Monday, January 18

In the backseat

Myself (Anthony might have also, if he was home) and my dogs watched the Golden Globes last night. As I said before, I just really like watching award shows; go figure? I love the clothes, I love Ricky Gervais and as I discovered last night, I really love the speeches. I admit I got a little weepy a few times. I mean I am a women, I reserve that right. I like that a few underdogs won some awards, for example Mo'nique won for Precious and she gave a really great speech; and I thought, who knew she could be this sincere?
That always makes these kind of shows a lot more enjoyable. Because more often than not it feels like these things are signed, sealed, delivered, for the movies that make the most money. Kinda like, Avatar, wining best picture. I mean seriously? I know it made a billion dollars, but, best movie?
The other directors faces were priceless though, Quentin Tarantino appeared to be casting some Voodoo curse Jim's way. Its ridiculous they show the losers faces. Its like: I know you didn't get that award, sucks for you, but we are going to shove a camera in your face- so you have to pretend to be sporting and smile and look super happy for the other person who is now going to take your trophy home.
That is if the camera people can even show the right person. I understand a few confused moments, there usually are those, but last night was terrible. They were all over the place; showing wrong people, and just not showing other people all together. It was a mess. It almost seemed like the didn't have enough camera men. I wonder if they downsized the number this year? If so, I suggest picking up a few more people for next year. Because the camera work was just bad.

All in all, I really enjoyed it. The only thing that would have made it better was if my Joseph Gordon Levitt would have won. Which reminds me. My sisters and myslef are attending the Sundance Film Festival this weekend, in hopes of spying him, I mean, we are literally going so we can stalk JGL, Crazy? I know!

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