Monday, November 30

So You Think You Can Dance!

The thing that makes this show so much better, in my own opinion, than Dancing with the Stars is these people can really dance. It is a group of some of the best dancers, who have training and know what they are doing, and move like nothing you have ever seen before. I sometimes cry during a performance because the dancers are that good, the choreography is that good. I also sort of hate myself every time I watch this show. I think to myself, Liz you should have done something like this with your life. I was never that good, but I could have been. I have already chosen the person I would love to see win this season and it is


I don't know if there could be a worse picture, than this one, but its his casting photo. Also I sure hope Jakob, is his stage spelling and not the real way his name is spelled. I secretly hate it when parents get fancy with name spellings. I will name them something super boring but spell it super interesting, just to guarantee that no one will ever pronounce their name correctly their entire lives. I also found this pic and it may help my case, on second thought this pic is no better. Turns out you may just have to watch the show to understand what I am about to lay on you.

Firstly, Jakob here is a fantastic dancer. He literally might be the best one on the show, he moves in one fluid motion of complete perfection. Secondly, he looks exactly like Hugh Dancy! For those of you who are unaware of who that is, I provided a picture.

Or two

The two pictures I gave of Jakob it is really hard to see the comparison, except maybe in the nose. But I swear to you they are identical in face and smile, the hair is the only difference. Hugh's is a very pleasing dark and kinda curly, kinda my Achilles heel, I love a man with dark kinda curly hair. Oh swoon! Anyhoodle, if you don't watch So You Think You Can Dance, I highly recommend you do, if only to watch Jakob leap across the stage in utter Hugh Dancy Perfection! L

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