Wednesday, September 30

Um, that sounds good, I'll have that

In my posts when I talk about drinking tea or having a cup of, I actually mean it. I am a total Tea whore, as is Lucy. It is as if tea is this sweet elixir of life, and we fair maidens have found the watering hole. Our fav hands down, is Tazo Tea in Passion flavor. Which personally I think it speaks for itself. I mean who doesn't like to drink a steaming cup of passion every morning? Also, Tazo teas are just the best in general, very flavorful and you take that to the bank, I have had a lot of different kinds of tea. I even spent $15 on some that came from the Republic of Tea with the seal of approval from the minister of well being. I am not even making up that shiz people. I was so sure it was going to be the most amazing tea I had ever had. Not only was it not, but then I had to come to terms with having spent $15 on it. It was a sad, sad day in Tea Land. L


  1. I would love to comment about these "tea-ey" things, but as it is, while I was sitting here reading this fabulous blog Brahm came in with just a shirt on--no undies if you get my drift, tripped on nothing and fell on the floor, asked me to "take this pully thing off of here (his pajamas...a loose thread), and to wipe the poop off of his bum. I just have to prioritize tonight. However, your blog thus far has made us both laugh, bringing joy to our hearts. I love your blog!--Kara

  2. It warms the chambers of my soul to hear things like poopy bummed Brahm.

  3. Then you should hear this...poopy bummed Miles. His buns are chubby like cottage cheese and he loves to kick, kick, kick, which wiggles the cottage cheesey buns even more.


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