Monday, November 30

My parents died when I was 10, wanna talk about that too

I love this movie also known as the Wedding Singer. It is super funny, I think it has really tender moments, almost surprisingly, I totally believe Adam and Drew as being an item, I think they have great chemistry in this movie, I really do. Adam Sandler isn't to over the top, which I think he tends to be (although I never saw that one movie where he lost his family in 911 and Don Cheadle helps him get his life back? The title has something about Fire? Rain or Ring? Oh, I don't know, anyway, but I do love him in Punch Drunk Love. He is super fantastic in that movie which just happens to be a super fantastic movie. And he plays a very sedated version of himself and PT Anderson is just a great director and Philip Seymour Hoffman is genius and where was I going with this) Oh right the Wedding Singer. My three favorite parts in this movie are. 1 when Steve Buscemi makes his best man speech. It is so perfect, and I want to bottle his facial expressions and be able to spy them on my bad days.

2. When Robbie and Juila meet for the first time and have that amazing conversation about helping people and the Incredible Hulk. It is actually a really great first conversation for anyone to have. And I think it is very tender and sweet, cuz I am a sap. One big sappy sap sap.

3. I think this movie has a great soundtrack. Like when they are out for Ice Cream after Robbie has his singing break down and the Police "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" is palying. Its good, I love it all. L

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  1. excellent post! i watched this little gem last night. my two favorite parts are also: "they were cones!" and "thats a good meaball... i feel like im ripping you off rosie"


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