Monday, November 23

I'm a jerk

My feet are almost always cold. I very rarely hang out barefoot. Actually, I can't remember the last time I did. I either have on socks or slippers or booties of some kind. I literally have to, or my feet are icicles. Even to bed, my feet are covered in socks or slippers, also I just, this summer, started wearing sandals. Because my feet get that cold, I need a full covering shoe, even in summer. Also, I tend to hate bare feet, they gross me out. I have nightmares that I am running through a forest, from a monster, without shoes on, the nightmare is the no shoes. I'm only saying this because it sort of has to do with this next part, it is the reason I feel this way strongly, I have feet issues. I don't understand flip flops. I use to completely abhor them altogether, I didn't think people should wear them ever, and I had a list of things I found particularly foul about them. Now, I realize that people are allowed to wear them, and I am a little more over myself. I still have a tendency to hate men in flip flops, but I am working on it. I do have one thing that I never excuse, no matter the person. When there is snow on the ground, Flip Flops are not appropriate. They aren't even shoes to begin with, how are your feet not freezing! I bet they are and I bet you were just to lazy to put on pair of shoes that covered your whole foot. Also, I bet those are your favorite pair and you spent like nickles on them and you have had them since Jr. high and............Like I said, I am working on it. L

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