Monday, November 30

it's a small crime and i got no excuse

I watched a lot of television this weekend.
It seemed that most everything that came on I was greeting with that fantastic feeling of hatred and love that occurs with people you secretly find attractive.
So here is a list of my top ten guilty attractions. Some are a little embarrassing, and as you reach the bottom they are down right mortifying.
10) Bill Pullman
I watched While You Were Sleeping last night with my dad and mom and Marianne. That movie is fun fun fun for every one.
Whenever I watched this film when I was younger I always thought Bill Pullman was super attractive, but always felt ashamed about it.
I still do.
I don't know what it is about him. I think its partly that voice, its all mischief and taunting.
The other part is that his pants are so tight, like he is a real bad boy.
Anyhooey, he is my number 10 because he makes me uneasy.

9) Ryan Dunn
I say anybody who thinks Bam Margera is funny, is literally a jackass.
Ryan Dunn is attractive to me in that I like his beard, he has a cool shnozz. I would never want my parents to meet him because being stuck in a perpetual state of man-boyhood is never a good thing.

8) Johnny Knoxville.
When I was in 9th grade my best friend and I were obsessed with a group of skaters who lived near us. The whole thing was really pathetic, because these dudes were super scuzzy and super stupid.
You live and you learn right?
So they love love loved Johnny Knoxville, who will be forever ingrained in my head as a 15 teen year old boys version of a super hero.

7) Burt McCracken
One time I was watching an interview of My Chemical Romance and they were saying that they wanted to hang out with the kind of people who didn't brush their teeth everyday.
I'm not 16 anymore and I don't have the same affinity for greasy men like I used to.
But, there was the briefest moment in time when Myspace was used for music networking and bands like The Used just merely went against the Abercrombie grain. Then it all became this empire of Emo and Hot Topic. I will forever have a special place in my heart for those things that were just a little different, not something you needed to plaster all over just to say how misunderstood you really were.

6)Colin Farrell
I just looked at this picture for years trying to remember his name.
Something innately inside of me just hates him.
He is pretty gross, that face is just so smug, and he just oozes hoytee-toytee-ness.
But he has that Irish accent, and that redeems him.
I am such a sucker for an accent.
In fact my friend was asking what my dream guy would be like and the first thing I said was a Scottish or Irish accent.

5) Keanu Reeves
Tall, dark, and handsome.

He manages to make his leather pants and motorcycles combo a little less disturbing.

4) Josh Duhmal
Now we are getting in to the nitty gritty of it all.
Josh Duhmal literally looks like a ken doll in this picture.
He is so the opposite of my type, but I could see him being the Jockey football player who has a hidden desire to be an artist.
Who secretly doesn't love his methhead girlfriend, but is such a stand up guy that he stays with her, because he knows he is the only person who can help her.
Who cares what his friends think up until the Prom when you show up (because they didnt berak you) with your best friend, and he realizes that his beast friend hated you, because you think he is scum.
And deep down you all know you are right.

3) Tommy Lee

All I can say in my defense is that he really has an attractive face.

And is the token bad guy. Something is always alluring about the bad boy, especially when he dates hot mess women.

2) Brody Jenner
I can literally smell Aqua Di Gio when I look at this picture. I am ashamed to admit that I think he is attractive. I also watched his show on MTV called Bromance in January. And by that I mean I DVRed it whilst I was at my Astronomy class and would come straight home and watch it. I never missed an episode.

I am a disgrace to society...

1) Lil' Wayne
I know right?!
I don't know what it is about him, except I guess I do.
He makes crazy faces that I sometimes find attractive.
Its a simple as that.

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  1. I secretly love Keanu as well, also my list would include David Hyde Pearce as in Niles from Fraiser. I can't ever expalin it and he is totally gay, but I love him. Love him!


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