Tuesday, January 12

When my time comes

Why did Jay Leno even come back to late night or I guess technically primetime? He has so much money, he should be able to go live with Buttercup and Wesley in the Fire Swamp and be happy for quite sometime, even with the R.O.U.S, roaming about. He totally screwed over Conan, and that makes me angry. If there was even a heart inside that empty chest of his, he would just retire already. Is there really any reason he needs to still have a show? No, there is not. And I know he blames the Network and that is an easy finger to point. Literally they are the devil: I mean Fox and ABC, won't divert their premiers of "American Idol" or "Lost" for the President to give his State of the Union. He is the President and it’s the State of the Union address! So I guess, what hope does Conan really have?  Man, Life is just so unfair for a Ginger.

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