Wednesday, January 13

Hello Cleveland!

Strange morning. The only reason I have a facebook is to spy on people. Its pure voyeurism (but not cause you aren't undressing, ususally) that keeps my account open. I love to see what pictures people post and the amount/type of information they decide to share. It is just so interesting to me. Yet, after about an hour I feel sick to my stomach. Why is that I wonder? Is it because I feel bad? I don't think so, after all it's not private, its on FB. And that is the reason you post things on FB, right, so people can see what you have been up to.  To make a connection and feel some sort of connection to others. But still it gives me that kind of feeling. Like I am looking into to people's private thoughts and moments. Am I alone in feeling this? I know Lucy feels the same way. It is the reason she is no longer a FB member. She was just up to her ears in wedding and engagement photos, so she deleted her profile.

I get the whole point of FB I really do, and if I didn't have this here blog to put down all my random thoughts and such, my FB would be much more impressive. But I really prefer my life as a monolouge and not a dialouge, because I be selfish, bitches.

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