Wednesday, November 25

Another Happy Birthday!!!

Lucy, You are my sun, moon and stars! I love you! Happy Birthday!

This pic is classic Lucy, she has the best double chin pictures!

Tea Parties are fun, we love them!

Hey look, its Peg, and Lucy, I wonder what we are saying to each other. I realize Lucy has a billion different hair colors in these pics. Now she is brunette.

This is from the same day and it has Peggy in it.

I found these from Lagoon. Look Peg is in this one also. I freakin love you two.

Decorating Cupcakes, Happy Freakin Birthday you sorry Sack! I love you! L

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  1. I just have to say that I love Lucy too! Happy Birthday to you! I still remember the day you were born. With your lovely locks of silver hair. Even then, you dazzled people- the nurses loved you. I am so grateful for the relationships I have with all my sisters. Love, Love, Love you! YOUR GOOD!


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