Tuesday, September 29

XOXO, Gossip Girl

I am having a tough time here this morning. Nothing seems to be whipping me into a verbal frenzy, even Gossip Girl, which usually does. I can't really explain why, but I love this show. I could be spending my time doing other things, but I choose not to and that is my right. It may have something to do with how unbelievable it is. I will never have the money to bribe people or buy people or destroy people. But the concept excites me and if I did have that kind of money I would for shiz do it. It is just so glamorous buying, bribing and destroying. Also I am willing to lend some constructive criticism to the show, since you asked. Lets get rid of Vanessa and Little J. Have them die in a double suicide after they discover that they are really sisters and that King Triton was their father. Only he couldn't handle them (because who could really) and Ariel, but she had the fins so she won. Whilst they were tossed to the upper East Side, and they can't handle the rejection anymore, and it burns when they pee, which is just a whole different set of problems. Also, Little J aka Talyor Momsen, thinks she is Courtney Love and she is all of 15 years old and she needs to slow down. She has plenty more years before she should be looking or dressing like this.

Yes, you sing in a band called Pretty Reckless, so you should be pretty and reckless, I get it very clever. However the only thing pretty about this is: I am pretty sure you will at some point in your life catch the clapp, because only certain types of boys like girls who look like this. L

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  1. Oh cousin... You are funny... You do a good verbal frenzy!


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