Monday, September 28

It's in the bag

I attend a book club that consists of my sisters, my cousins and a few aunts. We started because we all loved Twilight (get over it people) and then we just decided to continue to read books and get together to gab about them. It is super fun and I hope at some point in your lives that you have the chance of being in a book club. Anyway our book this month was Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, and I freakin loved it. Myself as well as Lucy, are total nerds. I don't think we could beat the horse anymore here on this blog, about this fact. But in case you were un aware, we are not cool and we dig fantasy and science fiction books and movies, and we love it that way. SO it should be no surprise that I totally dug this book. I mean I have never before wanted to be a little boy so bad in my whole life. I love being a girl, however if I could be Ender Wiggin (the main character), I think I could give up smelling good and wearing pretty clothes. Cause he is so badass, like super smart and the best Military mind ever. Even though he is not even pre pubescent for almost the entire book. Which I kept forgetting and would think of him as an adult. Which would then be weird when they would then remind me he was all of nine years old, I felt totally creepy. Also Orson Scott Card deserves some serious props (he has won a bunch of awards for this book) from me. This book could have been so over done and so obnoxiously smart, yet he presented it in a way that was so approachable. It is science fiction for every boy and girl, not just total nerds. Plus he wrote this in 1977, when he was in high school, I think, and I think he is genius for coming up with all the futuristic elements, and how correct he ended up being with some of it. It was a really great read and if you feel especially geek-tas-tic one day you should give it a go. L

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