Monday, September 28

The Dish!

Melissa Chirstofferson Kaas, also know by many as Meliss the Dish, because she is mouth watering, is my hero. She also has a blog check it out here:

The things I like the most about her aside from everything are. 1. She has great hair even if she doesn't think so. 2. She totally steps up to the plate and links our blog. 3. She is way funnier than I ever hope to be. 4. I have know her my whole life because we are double trouble cousins, and my best memories of being a tot include her. 5. Her kids and hubby are too cute, you can't beat um. and 6. She doesn't like laundry and that's okay with me. Meliss you are my knight in shinning armor, I will totally let down my hair when you come to my tower. Just knock twice cause I am in the can. Also sorry I don't have a picture to put up of you, but, I found this picture of Face to Face. Since they were my fave band whilst I was in High School and that was because you introduced us, I thought it might be appropriate. Also anytime you want to have a sleepover in your condo and watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show, again, I am in. L


  1. HAHA- an entire post about meliss?! yes please. and you know this mer effer has to comment on it! the bit about you being in the can threw me into a literal work place lol. freels. love you.

  2. OH man!! You made me cry and laugh in a whole heap of snot and hiccups and super watery eyes. If only I would have known all along that all I had to do to find out your true feelings was link you on facebook, i would have done it ages ago! You are welsomce for that super long run-on sentence just right there. I LOVE YOU TOO! And I love you two (as in you and lucy)


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