Monday, November 30

I missed the hell out of you my darlings!

Here is hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving! Did any of you you go up to Park City on Thanksgiving night for the midnight sale!!! I did and it was awesome! My sister in law Ginger and I decided it was far better to stay awake for a sale then have to get up early for one. Also, no shopping on black Friday for me, to crazy, but Lucy, Marianne, Mom and Me all went on Saturday and it was good times. Anytime with them is good, especially when it involves shopping, especially Holiday Shopping.
I thought of one more Thanksgiving related story to tell all of you. When I was younger but not super tiny, just younger, I saw my neighbor from up the street puke pumpkin pie. It was so gross it has literally been seared into my memory. That memory has stayed with me through the years and to this day I can't even stand the smell of pumpkin pie, let alone bring myself to eat it. Sometimes just looking at it reminds me of that horrible event, it was projectile people. EEEWWWWW!
I once puked pudding and since then I can't stomach it either. I am sure you have a few things that you have either seen being tossed or you tossed yourself that you can't even fathom eating again. I would for sure love to know what. L

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