Thursday, January 28

Have you been... "Knot"y?

{Knots a top}
I have complete and utter confidence in my topknot, or top bun, until I get to work.
I always feel that if J. Crews models wear topknots in their work outfits, so can I.
But then I end up feeling self-conscious about it all day.
I need a tiny J Crew Model (or 3) in my pocket to cheer me on periodically throughout the day.


I mean with encouraging faces like that, you would never feel uncertain... about anything.


  1. I always feel that way about my Tops Knots too. But... I still wear them. If I may, your top knots always look great: as a rule not an exception.

  2. Well keep getting down with your bad self, I say.

    Are J. Crew models the new standard for what can and cannot be done at work? The workaday world is a different place than it was when I left it years ago. J. Crew is a different place than it was when I was in college and all my wardrobe came from there. These are two worlds I wouldn't have seen colliding, back in the early 90s.


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