Wednesday, January 6

What is with Today

Turns out a New Year at work is super hard to get excited about. I literally feel asleep (only for like seconds) at my desk today. Due to: 1. Pure boredom and 2. My space heater being cranked to 81 degrees.
Now, I know you are thinking: well why didn't you post more? I will tell you people, when I am this bored my mind shuts down. I can't think about writing, or really anything for that matter. My mind is a vortex or a worm hole. Like in Star Trek, so that by the time my thoughts make it through the hole; it's been 40 years and the Romulans are freakin pissed that I blew up their planet and Eric Bana is going to kick my ass for it.

I did manage to spend most of my day greasing my ear lobes in an attempt to dispose of my gauges.  I have had these particular turquoise ones in for a few years now. I feel over them all together and I think its time for a change. No more gauged ears for LIZ in 2010(only they don't want to exit my lobes, they have set up a nice home and continue to issue a putrid smell when I turn them, EEEEEW!) Also, another problem is: the last time I made this decision, I could not stand to look at my stretched out holes sans gauges. They just taunted me, looking all wrinkled and red like little buttholes. *sigh* well here is to another shot! ASS EARS.


  1. Aw sweetie, you and your butthole ears made me laugh. And that diagram—wow! I had no idea there were so many piercing options! I had a helix or rim way back when, but haven't worn an earring in it for 25 years and couldn't get one in now if I tried. But it still has a skin lump where the hole used to be. Maybe you and I can go in and get ourselves some ear plastic surgery.

  2. My advice is to become a plastic surgeon that specialises in sewing ears that have been gauged back together. Very lucrative employment in the near future. And then, because of the similarity in the body parts you could also sew ______holes back togehter that have been (ahem) gauged. I always take it too far, huh?


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