Tuesday, September 29

Do it, Do it, DO IT, Already

I just spent the entire morning looking for this blasted song. I heard it last night on Gossip Girl and a few weeks ago during the credits of Jennifer's Body. I kept thinking to myself, self I know that song, what is it. Who sings it, what is the name, come on you know this. Anyway, so I spent all my brain power trying to track it down, because I kept drawing a blank. It was literally going to drive me nuts. Now that I finally found it, I want you to enjoy it as well, even if the knowledge doesn't bring you instant relief, like it did for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhASu2OjEcQ; Hot Chip, Ready for the Floor. I love it and the video is so awesome, in that I wish I had half of jokers face as well. If you have not ever before heard this song you gotta give it about a minute to get going with more than do it, do it , do it now. Um, Lissy Trullie, also does a version and it is really great so check that out. L

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