Monday, September 28

I want to name my kid Bliss.

Some how I saw Whip It! on Saturday night, while the rest of you were doing what exactly? I can't even begin to imagine, plus I got a free t-shirt dudes. Now you must wait to see it, this Friday, too bad so sad. I can say that I was right. This movie was worth the money and the time. So just go see it and don't make me tell you twice. L


  1. Ok. So. I told some girls in my English class the other day that I really wanted to go to a roller derby, and they were like "wow... that's sleazy"(paraphraase). But now, I am afraid that if I go to a roller derby it will be all hipster ironic because Ellen Page did this... but i still want to go... and I want to see the movie... I just don't know what to do with myself.

    Other things that I liked before hipsters did:

    1) Rayban Wayfarrer sunglasses. Yeah.. sorry. I didn't know how out of control that would get.

    2) Pearl-snap shirts. Again. Sorry.

    3) Pretending to like people.

    Also, I heard William Shatner do a version of "Common People" (see audio player), which was the first time I had ever heard that song, and I thought "William Shatner... you dawg!", and notably, that was also the first time that I thought about William Shatner as a possible 21st century sex symbol.

  2. G Have you heard anything from William Shatner? Almost too bad to be anything but good. I agree with the Roller derby in that after I saw this movie I wanted to do Roller Derby but like how jumpin on the wagon is that?

  3. please take back the have you heard anything to say anything else?


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