghostly whiffs of the people who occupy them. A cup of coffee that is steaming but untouched. Belongings propped up at attention as if to say this person existed at one point, and I am proof.
It was eerie and I was having trouble remembering if that memo I got about the end of the world had actually been dated: 01-26-2010.

judging a book by its cover

This movie looks really good, as in the sets and cinematography are really exceptional. I am always down for  post-apocalyptic movies, stories, etc. I didn't have a real desire to see this one, however. I jut felt medium about the whole thing. But for some reason it is the universe's desire that I don't see Up In the Air. I have been trying to see since if first came out and it just never happens for me. Like on Saturday, when we found a showing that worked perfect with our schedule but when we got to the theater, it was sold out. So we had to pick something else, which ended up being  The Book of Eli.
Its fine, but if I could offer some advice, go see The Road or wait and rent this one.

So what movie are you here to see?

So aside from seeing but not meeting Joe (which kills me because I know exactly where he is camped out for the rest of the festival and I just haven't made it back up there and I have no one to blame but myself), we had an exceptional time up at Sundance. I didn't tell of all the spoils, simply because that post would have been years long. Rest assured that although we practically froze our feet from their ankles, we had a really great time. Every person we met on the shuttles, main street, standing in line, waiting for, in a shop, were instantly our best friends. Every person was so friendly, including the few stars we actually did meet and talk to. There weren't very many mind you, but there were a few.
Even when they asked the obvious question of "What movie are you seeing, or What movies have you seen." They never judged us for saying "Well... actually we are here just to see famous people." Instead in initiated a whole amazing conversation.  Needless to say it was a blast.

Freedom hangs like heaven

Have you ever had a day where everything goes faultlessly?

You find a parking space right away.
Everything you learn in Math makes complete and utter sense.
Work goes well, doesn’t drag, and you achieve exponential amounts of things.
You hear your favorite Sigur Ros song on Pandora.
You get what you've been searching for in the mail.
You have the time to clean your fridge with a bleach cocktail.
You read.
You watch some Gilmore Girls.
You write a paper, in no time at all.
And then your pizza gets called into the wrong Dominos, because 411 is hardly proficient, and you have to wait even though you are completely famished. And after all that time you go to pay for the pizza, and they GIVE it to you.
Mmhmm, for free!
Maybe it’s because you are a girl, or they genuinely felt bad, but mostly you know it’s because they wanted to ensure you had the best day... ever.

Monday, January 25

Joe, again by heart

Alright, my dears - We went to Sundance on Friday. In hopes of spying sir Joe Gordon Levitt. I had hoped to get a picture with him, if possible. I am sad to report that did not happen. I am happy to report that I did get to see him, if only for two seconds.  I did also manage to scream his name at him, not my proudest moment, but it happened none the less and it went something kinda like this. 
My sweet as can be sisters (Lucy and Marianne) and I got work off on Friday. Originally we had hoped to go to the movie that Jo and Natalie Portman were in called; Hesher. Unfortunately for us we didn't get it together early enough and purchase tickets. So we decided to just go to the theater and spy him as he went in. It was cold, it was wet and it snowed a lot. We all wore boots of some kind just not the type that repels water. So we nearly froze our feet right off. We ended up standing around before the movie started and just waited. There were tons of people coming in and out of the theater and the High School which is attached to the theater, so it was chaos. We spotted some people with cameras that were standing around, and decided to stand around with them. We weren't the only people at Sundance, who went just to star gaze; there were people there who had fancy cameras and those who get autographs. So we all stood together waiting and freezing.
We ended up waiting until the very second the movie started and we never saw him go in. Apparently he didn't get dropped off right out front (where we were perched), so he managed to walk in all undercover, coming from the side.
Which, initially bummed me right out, but I mean can you really blame him? But the thought he had walked right by and we missed him. I was almost in pieces.
We met some girls who had come down from Idaho and they said that at the end of the movie they usually come out the back door (which they had just come from and they met Tony Hale aka Buster Bluth and said he was so nice, he came over and talked with them and took pictures, and we were sad we missed him). So, having nothing to loose, we decided to meet back there in two hours.
As we slowly creep-ed back down to the theater in a shuttle, I thought we were going to miss him exiting and I was a frazzled mess, but some how we made it; and with plenty of time. We stood in the back of the theater for a while, meeting the girls from earlier and some other people as well (all there to spy different people). It seemed wrong somehow, as we stood staring at the back door. Considering there were some black SUV's at the front of the theater. So we thought about splitting up, some in back- some in front. We debated and deliberated and uneventfully ran up front. We stood there for a while longer and continued to freeze to the core. There were tons of people and if you were just standing around you had to wait inside of this pen type thing. So, inside our pen of injustice we waited and the sky darkened and people kept moving in and out of the building.
I would have given up hope if there wasn't still just one SUV. I had to believe that it was going to be the one JGL got into, it just had to be. Then it happened and it happened so fast: I had my eyes on that SUV and some guy started to usher someone into it (which I just knew it was him, even before I knew it was him) When I finally got a visual I shouted and pointed "There he is, JOESPH GORDON LEVITT!"; he looked up and gave us a smile and a wave; time slowed and it literally felt like a dream and still does, because how surreal to see him just a few feet from me.) Then he disappeared into the waiting sports utility vehicle. We screamed for him, but he never came back out, and then after a minute the SUV pulled away from the curb and it was over.
 Initially I was excited that I had after all that, actually seen him. Then I was super bummed and I felt like I needed to go back and try to find him again. I still keep thinking about it and I feel happy and sad about it, its been a roller coaster of feelings the past three days. And I could probably talk about all those feeling until the cows come home. But, this post is already long enough and I already did my nerdy fan thing and now its time to return to reality. So here I am and here I will stay.

Thursday, January 21

what? moon boots are still cool

As a gift for the new year. We got a new fancy Mac computer. It is ssmarvelous.
Our old pc had seen way better days. As in back when it was brand new in 2005. It was soo slow and just a total mess. And being the savvy consumers we are, we upgraded to a MAC. So far, I can't figure out why we waited so long, it is so fast and easy and efficient and pretty, Anthony spends most of his time just staring at it. 
One positive out of the many is we can now watch a bevy on instant movies online, with our Netflix account. We caught up on Dexter, then we started to catch up on Lost, because I can't go into the final season without being fully prepared. Then for fun, we watched the first season of LA ink.  Which was a really fun time but
 strange because all this stuff  felt so real and present but it happened four years ago. There were episodes that I hadn't seen, but knew the outcome, because its documented history. 
It then reminded me of South Park.
In 2003 Anthony and I lived in Las Vegas. My boss at the time was super flabbergasted to find out I hadn't seen much of South Park. I had seen a few episodes here and there, but that would not do. So he lent me all the seasons of South Park he owned. Which was everything you could at that point. I spent a good four months watching nothing but South Park. Which then turned into me quoting things like "Respect my authoritah." to Anthony every five minutes. Eventually he said, "Liz, South Park isn't cool anymore."
And it really crushed me. I felt really betrayed by my lateness to the party.

Dear Joseph Gordon Levitt

The possibility I may see you in person tomorrow has me a little ready to pee my pants. I keep going back and forth on whether I should enjoy your beauty from afar, or approach you for a picture. On one hand I am really not into bothering stars for pictures and autographs. But its you! So, I guess it depends on how the moment takes me. I think overall I would feel disappointed in myself for being so close and not getting up the guts. On the other hand, if I do ask and you are a total jerk, or even just whateves about it, it could break my heart. Really, I just need you to say, you are never gonna give me up, never gonna let me down, never gonna run around and desert me.You are never gonna make me cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt me.

Spring feels...

Like today.
Tears of joy!

Curse your little heart.

This morning as I was slicing away at my soon-to-be-enjoyed grapefruit, (I love grapefruits, one of my fondest memories of my Grand-pa Dean was sleeping over at his and my grandma’s house and eating grapefruits and blueberry waffles. I always sat on his left.) I was listening to Devotchka.

Often when I am doing... anything, and listening to music I think about what kind of beginning to a movie this would make.
The color of the grapefruit, the music, my chubby mitts, and names like Adrien Brody gliding through the screen as I did my slicing thing.
Then my mind takes it a step further, what would this alleged movie be about?
Would my apartment film well?
What would I outfit my stars in?
Its not that I would ever write or direct a movie, but these thoughts happen really often.

I don't want to grow up

 I am just going to say this, and let the chips fall where they may. I hate sports. I do! I really have a place of loathing for them in my soul. Now, I understand that people really like to watch their favorite teams and its all about the whole experience and blah blah blah. I think the only way I could get on board with sports, is if I lived in England. Because then I would be a football hooligan. Right, that's the way sports fans should be. Drunk and ready to bash in your brains at the drop of a hat.
The other day I had a conversation with the dudes at my work. One of them mentioned how one of his friends was getting ready to graduate with a fine arts degree. He was quite for a moment, then he said "Dude, I don't know what I am going to do if my kid wants to do art!" To which he received a rousing murmur of agreement. I let out a big gust of air and said "Seriously, because I fear the day my child comes to me and says he wants to play football, I literally fear it!" to which I received a communal "Are you kidding me!"
Which to answer obviously "Hell NO,  I HATE SPORTS!"
So, it surprised me when I was told that our office had tickets to a Jazz game and to mark the date on my calendar. Which initially it really surprised me they just assumed I wanted to go, and that they want me to go, and that I am going. I mean, I have never actually, ever, been to a Jazz game. And part of me thinks it should be a good time, while this other part of me is secretly praying that some other really fantastic invitation- to Neverland Ranch-will come my way instead. Fingers crossed.

If I should die before I wake

This particular post mortem photo really gets to me. I love my sisters very much, so this picture, breaks my heart.
I knew that this was a very popular thing, post mortem photography, back in the 1900's. Most of the pictures you find when looking for these photos, are older. However, sometimes I would come across some that looked very recent. For some reason this made me ill. Essentially its the exact same thing as these old photos, but there is something less creepy to me, about the tarnished and yellowed images of the 19th century, than the crisp, clean, clear digital images of today.  It almost seems crass or disrespectful, to do it today.
Or at least I thought that, until just a few weeks ago. I heard this story on the radio(NPR, again) about a photographer who takes post mortem photos. She works for a foundation called "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" . She talked about how special it is to come into these peoples lives at such a heart breaking time, and give them something so special and healing.
They interviewed a women who was told her baby would be born with a brain defect, she was told that due to the severity of the defect, the baby would only live for short while after birth. After much heartache, she made the difficult decision to have the baby anyway, and enjoy the few moments of life she would ever have with her child. 
Because of the short time she would have, she wanted a tangible thing to help her remember her baby. 
And it all made sense and that icky feeling I got, was replaced by a sense of understanding. A wanting, for all those out there who have lost someone, to be able to have that final moment turned into something beautiful.


I have this really special gift. I can fit my whole fist in my mouth! Its strange, its fun and  really this has nothing to do with my post. However, I realized as I am sitting here, that I am actually really proud of it. Ok, the real special gift is, I have this amazing ability to say really stupid things, very loudly, the very second music dies, conversations cease or the commotion comes to a halt.Total silence for the briefest of seconds, except my tiny shrill voice booming like thunder. 
Once, I chatted up Anthony and his family, while his Dad was giving a pray, over dinner. Through the whole entire thing (I just didn't understand why they were all being so quite and looking at me so strangely) I just kept babbling away, cracking jokes, being super loud, about some ridiculous thing or another. I honestly thought his dad was just talking to his mom, in hushed tones, I mean he was barely audible, which, in looking back, I think had more to do with the loudness of my own voice.
Or, the other night I was out to diner with Lucy and Marianne. This particular restaurant has a live piano player. So when in engaging in conversation you tend to have to shout a bit. Until the guys stops and every thing else simultaneously goes quite and I am left practically yelling into the hushed room, "I was nursing some super cramps!" in the voice of a valley girl.
Then there was that time in church. We were getting ready to sing Joy to the world. Which I really love. I was engaged and determined to sing this song with a fever of, well, Joy. Well I started way before anyone else. My "JOOOOY" was loud, robust and completely alone.

Oh well....
I did also manage to combine Thanks and Thank you yesterday to this guy who held the door for me. I really appreciate this act of kindness. I hold the door for people when ever I am able. It is just a really nice gesture. I hold it for men, boys, girls, moms, dads. It doesn't matter, I just do it, because I really appreciate when the gesture is returned. I always express this appreciation by saying thank you. Or saying
"Thanks You" with a kind of slur, like I did yesterday. I was in the middle of biting my nails and it just came out all wrong. The guy just looked at me a second and said, "Welcomes."

Hit me baby one more time

Last night on our way back from diner. Anthony and I were listening to some NPR, which we do, cuz we care about the world, and we are just better than the people who don't listen to NPR. (really though I can't call myself a religious listener, I do go through stages where I listen all the time, but mostly, its on and off, while driving home from work).

So anyway, there was this story on last night about former drug addicts and criminals getting a second chance at life through some company that would employ them (sorry the details are just not coming to light this morning). Essentially, the story was talking about how its hard to reform your life, once you lived on the edge for so long. Then this blowhole/dude starts talking about how he fell off the wagon one day after being approached by a hooker, because she was looking really good. So they got some alcohol, did some crack cocaine and just really had themselves a time.
  To which Anthony says to me "Man, I just don't feel bad for these people, you know what I mean?"
To which I said
"Yeah, I do, because we all want to do crack cocaine and party with hookers, but we don't. We restrain."

Wednesday, January 20

Beard of the Day (Lord of the Rings edition)


Woot woot, Viggo Mortensen is a serious hottie.
Just look at those baby blues.
He is older than I thought though, 52 this year, to be exact.
But with age like that, comes wisdom.
He knows several languages, paints, writes poetry, is a photographer, plays jazz music, has been a truck driver, AND owns a publishing company.
I love a well rounded individual.
Particularly one with a beard.

two books to read

{David Sedaris}
You may already have, and for that I will shake your hand. If not, I present my two favorite books, and I recommend you give them a read, sometime.

{Rant by Chuck Palahniuk, I can't explain my love for him, it just is}

{Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris}

T for 2

Lucy and I are avid tea drinkers.
If I was as big of a coffee drinker, as I am a tea drinker, I would probably be more productive at work. Considering the amount of caffeine that would be in my system due to my average of six cups a day. I like all kinds of tea, some with caffeine and some that have none, my favorite is green tea or black: Ooolong or Darjeeling, second herbal: Tazo Passion or Wild Sweet Orange, third is white tea. I sometimes think about traveling through China and India on a tea journey. A self revelation experiment, one cup of tea at a time!
I know that to most people, Tea is pretentious, because you either envision a group of stuffy old ladies enjoying a robust tea with a babbling bout of gossip. Or a very "hip" guy or gal noshing on some "hip" special blend that just happens to taste like a nice compost.Which if I may, is the exact reason I love tea: the taste, especially when it tastes like grass or flowers. I also don't like anything in my coffee or tea, I take my coffee black and my tea naked (the bitter the better). I also love the warmth of tea vs. coffee. I drink coffee, usually with breakfast foods. I don't enjoy just a coffee, usually. I'm a pretty wound up person, so coffee really makes things all kinds of crazy for me: it makes my face sweat, like a nice upper lip sheen. It's better, more enjoyable, when I have some food to go with it; so generally I stay clear of a cup of coffee for shits and giggles.
But, to sit at my desk in the very early hours of my day and hold the warm ceramic cup of hot tea, literally it does something to me. Instead of winding me up more, it unleashes me. My lip doesn't sweat, my mind doesn't whirl and twirl like a drunk pole dancer. Its just calm and collected. The warmth spreads instead of consumes and all I can think about is when I can have another cup.

So is your face

Turns out I have a love hate relationship with this blog; and myself (but who doesn't?). I often think after a post, "Liz, this is why you have 15 followers, you are not very funny, and you make a lot of grammatical mistakes, you big dummy."
Then there are times when the post just flows and my mistakes are few and I think, "Hello world, I am fabulously funny, if I didn't write this blog, I would totally read this blog!"

Then there are the days when I can't think of a single thing to post. Don't get me wrong, I always have opinions. Opinions I feel nee to be shared with all of you, most of the time. Then there are days when I feel like, if I can't even bring myself to care enough to write it in a post, then NO ONE cares, therefore, this blog is pointless. So, I sometimes talk myself out of posting. It is a very strange relationship, the one I have with myself and this blog. That is until now. I just made the decision this morning. So; I tell myself: IT doesn't matter, I have 15 people who care enough, so I will post, and that is that. And myself will tell me, "Whatever, your hair looks like shit today anyway."  

Tuesday, January 19

Can we be friends?

{My man, Emile}

Ok, so I was talking with my friend Mug about a comment that an actor made.
We decided that this actor didn’t need to make an apology because it was his opinion. Then we started talking about celebrity’s opinions, and how some people find them to be fixed truths.
In that vein, I found the celebrity vote campaigns despicable; I think its bananas that anybody would vote, because a celebrity told them so. You know?
So anyway, this got me thinking about all the credit we give to celebrities, they get extensive amounts of money, when so much more goes into a movie than its acting.
Then I got thinking about how celebrities are held on a pedestal, and it’s because of us.
On one side of the spectrum, we pay for their lives, we merit getting to know what happens in them.
On the other side, who the hell cares?
Anyway, short story long...
If we really do get to meet JGL on Friday and he turns out to be tremendously uncouth, all we can do is blame ourselves.
We are the idiots who took off work to go plodding around Park City to find him.
(Only stuff like that makes life worth living; passions)
We are all enablers.

I'm here, I'm white, get used to it.

Marianne's boyfriend lent me this book.
It is tremendously entertaining.
Maybe you should look here, just in cases.

Beard of the Day (Lord of the Rings edition)


It is with much happiness that I present to you and yours, a week full of Lord of the Rings beards!
Good things happen when I spend a Monday on the couch.
1) I make a lovely indent, to ensure pleasure for further long weekend movie viewing.
2) I get inspiration, like special edition Beard of the Days.
So, I present to you; Treebeard.
Let me just say, I am so sorry for you if you don’t like Lord of the Rings.
1)You have no idea what I am talking about when I say that Treebeard is amazing, and how epic the scene is when the trees all come and destroy Isengard.
2) Because you never had anything to look foreword to the Christmas’s of 2001-2003


Ah, I love long fluffy three day weekends.

They are the stuff of life.
When I look back on past three day weekends, there is a common theme.
I like to do almost nothing, and sit and watch movies.
We watched:
Thoroughly Modern Millie
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Center Stage
Not like all together, just like... yesterday.
Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday were all very productive.
(You know, just to make myself seem less lazy, when who am I kidding, I am lazy. So, so lazy.)

Looking back

I'm just sitting here at work waiting for my mom. She is coming to get me and then we will enjoy lunch together. As I sit here, I just got to thinking how one of my favorite things in life is enjoying food with people I love.
I really love to eat. I don't know how this was instilled in me, but I really, really, really, love food. The only thing I love more than just eating, is doing it with someone I love or even really like.

Monday, January 18

In the backseat

Myself (Anthony might have also, if he was home) and my dogs watched the Golden Globes last night. As I said before, I just really like watching award shows; go figure? I love the clothes, I love Ricky Gervais and as I discovered last night, I really love the speeches. I admit I got a little weepy a few times. I mean I am a women, I reserve that right. I like that a few underdogs won some awards, for example Mo'nique won for Precious and she gave a really great speech; and I thought, who knew she could be this sincere?
That always makes these kind of shows a lot more enjoyable. Because more often than not it feels like these things are signed, sealed, delivered, for the movies that make the most money. Kinda like, Avatar, wining best picture. I mean seriously? I know it made a billion dollars, but, best movie?
The other directors faces were priceless though, Quentin Tarantino appeared to be casting some Voodoo curse Jim's way. Its ridiculous they show the losers faces. Its like: I know you didn't get that award, sucks for you, but we are going to shove a camera in your face- so you have to pretend to be sporting and smile and look super happy for the other person who is now going to take your trophy home.
That is if the camera people can even show the right person. I understand a few confused moments, there usually are those, but last night was terrible. They were all over the place; showing wrong people, and just not showing other people all together. It was a mess. It almost seemed like the didn't have enough camera men. I wonder if they downsized the number this year? If so, I suggest picking up a few more people for next year. Because the camera work was just bad.

All in all, I really enjoyed it. The only thing that would have made it better was if my Joseph Gordon Levitt would have won. Which reminds me. My sisters and myslef are attending the Sundance Film Festival this weekend, in hopes of spying him, I mean, we are literally going so we can stalk JGL, Crazy? I know!

It could be one of two things: 1. A virus or 2. You are just screwed

My work computer got a virus on Thursday.  A really nasty one as it turns out: as far as we can figure it came from (Mine and Lucy's favorite site, so sad, I have been in mourning ever since Thursday). 

Since then my computer has been down for the count. I thought initially that I just lost all internet privileges considering I almost killed my computer, but turns out, NO; the virus just did a killer job at killing my internet. Thankfully, I am up and running again, because without Internet I am lost at work. Playing hours and hours of solitaire jut to pass the time, is absurd.

Thursday, January 14

Ummm, this is not ok: Lohan Watch

Hi there everyone its Lindsay Lohan. I know most of you are working really hard, trying to make ends meet in this crazy economy. But not me, No, I am super famous, err...super rich err.... I know how to take advantage of people. So I get to vacation in the sun and the fun. No. This is not my boat, but I am okay with having my picture taken on it, so that you think it’s my boat. It’s all about the illusion people. I know you are also wondering how I got this great tan, considering I am a red head and usually they don't tan. Its fake, just like my hair, just like me. I mean why get actual sun when I can just pay for it. I don't even need the sun and the fun. But, because I am me, I just get those things. Like this bikini its Dolce and Gabbana, HELLO.
Also, I want you all to know that I am hot. That is why I am posing like this. No. I don't have a headache from staying up all night drinking, that was sooooo 2007, people. I am striking this pose to show you all how attractive I am. I know it doesn't look desperate or ridiculous, I know I look good. And all those haters out there (Liz Lucero) can just kiss my fabulous and cellulite free ass!
No more Lohan Drama for 2010!! Holla!

Wednesday, January 13

Beard of the Day

Muffin but the best!

Dear Muffin Tops,

Why you sneaky little sneakster!

You just show up in the most inapt places and times.
Like when I am trying to focus on my supplemental instruction dates and times, but all I can really see is a man muffin top, risen and ready.
Its not entirely your fault or really the pants fault, you are both innocent bystanders of a person who can’t judge their pudge!
Still; I think its time you retired.
Let people live in a life where their pants fit them, and their love handles are not jammed up to their ears.
Do me, and the entire human population, a solid.
Love, me.

What is black white and red all over?

This picture is letting me down. I could continue to search for the perfect one, but alas, I don't feel like spending any more time doing that. Essentially my story is this: I run into things all the time. Literally, I can't pick my feet up and walk. I am a totally mess. Once I tried to take a bike fore a test drive in Target and ended up eating it. I crashed into the rack of bikes, fell off my bike, landing on my hands and knees and taking a bike tire to the face. It was a proud moment, I am sure the security camera footage was priceless. Even in my own house, where I know that my coffee table is wide and to watch my toes, I still almost loose one or two a month. Or that my bookcase is close to the corner, or my bed is low profile and I need to swing wide so I don't slam my shins into them. But I do it every damn time. I just can't get it together. I hit my shin so hard on my bed frame; I had a lump and a nasty bruise (large, green, yellow and a very pretty blue) for a month. Just as it was healing, I smacked it almost in the exact same spot, on my bookcase. Son of a booger, it hurt. Hurt so bad I cursed the stars.

Finally it started to heal, no more discoloration, but it was still super sore. I am pretty sure I did permanent damage. Because only when your leg is healed, but still sore to the touch, is something really wrong. To add insult to injury, I smacked it again on Monday, same damn spot, every damn time! Seriously what is wrong with me?

Hello Cleveland!

Strange morning. The only reason I have a facebook is to spy on people. Its pure voyeurism (but not cause you aren't undressing, ususally) that keeps my account open. I love to see what pictures people post and the amount/type of information they decide to share. It is just so interesting to me. Yet, after about an hour I feel sick to my stomach. Why is that I wonder? Is it because I feel bad? I don't think so, after all it's not private, its on FB. And that is the reason you post things on FB, right, so people can see what you have been up to.  To make a connection and feel some sort of connection to others. But still it gives me that kind of feeling. Like I am looking into to people's private thoughts and moments. Am I alone in feeling this? I know Lucy feels the same way. It is the reason she is no longer a FB member. She was just up to her ears in wedding and engagement photos, so she deleted her profile.

I get the whole point of FB I really do, and if I didn't have this here blog to put down all my random thoughts and such, my FB would be much more impressive. But I really prefer my life as a monolouge and not a dialouge, because I be selfish, bitches.

Tuesday, January 12

My Dirty Little Secret.

I am a big fan of regimes.

Not in the political sense, but in the sense of an organized system.
You know, like an exercise regime.
 I know if you are out there reading this, you are smart and know what a regime is, and never get it confused with regiment (a huge pet peeve of mine) which is a military unit.

Anyway, I have a Monday morning work regime, which includes reading Sunday Secrets on Post Secret.

I love it; I actually look foreword to Mondays because of this.
I found out yesterday that Frank Warren is coming to speak at the U on April 14th!
I have wanted to see him speak for so long!
I am seriously so, so happy.

Us, cubed

{pretty nerd}

I would say most people have a little nerd hidden in their dusty corners.
(One time Liz was driving and a license plate cover said, "I'd rather be at Helm’s Deep." And she thought how nerdy, but then considered how nerdy that she knew what Helm’s Deep was.)
I say most, because I have met people that I am pretty sure they spit on anything that even resembles nerd-dom.
So, last night we were watching 21, and I decided that a mind is quite possibly the most attractive thing a person has.
One that fires on all cylinders, though: smart, fun, funny, nice, etc.
Anyhoodle, I was walking out of my math class today (which is held in the Physics building) and I was like holy pooh, I don’t think I have ever seen so many killer dudes in my entire college career.
Because all of the super nerdy/good/smart/myfuturehusbands, hang out around the Physics department!

And probably the schools of law and medicine, but I will never have a class around those parts.
I think everybody has their nerdy they like, whether it be comic book nerdy, Tolkien nerdy, or scholastic nerdy.

to iphone or not to iphone

Anyone out there in blog land that knows me well, knows one truth about me. I don't answer my cell phone. Currently it is at the bottom of my purse, which could be considered a travel bag, its that large. The possibility it is on vibrate or maybe even dead, is highly likely. So anyone that has tried to get a hold of me since I don't even know, possibly Saturday, I will call you back, later.
The deal is this: I hate phones, they exhaust me. I have had a series of less than reliable phones as of late, sometimes they work, mostly they don't. I recently went to AT&T and they replaced my SIM card, they said it was bad; it could be the reason you are having all these problems, they said, and it bummed me out. Great I thought, now will I be expected to answer my phone? I know it frustrates people, but it doesn't bother me. Until, I try to get a hold of someone and they don't answer, and then I get the frustration.
But really, phones don't need and shouldn't be your lifeline. Do you really need to: check email, update your facebook status, twitter, txt - 24/7? NO! If these people aren't good enough friends to talk to in person, why keep them apprised of your goings ons?
One of the guys at work told me the other day that I deserve a iphone? Deserve; not really, I don't even answer my phone on weekends, it sits in my purse, on my coat rack, never touched; never held, my phone know no love. Why pay money for an iphone when I can't even return phones calls promptly? It would just be a whole series of messaging I completely forget about. Even the availability of having the internet in my palm isn't enough. I stare at a computer for eight hours a day. I don't need it in my palm when I finally leave the screen's -deadly-hazy- glow.
So, I guess my point is, I am good with the phone I have. I don't need nor do I want a expensive phone. It won't make me answer it, so what is the point?
None point, I guess.

(Also; this rant doesn't mean I intend on being better about answering my phone. Sorry.)

For Lucy

Identical faces(Lucy loves this face, teeth over bottom lip):

(Elton John)


Its like looking in a mirror


(Elijah Wood)

(Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter)

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