Monday, November 23

I am totally going there

Of course, we here at Bloody Paws, Inc. have seen New Moon twice. Lucy and I were super disappointed in Twilight the movie. All we wanted from this movie was for it to be just a little better than the first. Which to our complete satisfaction, it was. Now, that is not to say it will win awards with its excellence. But it was a better movie, than the first one. I read a review, given by a man, stating, "This movie will only be received well by the die hard Twilight fans." and it was said in a very scathing way, almost like Twilight fan, is a dirty word. Which maybe that is true. But here is the thing about this whole situation that really irks my noodle. Why, is it okay for men to have movies that they get fanatical about, i.e. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, but its not okay for Women? I'm done apologizing for the this whole phenomenon. Women have every right to get excited and nerdy about books and movies, as you men do. I LOVE TWILIGHT, I AM TEAM EDWARD, get use to it! L

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  1. Star wars and lord of the rings are great movies that are either based on great fiction or have great fiction based on them...... Deal with that!!


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