Monday, September 28

Say what? No. Say Anything

This kind of stuff freaks me out. So Ben Lee dated Claire Danes for a long time, a really long time ago. Which I don't know, he is fine, funny and I can't think of anything that starts with "F" that refers to music. Sorry post lunch brain freeze. Anyway, Ione Skye, not only has a great name, but she was in the movie not the band"Say Anything". Which I am sure once you saw her face or heard her name, you knew that you knew her from somewhere. Cause when I read that Ben Lee and Ione Skye just had a baby, I was like Ione, Ione, how the hell do I know that name. Earth to Liz its freakin, Diane Court. And for some reason this pairing makes a ton of sense to me. And they look really happy together so who am I to judge this union and child? Plus they were married a year ago in India in a Buddhist ceremony and I think that is really great cause anyone name Ione Skye needs to be married in India in a Buddhist ceremony, I think...........yup, I still think that. L

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