Tuesday, September 29

It makes sense like a soild gold toilet

Firstly, if you have never before looked at a J.Crew catalogue I highly recommend it. This pretty faced girl, is just one of many, equally elfish and gorgeous people you will find. Secondly, I want to discuss this here top. You are seeing it correctly, this is in fact a sequined disco top. It is for the sake of argument, cute and not super trashy as tops like this tend to be. Yet it is still just sequins and not say, crystals or diamonds or something really great that maybe I don't even know about. So it baffles me as to why this is $500? I think it is safe to say that the reason you buy a $500 dollar top is that it does something really spectacular. Like it folds into a chicken and sings the National Anthem whilst tap dancing, spectacular. L

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  1. I like it when things "fold into a chicken"...
    Pajamas, that fold into a chicken.
    Chicken, that folds into a chicken.
    A sister, who folds into a chicken.


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