Monday, September 28

The greatest Man that ever Lived

Some how the subject of Weezer was brought up betwixt a friend David and myself. David said that Rivers Cuomo looked like a child molester. I was all, "No way, he is so cute!

And he is, but he kind of does look like a child m. Especially with that pork and beans mustache of his. Also he is 5'7 " according to IMDB, 5' 6.5" according to various webbys and like 5" according to other webbys. All of this proves that the inter web, obviously, never lies. And also that he is short.
(that's why is on that man's shoulders)

All of the pictures have him sporting a creepy mustache, because its convenient to what I have to say, and I like him like that.

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  1. I think that even if he is only five feet tall, I would not kick him outta bed.


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