Wednesday, September 30

Edaward Scissorhands VS Edward Scissorteeth

I am terribly sorry if comparing the two goes against your code of ethics. But hear me out; this is a mere battle of the best. Who is the truly true.
Both have pale skin, however I feel like the person who did scissorhands did a much better job
Edward Scissorhands: 1
Edward Scissorteeth:0
Both are monsters in their own right. However I suppose that scissorteeth would win being marble and all that. But I think scissorhands would put up a good fight.
Edward scissorhands:1
Edward scissorteeth: 1
Although both are monsters, I would have to say that scissorhands does a down right marvelous job of not feeling sorry for himself.
Edward scissorhands: 2
E scissorteeth: 1
Both are attractive. I'm sorry I cant do a single post about the opposite sex without mentioning their good looks, but that's part of the charm right? Anyway, both are attractive, yet I really prefer scissorhands. He is SO good looking and just so gentle. Remember his sweet face when he drops Kim's roastbeast on her lap? Oh that face! I want to take that face and frame it, to prove that people can look that innocent and beautiful all in one tasty morsel.
Edward scissorhands: 3
Edward scissorteeth: 1
Both have questionable tempers. Scissorhands when he kills a very deserving Jim. And Scissorteeth... when he has a temper. Nothing really comes to mind, but I think he has a temper. I feel like I will both give them points for this, because my mind is failing me. Oh, Liz reminded me that he wants to rip the heads of the dudes in Port Angles, so I was right, mwa ah ah!
Edward scissorhands: 4
Edward scissorteeth: 2
Liz was also was saying that Scissorteeth pouts and is moody. Which he does and is. Scissorhands doesn't. He is a gentle as a lamby.
Edward scissorhands: 5
Edward scissorteeth: 2
Both are in love with girls that are bad at standing up for them. Remember how Scissorhands saves little brother Kevin from getting hit by the drunk car (which is swerving from side to side on the street) and everybody is saying he is hurting him? Kim saw this all happen and didn't say anything about how he was saving him, not killing him. And actually I feel like Bella would stick up for Scissorteeth.
Edward scissorhands: 5
Edward scissorteeth: 3
Although both would probably do anything for their betrothed, I think Scissorhands would be the only one to do something illegal for his love. Like breaking into Jim's parents house.
Edward scissorhands: 6
Edward scissorteeth: 3
Scissorhands is super talented and artistic. As far as I know Scissorteeth doesn't have much of an interest aside from knowing several languages and Bella.
Edward scissorhands: 7
Edward scissorteeth: 3
So there you have it.
I'm not surprised.
Edward Scissor hands is really the truest of the true.


  1. Erm.... totally skewed toward scissorhands, you shoulda not even grudgingly given scissorteeth those pity points. I think yer initial line shoulda been. "Scissorteeth? what kind of self respecting vampire tries to pass himself off as scissorteeth anyway puhrleeeeez."


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