Wednesday, February 24

My husband is more metal than you!

Even though the line up, could not have worked more against them. I am still very proud of my hubby and his band (Bird Eater) for making it to finals for the CWMA (city weekly music awards)!!
If you pick up a current issue of City Weekly and there are a bunch of greasy looking dudes on the cover, he is located in the very back! Or
if you follow this link, you can read the article.
Its been fun pointing it out in public; he loves that so much. They also played a show at the Depot on Saturday with the other contending bands and the Helio Sequence. And like I said, the line up couldn't have worked less for them ( they are metal, the rest of the bands, not, so it may have ruined everyone's evening, but it was fabulous all the same!!)
I am still  a very proud women, and I love your freaking guts!

I've been shot; isn't that messed up?

Another day, another public shooting. It is so sad.

When I was younger I wasn't allowed to see rated R movies. There were a lot of reasons behind this logic, but the big one was sexual content. It didn't really matter as much (it did still matter) if there was a lot of violence. But the sex was a big no, no. Which makes sense; we don't want you to see passion and want to do it, but seeing violence and wanting to do that; that's fine. (I'm kidding, but honestly there is slight truth to that.) Anyway, kids at a young age shouldn't be exposed to the things often found in rated R movies. There is a reason after all that you need to be 17, even then, that might be too young, but what do I know. Mainly, I just hate going to a movie where there is nudity and I am stuck behind a group of 17 year old boys. I don't feel like I need a glimpse into their minds, but you always get it, because they are all about the verbal commentary. But if you go with the school of thought, that what you are exposed to, you want to try, it might be better to make love then war?  Now I realize how this sounds, I am single handily convincing everyone to go out and have lots and lots of sex. Nah, I'm just saying: Is the amount of violence in our media any better than the amount of sex? Because, I just can't help but wonder, Why? Why, have there been so many public shootings lately? I can't help but feel that there is some connection between the violence in our media and the way its categorized, the way its portrayed. I know there is violence going on all around the world. Real violence that young people are being exposed to; actual war. But its not sensationalized, its real; they see what it means when you shoot someone; blood comes out and most of the time, its followed by death.
So yes, I am getting on my high horse and blaming the violent video games that sensationalize violence; the PG and PG 13 violence. Because it gives kids the idea that you can hit someone with no consequence, that its a way to take out your aggression.
I think I also blame the Vampire obsession. Why? Because I can, they are violent creatures people.

Tuesday, February 23

crazy; you know, not sane

I never thought I would see the day, when I actually had enough work, to keep me from my blog. It is killing me in a way work only can. Right? I love having a job, because it fills my days and my bank accounts. Yet, it tends to destroy my soul. Anyway, this self induced purgatory, I consider my job; has been super busy this week.We have a bunch of deadlines to meet this week and in true WHW fashion, all the deadlines land on the same day. It is truly glorious. Not only has my work week been super full; so is my dance card, or my time out of the office. Which on one hand, makes for great stories to blog about; on the other hand, I have no time to blog about them. Anyway, I plan on doing it when I get more than five minutes to do so. So until then please be assured that I have not forgotten about you lovelies.  Instead I offer you this to keep you company in the mean time.

Friday, February 19

V Day Mix Tape - Home is wherever i'm with you


Rom Com #3 and #4

Romantic Comedies with Zombies aka the best kind of romcom!

Shaun of the Dead

If there was ever a time in your life when you needed a knight in shinning armor, its during the Zombie apocalypse. So it is that these movies are so tender; like consistency of brains or snacking on the flesh of a baby.


Tiger Woods; does anyone really care anymore?
  I don't think he needs to come out and apologize to the world. I mean, do you really feel you need a personal apology from him? I think he needs to make things right with his wife. If she decides to leave him, then that is her choice and rightly so. But to hold a press conference; for us all to hear what he has to say, its just ridiculous.
There was some asshat on TV yesterday talking about Tiger and the press conference. Saying that everyone will be watching what happens with his wife, because if she decides to stay with Tiger and forgive him, then so will the rest of the world. 
I'm sorry; What? 
Do we really love our athletes this much? So much, that we as a nation feel like Tiger cheated on us too? Do we really feel that entitled?
I know what he did was morally wrong, but the only reason he should loose endorsements is if a morality clause was in his contracts. Its not my business, its not your business who he sleeps with. Because believe it or not, who he sleeps with doesn't effect how he plays golf.

coins inside your yellow purse, along with your kittens paws

Purchasing a new purse, might be the most grueling task a girl like me, has to accomplish. I realize how shallow that sounds, but give me a minute here to explain. A purse is the one accessory I have to rely on, every single day. It has to carry some of the most important things I have on my person at any given moment. So the need for it took look great while doing that is of up most importance. It needs to be able to go with everything, the color must be perfect and the size is imperative. I don't understand the women who carry tiny purses. I mean, I applaud them for being able to do so, however there is no way I could carry something small. I just have a ton of stuff; I am one of those women, I carry my entire world inside my bag.
So naturally my bags tend to err on the side of super large. Because of this, it enables me to fit even more things in it.Which then begs the question: Do I get large bags to fit my world in or I fit my world in my bags because they are large? 
Anthony use to constantly complain about the size of my purse. In his defense, it did tend to be in the way all the time. It also got to the point of being so large and full (I went to lunch one day and I plopped my bag on the counter and went riffling through it to find my wallet and the lady behind the counter was amazed at the amount of things I was pulling from its depths: DVD's, books, golves, paper and a sweater) that I would leave it home so that my aching shoulder could have a rest. 
Finally these two instances occurred and Anthony put his foot down on getting a new purse. 
1. Leaving and eating establishment, Anthony was carrying our tray to the garbage, I threw my bag onto my shoulder and it hit the tray in Anthony hands spewing it to the floor.
2. I ran over a small child at the Library. I literally couldn't see his tiny ness over my huge bag.
And so it is that I purchased this bag yesterday. Anthony isn't convinced its small enough. In fact he is sure its the same size; Its not. Plus the shoulder strap is what sold me, being able to drape it over my shoulders will be so heavenly; it might even change my life.

Thursday, February 18

Wednesday, February 17

V Day Mix Tape - Hallelujah

Leonard Cohen

This is my favorite song.
I love it!

Beard of the Day (sundance edition)

How do you say, "May I snap your beard, because I think you neck hair is gross?"
Unless you have no tact; you don’t.
You just snap that beard, and blog about it.
So unbeknownst to him, but beknownst to us, he is here.
A cautionary tale that no, neck hair is not good.
His beard, while we are on the subject, is nice.
Not too erratic, brown.

Tuesday, February 16

I take it back, I take it all back

When I passed this magazine in the store on Sunday I had to stop and go "Oh...that is nice." 
Since I previously stated that James McAvoy was hot and not all in the same breath, I felt I should amend that statement.
He is one hot number here. I mean those eyes and that facial hair. It makes my heart beat in my downstairs.

V Day Mix Tape - Delicate

 Oh this was inspired, WE LOVE DAMIEN!


Man Babies

Im not sure why, but I find this website 100% hilarious and the fact that it exists makes my insides smile.

Here we come Richard

Two of my favorite TV shows when I was growing up were: X files and Tales from the Crypt. I use to love, love to watch Tales from the Crypt, as a pre teen it was the best thing about my Friday nights (or was it Saturday nights?). One particular story that I can remember the best goes like this:

Joe Pesci stars as a traveling sales man. One day he stumbles upon a very large castle like mansion. Inside he finds twin sisters very lovely but very reclusive and he wants them, both. So he comes up with a plan. He tells them he also has a twin, but he is a salesmen too, and they are never in town at the same time. So he pretends to be himself and his twin and he gets both the girls. He thinks he is so clever because it is going so well. Until one day he falls asleep outside while suntanning. He ends up getting a sunburn with a particular pattern. He doesn't think much of it, but the girls notice. They put it together and they get super  angry but they each decide they can't live with out him. So, what do they come up with? They saw him in half, obviously. Great Right? Right!
To refresh your memory, Tales from the Crypt consisted of short comic horror stories in a hour long TV program. And it's a wonder how I never saw Creep Show until last night; same concept but in movie form. With the added bonus of the genius that is George Romero and Stephen King, in one tidy little package; it's almost a sin of pure pleasure.
Then you add Leslie Nielsen and Ted Danson into the mix and the very real possibility that I was going to loose the top half of my head (from the top of my ears on up) was imminent.

I love her face

Saw Wolfman over the weekend. I totally love movies like this: blood, guts, werewolves, OH my! It was a really great remake of a classic horror movie and it made my every sense tingle with excitement. I think the only thing better than a werewolf movie like this, is, a time period werewolf movie, like this. England 1861 is a character all its self,  giving this movie and story an innocence that makes the plot that much more believable. Well, I think so anyway. Also, I could have jumped up and kissed the director square on his blow hole for not making the werewolves CGI. I think it is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand CGI has made it possible to have really kick ass movies like the Matrix and Lord of the Rings (which I think happily married the two beautifully and with grace).On the other hand, let us not forget the power of some well placed movie monster make up! It truly brings tears of utter happiness to my eyes when I see a movie with special make up effects!
Then there is Emily Blunt! I decided that I totally love her, she is second on my list of celebrity girl crushes. She just made the movie a million times more awesome than it already was. She is a wonderful actress and she is just so damn-hot, pretty, gorgeous and benevolent!

V Day Mix Tape - Sea of Love

People, I know VDay is over, but I am still working on my mixed tape. Apparently when presented with this objective, my brain can not decide what makes a great love song. So bare with me while I try to finish this up; I really love this song but it feels so predictable. I mean do I not have an original thought floating around in this pineapple of mine?
Anyway, I LOVE, LOVE Chan!
Come with me
My love
To the sea
The sea of love

I want to tell you
how much
I love you

Do you remember
When we met
That's the day
I knew you were my pet

I wanna tell you
how much
I love you

Come with me
My love
To the sea
the sea of love

I wanna tell you
How much
I love you

Music Monday on Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a very lovely weekend. I hope your Valentines Day was spent with someone or something you love very much; because that is very important.
I would like to discuss for just a hairy sec, this here band and this here album. Firstly, does anyone else feel like the picture on the front, resembles a Rabbit? I'm not talking rabbits; not many that would necessitate and entire rack, just A rabbit? Well I do and I really appreciate that. Secondly, I get very self conscious when I write music reviews. Because either you pick up what I am putting down about a band or you don't. Music is so personal, that I have a hard time waxing poetic about it; which makes no sense, but there it is. Also, I like it when people who review music can compare the lyrics or time changes to food, the weather, or whatever. So I could write a phrase like this: Stephen Patterson has this kind of magical quality when he plays the piano, its like a haunting, gritty, melodramatic wave of harmonic convergence; his voice is so complementary, it is like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with your ears.   
I mean, I do think that, to some extent. I really love the way he sometimes plunks away at the ivory keys. But, lets be honest, I think I could just write: White Rabbits album "Its Frightening" is super duper good, I recommend listening it on your way to work at a very high volume. 

Friday, February 12

I love your face

A list of things I love:
Reading books while watching movies
Breakfast food in bed; eating in bed.
Online shopping in the early morning
Kitchenware: plates, pots, aprons, gadgets & gizmos
Female Singers
The smell of wet concrete when it rains
My Family

 This picture

Rom Com#2

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Whenever Anthony is out of town on tour and I am feeling especially lost with out him. I pop in this movie. Because it always gets me, that despite having each other erased from their minds, they find each other again. Their love is funny and strange,  full of passion, both good and bad and I think it honestly depicts real LOVE!

V Day Mix Tape - Tickets to Crickets

 Lucy's Future Man in Love
I won't ever change a single thing about today
This might be the part when you will start
To feel the same

Once I get your name
I'm home, I'm homefree
You won't want no one but me

All this talk is cheap
Why don't we meet
Another way
I'll be in the park
Just after dark
What do you say?

Once I get you out
I'm home, I'm homefree
You won't need no one but me

Once I get your name
I'm home, I'm homefree
You won't need no one but me

And I'll start to believe
In love
Like it's real
Not a useless word
In a book
In a song

Wednesday, February 10

Rom Com # 1

I felt like this entire movie was full of real life situations and reactions. Even better, I felt like the ending was completely believable and necessary. All in all, the only thing that I felt like made this a romantic comedy is because sometimes things were funny, and it was about love; however it isn’t completely predictable.
And that is always refreshing.

V Day Mix Tape - BlueBerry Panckes

I really miss your blueberry pancakes
I don't buy maple syrup in Asda no more
Sunday morning cooking em up
wearing my t-shirt, I'm lifting it up

And now I'm in the Holly Bush baby, the Holly Bush
The Holly Bush baby
Sitting at the table where it all began for us...

And everything else is momentary and
Everything else just stops

I'll have another pint of Stella please Brooke
And I remember before this place was so cool and so full and
I remember you wearing a yellow t-shirt
and you had a friend, I was dying to meet her and we did
back in the day

And now I'm in the Holly Bush baby, the Holly Bush
The Holly Bush baby
Sitting at the table where it all began for us...

And everything else is momentary and
Everything else just stops

Everyone else is secondary
Everyone else is temporary
and I read into the letter that is filled with beauty
the beauty of what was, what is, and what won't be

Sitting at the table where it all began for us...
Sitting at the table where it all began for us...
Sitting at the table where it all began for us...
Sitting at the table where it all began for us...
We Love Blueberry Pancakes and Finian!

Tuesday, February 9

My beard hurts

I get a lot of headaches; once or twice a week. I believe it is more than most people, but I don't really know. They aren't very strong headaches; where they effect my vision or cause me unbelievable pain, they are mostly just annoying. I have had these headaches for as long as I can remember; so mostly I am just use to them now. I usually don't take anything for them, because I can't help but feeling that taking that amount of ibuprofen can't be good for me. I use to think it was because I hadn't updated my eyeglass prescription in a million years, but the headaches didn't stop after I did update it. Now I am pretty sure I know what is causing them. And there isn't much I can do about it, so I just live with them. The fun thing is to google "why I get so many headaches" and read what silly council and reasoning people offer. For instance:
Well some explanations for headaches,
are just lack of sleep, sometimes maybe TOO much sleep, and it was actually scientifically proven that if you have a little brother sister, you're more likely to have more headaches. A task, like homework for too long, can give you headaches. The temperature can even give you a headache.
there could be a number of things that cause headaches. Pains can vary over the head, forehead, temples, back of the head etc. It all depends where the headache is. I tend to find when I am stressed I get tension headaches at the front of my forehead and eyes. It is the brains way of telling you something is wrong. You could be coming down with something like a cold or it could be eyestrain.

 So essentially we get headaches from any of the following: too much sleep, not enough sleep, sickness, stress, little brother or sister, work, school, homework, driving, eating too much, thinking too hard, eyestrain, children, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, bosses, the weather and LIFE. so I am screwed, we are all screwed.Because my headaches are caused by the fact that I stare at a computer screen for at least eight hours a day while the humming glow slowly kills my brain. TOTALLY SCREWED!

Give a Dog a Bone

I realize that some of these posts could write themselves. We tend to talk about the same things over and over again. We like music, men with beards, men with dark hair, we hate pj's, we hate Lindsay Lohan, blah. blah. blah. So, anyway this is me recognizing this and apologizing; but you get it only once.
Moving on, just that fast.
I actually went to a movie at Sundance. I know so crazy, I didn't just go there to spy famous people after all. 
Went with a group of people on the second to last day of the festival. The plan was to see the movie that won the Jury Dramatic Prize. Since we didn't have tickets, we had to get there two hours early and stand in a line to get a number; after that, you have to come back half hour before the movie starts and wait again. After all of that, they only let in the amount of people they have empty seats for. So it could be all for not.  We were betting that since it was the end of the festival that we would be golden. 
When we got our numbers they still hadn't even announced who the winner was, so we had no idea what movie we were doing all this waiting for. It turned out well for us. We all (six of us) got in and the movie was fantastic. It was called Winters Bone.  Based on the novel by the same name.
A very quite movie that I recommend if you like any of the following: Bleakness, the smell of manure, the Ozarks, Meth, John Hawkes, Cutting hands off with a chainsaw, Redwoods, Farms, Little Kids, Forests, Meth ( I know I said it already), Super scary white trash rednecks or Family. 

Best Gift to Give

Last night my cuddle partner asked me what I wanted for V-Day. To which I replied: I don't know, I don't want flowers or candy, I just want to spend time with you. 
and he said: Yeah right, I read your blog!
Then I reminded him of the best Valentines Day ever. Which consisted of me coming home from a 12 hour work shift; to find a path of tiny hand made paper hearts, leading to a bubble bath. 
Because that is Valentines to me. Showing the person you love, how much you love them. It's not about getting  something or about presents- for me-its all about the  LOVE!

V Day Mix Tape - These Roses

I love Gin Wigmore and Roses
I'll sing you a sweet song if you say to
I'll write you the saddest of all words, rhymes and phrases
I will be your everything and I'll try give you anything back but I

Cannot give you my love
No I cannot give you my love

When I got fight in these roses
I still can't be shared
I got stones in my pockets
I still can be scared
I keep you in my heart
To make this all harder
I will stay addicted to you
I will stay addicted to you

Take me down to the garden
Let me lay with you
Hold my hand
Don't let go
If you feel like kissing me
Now there's butterflies in me baby
And I just don't know what to do
You could stand up straight
You could be the best of my dates
But I still would not see you for I

Cannot give you my love
No I cannot give you my love

When I got fight in these roses
I still can't be shared
I got stones in my pockets
I still can be scared
I keep you in my heart
To make this all harder
I will stay addicted to you
I will stay addicted

I'm a stones throw from heartache
Hear me crumbling, tumbling down
Is it too late
To lose faith
In everything working out right
We can say forget
Or forgive
But I cannot do that to love

When I got fight in these roses
I still can't be shared
I got stones in my pockets
I still can be scared
I keep you in my heart
To make this all harder
I will stay addicted to you
I will stay addicted 

Monday, February 8

Your coffin or mine

 Don't get me wrong, I understand that there are one million factors going into the decision, that a person who wears pj's to the supermarket, wades through. It ranges from everything from time, not giving a damn, to simple comfort: I understand all of that; I am not saying your decision isn't valid; I am only stating that I reject your decision altogether, no matter the argument. I myself have a pair of leggings that I wear out all the time; in the argument of comfort. But I don't ever wear this particular pair to bed; I just firmly believe in separating the two avenues of your life. For instance, last week, when I was so sick, even my eyes had a fever, I still put on jeans when I went to the supermarket to buy medicine or soup. Yes, I am better than you!
However, we live in a time when people take care of this for you and for me. Jeans that are actually pajama pants!!
Yet if you are wearing them to bed; I still argue that it doesn't matter what they look like, they should not be worn outside the house.

Music Monday (album)

I am habitually embarrassed by people’s choice of lyrics. I wish that they would try and mold them in a more beautifully cryptic way. In a way that is a puzzle, that your puzzler must un-puzzle. I also like it when an artist tells a story that is something kind of different from the usual love/hurt conundrum we see in lyrics day after day.
That said, I can wholly say that I am never embarrassed by the lyrics in which Iron and Wine constructs. That’s why The Shepherd’s Dog has landed our opening album for Music Monday.
With tracks that vary from the core penetrating air of Resurrection Fern to the raconteur stylization of Innocent Bones. The Shepherd’s Dog is an album that contains enough discrepancy to keep you guessing; and each song still posses the strength of Beam’s startling poetry.

Music Monday (Artist)

My love for Same Beam is pure; purer than say, Joey Donners.
I love that he pursued an educational career prior to finding his true calling of music.
I love that sweet sweet Beam is older, because he has so much life experience to apply to his beautiful lyrics.
I love that you can tell from the very bottom of his soul that music is what he truly wants to be doing.
I love that he is married.
I love that he is the father of four daughters.
I love that they live in Texas.
I love Sam Beam.

V Day Mix Tape - Skinny Love

Come on skinny love just last the year
Pour a little salt we were never here
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer

I tell my love to wreck it all
Cut out all the ropes and let me fall
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Right in the moment this order's tall

I told you to be patient
I told you to be fine
I told you to be balanced
I told you to be kind
In the morning I'll be with you
But it will be a different "kind"
I'll be holding all the tickets
And you'll be owning all the fines

Come on skinny love what happened here
Suckle on the hope in lite brassiere
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Sullen load is full; so slow on the split

I told you to be patient
I told you to be fine
I told you to be balanced
I told you to be kind
Now all your love is wasted?
Then who the hell was I?
Now I'm breaking at the britches
And at the end of all your lines

Who will love you?
Who will fight?
Who will fall far behind? 
 We Love Justin

National PJ Day

One thing I noticed about Super Bowl Sunday is, people like to stay in their PJ's all day long. They have no qualms what so ever about it. They tend to be football themed even, it is sort of exciting and also sort of disgusting. The one (and only thing) I love about Super Bowl Sunday is how much food people tend to consume. It might be the only thing that redeems this day. Because after all, it is a day that consists of sitting around a TV in your pj's and screaming at a group of men running a ball from one end of field to another.I also love that my conversation with Anthony about the Super went like this. 
Me: Isn't it Super Sunday tomorrow?
Anthony: I don't know... yeah I think so.
Me: Oh, do you know who is playing?
Anthony: I think its the Colts and the Saints.
Me: Oh, well I hope one of them wins.
Anthony: Yeah, one team usually does.
I am not 100% in love with the new format. But, I really wanted to switch things up for February. Now that I am no longer knocking on deaths door. I think we can kick off our month of love. Firstly, I was going to go over this with Lucy last night at our family dinner, but I totally forgot. However, I feel like she will be on board. I love Valentines Day! I do and I love February, so that is why we will bringing you a month of all things we love, things about love etc. etc.. So get ready for a love over load!!
Also, since Playlist is blacklisted because of the virus, I am trying a new type of music player, lala. Which could be good, could be bad. I think you have to actually  push play, it doesn't start automatically.

Friday, February 5

Beard of the Day (sundance edition)

The other night I had a dream that I took this guys picture for a botd post, only every time I would take the picture his beard would disappear.
I don’t even know what kind of subconscious meaning that is supposed to entail.
But you can guess my stress, right?

Anyway, I really dug this dude’s hat and beard combo, but I was too big of a wussy to ask if I could take the picture.
So I sneakily snapped it.

Being sick sucks big time

If I had a dollar for every time I told Lucy that I wanted to get sick so that I could spend a week in bed watching movies, I would probably have five bucks. It just sounds like such a great way to spend your week. That is, until you are super sick and you spend a week in bed watching movies. Because I tend to forget what the super sick part entails. When your head feels too large for your body and its all clouded with fountains of snot. Or the way you can never get comfortable when you sleep because you are too hot, too cold, too achey or simply can not breathe. The strangest part of this week's sickness was that I didn't really loose my appetite. Things sounded good, but it hurt to eat, because my throat was all sort of sore and scratchy.  

I did get to watch a bunch of movies. I started Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince like five times. Right after taking some medicine that made me drowsy. So eventually I just had to start it, then when I woke from my nap, skip to the part I remembered last, and finish it from there. The rest of my list includes
Singles: always wanted to see it never had the chance.
Fame: The original, which kicks the remakes ass into next week, it was amazing
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: I know you can't have a crush on Cartoon's but I do love me some Flint Lockwood.
Lost: Not a movie I know, but Anthony and I finally got all caught up (watching roughly a million hours of Lost, causing me to have Lost dreams. I have been stuck on a island trying to disarm a bomb for the past three night. Although, last night, I was taken hostage by a bunch of lesbian cannibals, but that is a story for a different time.)  and watched the premiere and I really love that show.
Penelope: I love this movie. Personally, Christina Ricci looks really cute with a pig nose, her outfits are super cute and I want them all. Plus James McAvoy is so cute and not cute it make my heart patter in lusty confusion.
Gigantic: Only watched it cause Zooey Deschanel and Paul Dano were in it. I feel like it was just OK.
Love and Other Disasters: Brittany Murphy playing an English American working at UK Vogue. It was funny-ish. English humor and all that. Would have been better with someone else playing her part (is that ok to say?)
Bridget Jones' Diary: One of my favorite romantic comedies. 
 Only You: Robert Downey Jr. is sexy.
Seriously I watched a bunch more but I can't remember them all now. Essentially I watched a ton of romantic comedies or dramas because I was sick and I could.

Thursday, February 4

Only You

I waffled between Joshua Radin’s music being a guilty pleasure, or just a pleasure. The music he creates is extensively easy listening. His lyrics, albeit pleasant, are often unapologetically “poppy”. And his voice is as smooth as Nick Jonas’s chest. All of these things don’t really bode well with the organic sound of the folk influenced music I have come to revere as of late.
My biggest qualm with his music was that it wasn’t necessarily progressive in any way, and didn’t seem to maintain anything special (a tap-dancer for a drummer or have Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal.) However, his music is special to me, and I don’t know why.
It makes me happy, makes me feel yellow inside.

Also, he may just be one of the most attractive fixtures in the music business. And by that I mean, he is… Dark Curly hair, brooding jaw line, Chocolate cakes for eyes. Sigh.

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