Monday, January 4

Welcome to 2010 and the rest of your life!

Here is hoping, you and yours, had the most-to say the least-amazing, New Years!
I look forward to 2010 here at Bloody Paws Inc., because it is going to be the best year of our lives, just wait!
I hope there are some awesome celeb scandals and some even better movies.

Also, you know you had a good holiday, when you your upper arm still hurts from all the festivities


  1. You know you had a good holiday, when your upper arm still hurts from all the festivities!

    What, did you go to a triceps dips party? Do some bicep curls? I'm dying to know what about your festivities made your arm hurt.

  2. Just some Wii Tennis, but I had you thinking something super awesome, right?


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