Monday, November 23

Too bad your momma couldn't give you a good face

This is Kate Walsh. For those of you who don't watch Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice. I will give a brief history. She was married to Derek aka Dr. McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey. Who I also thought was sexy, even in Can't buy me Love, if it was me, he would never have had to buy that love. Anyway, Addison (Kate Walsh) was married to Derek then cheated on him with his best friend, Dr. McSteamy aka Sloan aka Eric Dane. Causing Derek to move to Seattle and start dating Meredith Grey. At the end of season one Addison shows up to try and fix her marriage and get Derek back. You know that old chestnut. Apparently people loved Addison so much, that when her character fails to woo Derek from Meredith, they couldn't just get rid of her. So they moved her California and she got a whole new show, Private Practice.

Now, Kate Walsh is super hot, the lady is 42 and look at her. And Private Practice is crap, but in a really good way, as in I can't stop watching it, even though its unbelievable 95% of the time. my biggest problem with this whole show is Kate Walsh's facial expressions. Or one expression, that she uses whether she is, frustrated, frightened, concerned, quizzical, turned on, surprised or otherwise filled with any sort of emotion. I tried to find a picture and these two are the best I could find.
Two parts this face

and six parts this face, mixed with a 1/4 cup pursed lips. Stir and serve at 180 degrees of infuriatingly bad faces. L

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