Thursday, January 28


I miss so much!!! Ever since I was banned from it-because it gave me a nasty computer virus-two weeks ago.
For me Pandora is just sort of fine. Its not bad, its not good, just kinda music purgatory.

But I need something. I would start murdering people at work if I had to sit here quietly for 8 hours. It would be a bloody massacre, with me holding the machete. Because I have these co workers-that I love really- but they are boys. As in they should be men and society considers them to be such, but oh man, they are so far from it.
One guy asks me every single time I go upstairs to make a new cup of tea, "What do you think, Liz?" or "Whats up." or " Whats going on?"
 I am at work, just like him. So usually wants going on or whats up, while I am at my desk for that 8 hours, is work, err... work related things.  I know he is just bored, like me, and he wants/needs a distraction. But it takes every once of my being, not to jump up on his desk and slice his head from its neck stem. I hate those phrases in general and to be asked them repeatedly through out the day, its maddening.
And all I can think is:
Give me the bat, Give me the bat. I'm not gonna hurt you. No I'm just gonna bash your brains in, I'm just gonna bash them right the @&%$ in!

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  1. He'd deserve it, but I'd miss you if you were in jail so refrain anyway.


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