Tuesday, January 5

I love Martha Stewart

All I was trying to do this morning was rest my curious heart. Over the weekend I watched the entire second season of Dexter. Melissa Rosenberg who writes for and Executive Produces Dexter, I was pretty sure, wrote the Twilight screenplays/scripts. So, I logged onto the IMDB and did some investigation into my quarry. Yes, it turns out Melissa Rosenberg did indeed write those blasted things. My problem is not so much that, even though it was originally and my rant was keyed up, but my problem now is: I found out through my searching how the last season ended. Damn! NO good deed goes un punished. I realize it was bound to happen considering the fourth season just ended and I just finished season two. But, damn if it doesn't sting a little.

I will say this though, cuz I'm here already and this was originally the whole point.
Melissa: on one hand we have Dexter, the writing and show is amazing, and on the other hand we have Twilight?  "This is the skin of a killer Bella?"
HOW do these two worlds even exist together?


  1. I didn't leave my house for four days (except for work) so I could finish Season 2. I've got Season 3, but I'm taking a break before I start it and avoiding Dexter internet-related things so I don't spoil anything for myself.

  2. Rightly so!!! Tino and I started it on New Years day at 6pm and we just kept watching until the season was over-6am. Because it is sooo good, I couldn't look away and I couldn't stop.


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