Monday, September 28

Yes, No and Maybe later

Okay, no matter what I or you think about them remaking every movie that was ever made, whether it needs to be or not, they will do it. So I am, on my own time, going to come to grips with this fact. I can't deny that I will see the new Nightmare on Elm Street beacuse well 1. I like horror movies and I really like these movies in particular, check them out if you never have. 2. Jackie Earle Haley, is the best choice for the new Freddy. He was great in Little Children and in Watchmen, plays a great creep. 3. It looks like they will show some back story. However, it will not include the story of how Freddy came into exsistance. Which I think would have been a great place to start. His mother was locked in an insane aslyum over night with a thousand crazy people. I mean that people is a horror story and 4. I just saw the trailer and it looks really good. This is a franchise that they should continue because when it comes to Freddy vs. Jason. Freddy has it in the bag. L

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